Oct 022014

Have a look at these rib-tickling funny posters made using your favorite brand logos – they will definitely put a big smile on your face!

Brand logos are something that instantly connects us with businesses. In fact, some logos are so famous that they live beyond their brand. Just think of Google, Amazon, Nike, or Puma, and the first thing that would pop into your mind is the brand logo. No doubt you might have spotted these popular logos a countless number of times, but here you will see them with an interesting twist. Yes, check out the fun posters below and see how some of the most widely recognized brand logos have been twisted to something insanely funny by using them in day-to-day conversations! One thing’s for sure, this awesome collection of hilarious posters will tickle your funny bone.

A fun poster using ford logo
A fun poster using Monte Carlo logo
A fun poster using Loreal logo

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Oct 012014

Look at these photos of Gujarati Girls looking hot and gorgeous while wearing traditional attire and playing Garba on different songs with passion in Navratri.

Navratri is one of the most popular and beloved festival of Guajarati’s. It is the longest dance festival of Hindu and the most eye-catching thing that you will see in Navratri is the gorgeous Gujarati girls. These Gujarati girls play ancient and modern Garba like Sanedo, Titodo, Bhangra, and different styles without getting tired in colorful traditional dresses. Girls wearing backless Chaniya choli quoted with mirrors and embroidery work makes the Navratri festival better. These Gujarati girls look very hot and pretty while performing Garba in different styles on various Garba songs. Take a quick glance at Photos of Hot Gujarati Girls Playing Garba in Navratri.

navratri garba photos, navratri raas garba photos
Sep 292014

Don’t need to stand in long queues or filling challans in four copies to pay your Jharkhand Commercial Tax. As now, you cam pay your commercial tax online at Jharkhandcomtax.gov.in very easily and quickly from anywhere, at any time.

Filling taxes is tedious work for most people; so many people avoid paying their taxes on time. But no more now…as it’s time to say good bye to the hassles of standing in long queues, writing cheques, visiting a collecting bank, filling challans in four copies, and welcome online payment service to pay your taxes at your convenience. If you are living in Jharkhand, then you don’t need to deal with lots of paperwork, take appointment of busy tax agency or follow the old-fashioned way to pay your taxes. As now, you can pay your commercial tax online at Jharkhandcomtax.gov.in easily and conveniently. By paying taxes online, you can not only save your time but also save your hard earned money. To pay your commercial taxes online, you must register at Jharkhandcomtax.gov.in. At this online platform, you can access different types of information on Taxes administered by Commercial Taxes Department Jharkhand. E-registration, e-returns, minor-act, e-support, e-payment, news, updates, circulars and notifications are main functionality of this web portal. Here, you can check out the online payment methods to pay your tax online.

Jharkhandcomtax.gov.in is a site to Pay Jharkhand Commercial Tax Online

The Department of Commercial Tax, Govt. of Jharkhand has simplified returns filing and collection process. The online service of commercial tax department has tied-up with 67 banks to enable e-payment of VAT, Jharkhand Sales tax, Commercial tax, Professional tax, etc. Using online payment service, people can pay their commercial taxes from anywhere, at any time and keep away from paying late fees and following long offline procedure. Continue reading »

Sep 272014

“Bilawal Bhutto” became the butt of jokes on Twitter and facebook page, after he stated that he would get back entire Kashmir from India. Now you can make your friend and family laugh by sending Bilawal Bhutto jokes and meme.

Pakistan People’s Party chief, “Bilawal Bhutto”, has caught big attention of Indian people on Saturday, when he commented that he would get back entire Kashmir from India. Instead of addressing the issue directly, people started making fun of Bilawal Bhutto in a form of passive aggressive anger after this statement. As well as, they post funny tweet and comment on their twitter and facebook page. At present, many politician members give this type of statement to keep their position. But Bilawal Bhutto found forgiveness and amusement on Twitter after his statement. When media started playing his provocative statement on Kashmir, people have started to make a Bilawal Bhutto Jokes on his Kashmir demand. There are numerous jokes flooding over the web to make you laugh. Check out here the latest Bilawal Bhutto jokes and meme on his Kashmir demand with funny images.

Latest Bilawal Bhutto Jokes on his Kashmir demand

Bilawal Bhutto Jokes:

Sunny Deol got angry after Bilawal Bhutto comment.
Stand Up Comedian Of Pakistan.
Swagat Nahi Karoge Inka ?????????

Dear Bilawal Bhutto

“Dear Bilawal ji, Pehle to wish you a very happy birthday. 26! Such a special age. Reminds me too of the time when i was young and stupid, though maybe not this much. As a special gift for your happy day, you are trending on social media and every Indian is talking about you. How’s that for neighborly love? Say thanks. Where are your manners, yaar?” Continue reading »

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Sep 262014

Share these best selected Jo Bakudi memes on Whatsapp with your friends or beloved, and surprise them or make them laugh.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” is a popular phrase, which means a single image can show a complex idea or story. If you want to express your feelings whether love or anger and you are unable to say it, then sending pictures is the best way. Same way, you can share your most excellent sense of humor by the way of sending memes. Moreover, the use of social networks like facebook, whatsapp, etc. is also increasing day by day at an unbelievable rate for sharing all the funniest sayings, quotes, images, memes, and other ha-ha-ha’s from around the web. Check out here various hilarious, weird, silly and funny Jo Bakudi memes for whatsapp, which can bring a smile on the face of recipient!

Jo Bakudi Funny memes for Whatsapp

Jo Bakudi Meme for Whatsapp

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Sep 262014

In Incredible India, you will find out funny yet interesting phrases used in daily life by every Indian to entertain his/her self without getting bored.

“Aaj to waat hi lag gai hai!”, “kuchh jugaad karo dosto” are some of the daily routine sentence you will heard if you are living in incredible India. You will recognize some of the hindi words, but words like “waat lag gai”, “Jugaad”, “bhai” are special words that have their own special meaning when used on different occasions and with different people. “Bhai” means brother in particular hindi language, but the same word is also used by one person to completely stranger with full smile on face. Check out some of the incredible phrases we daily use as being Indian.

PHATI PADI HAI/WAAT LAG GAI: This phrase is used by students, employees when teacher or boss give them trobule to cope up with theri routine. Even when person is scared as hell he can use this phrase.

person in trouble

BABA JI KA THULLU: This phrase is often used by people when they do not get anything from the work they are doing. When student fails into the college and his friends asked about result, he can use this phrase. Continue reading »

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Sep 252014

Share funny “jo baka” theme memes with special gujarati lines and phrases with your friends on various social media like facebook and whatsapp.

Gujarat is beautiful state where sweet gujarati people live who have big heart to welcome everyone and offer special gujarati dishes like, khakhara, fafada, bhajiya, dhokla etc. Besides fun loving nature of gujarati people, they have very sweet gujarati language with special words that will put smile on your face for whole day. Recently a gujarati word “baka” has become famous on facebook. Everyone has started making hilarious and funny memes with “job aka” beginning and ending with various phrases which will make you fall in love with gujarati language and phrase. Check out best “jo baka” memes that you can share with your friends on facebook and whatsapp.


khavanu KFC, pivanu desi meme

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Sep 242014

Searching adult content has become so easier with adult oriented search engine, Boodigo.com. So, visit this website and search adult movies, videos and photos without any hassle.

Porn has entertainment value, it is first and foremost source of sexual inspiration for both men and women who are single, but it can be enjoyed by couple too. Today, one can consider watching porn with their partner to get practical sexual ideas like sexual positions, foreplay tips, etc as well as improve their sexual experience. Today, one can’t expect their relationship to last if they don’t do anything together with their partner. Watching porn movie or videos together is one of those things that can give you special shared experiences which you will treasure for a long time. So that everyday millions of people search porn videos, movies and photo on the internet to get more pleasure in bed. Still, there is no separate source where you can find only pornographic content…but now searching for porn on the internet becomes lot easier with porn search engine, “Boodigo”. Here, you can search adult movies, videos, and photography at free of cost without worry about malware attack.

Boodigo.com: Adult Oriented Search Engine

However, searching for porn online can be a difficult and finding just the right material often turns you in to a taxing process of searching, registering, closing millions of pop-up ads and running into images that you did not ask for. Moreover, adult sites are also notoriously bad when it comes to your computer’s security. But you don’t need to worry now, because with Boodigo, you can search sex-specific content very easily and safely. Continue reading »

Sep 222014

Just head over to Pcfinancial.ca/mastercard to apply for PC Financial MasterCard and follow the registration process to login to your account and manage your account online.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Loblaw Companies, President’s Choice Bank provides PC Financial Master Card, which has no annual fee, offers various free premium benefits, and can be used for everyday shopping. You earn 10 PC points as rewards for every single dollar you spend for all purchases on the card. The more you use your Presidents Choice Financial Master card, the more you earn your PC points. You can redeem PC points at participating stores where President’s Choice products are sold to get free groceries, home furnishings, Joe Fresh StyleTM fashions, etc. Here, go through the activation process of your PC Financial Master Card and step-by-step process for logging in to your account on Pcfinancial.ca/mastercard website.

Pcfinancial.ca/mastercard: PC Financial Master Card: Activation and Login Guide

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Sep 192014

Once upon a time, “Doordarshan” was favorite channel of Indians, as it broadcasted some really awesome serials and shows which we never missed to watch in our childhood.

In this current scenario, imagine a day spending without computers, laptops, internet, mobile, play stations, i-pods, video games, hundreds of Cable TV channels, etc. It would become really hard to spend a day without these modern equipments. In the 80′s and 90′s, people were living a very happy and stress-free life without all of the above things. Remember the famous quote ‘Old is gold’! Go back to your childhood days of late 80’s and early 90’s, which was the era of Doordarshan in India. In those golden days of Television Entertainment, Doordarshan serials had all humor, drama, enjoyment, value education, etc. that can’t be seen in the modern serials of Saas Bahu. It’s time to bring back sweet memories from the past by going through the list of such Doordarshan serials that are still trapped in our mind and make us nostalgic every now and then.

Remember your childhood with these old Doordarshan serials:


India’s first superhero, Shaktimaan created a history in the television industry and actor Mukesh Khanna played the sensational role as superhero in it. Included in the list of one of the longest running serials on DD, this serial was super hit and had a huge impact on children. Do you remember the introductory line of Tamraj Kilvish? Andhera kayam rahe (May Darkness Prevail).

Shaktimaan - the first indian superhero

Alif Laila

Based on the stories from One Thousand and One Nights, Alif Laila was a very popular adventure TV serial broadcasted on Doordarshan. The show had become so much famous that it was broadcasted in Bengali on BTV and ETV. The plot line of the series began right from the very starting when Scheherazade began telling stories to Shahryar. How can we forget that green genie? New stories every day so no one liked to miss even one episode of the serial. Continue reading »

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