Feb 292012

Jet Airways is among the largest airlines operating in India. With its first flight in the year 1993, Jet Airways is today known as the fastest growing airlines of the world. Every five minutes it connects many destinations worldwide including 24 international destinations and 52 destinations in India. The airline offers a high class flying experience to its passengers at a reasonable price.

How to check Jet Airways PNR Status?

Before leaving for the airport, you must check the Passenger Name Record or PNR status of your flight to avoid any type of hassle. PNR status check also helps to avoid queries or confusions while you check in. You must check Jet Airways PNR status to ensure if your reservation is confirmed or waitlisted. Jet Airways PNR status lets you know about the flight time-table, flight schedules, current flight status, baggage allowance, check in details, in-flight amenities and much more. Through the PNR status, you can know about the travelling route and booking status of your flight as well. Continue reading »