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Moneycentral.msn.com – Live Stock Quotes from MSN

To get stock quotes, there are many places available on the internet. For investing, smart investor will need a good place to turn in and turn on to the stock market, some time in MSN money and check out their MSN stock quotes as they are free and many more reasons. Before you place first step into the stock market and the world of investing, you must know about MSN money and be familiarize with MSN stock quotes. The information of Moneycentral.msn.com and MSN Money Live Stock Quotes is provided below.

In many cases, MSN stock quotes are real time stock quotes and that means movement of the stocks are up to date acutely as they happen. You can get live and refresh MSN quotes, when you tune in the MSN money. You can get many more things at MSN money besides MSN stock quotes such as highly educational and informative articles, investing tips, company profiles, and the general buzz within the stock market.

MSN Stock Quotes:

Www.moneycentral.msn.com is the official website of MSN money. When you visit at MSN money website, you will find detailed information about MSN stock quotes. You can get quote when you enter name or symbol and click on Get quote option. You will see MSN stock quotes updates of latest stocks at the top of the home page. When you click on quote option you can see different options such as


You can get the easy way of getting a stock, fund, currency, index or ETF quote, plus information on key indicators, ratings and news.

Highlights of MSN Money Quote:

  • View company-related video.
  • View financial highlights for the stock.
  • See quotes and key price data.
  • Read company-related news.
  • Post and read messages about the stock and investing.
  • Customize how you view key fundamental data and chart date range.
  • Get quick access to charts and key company information.
  • View and rate community-based ratings from CAPS.
  • View the latest StockScouter ratings.


If you want to get a list of options then enter name or symbol and then click on “go” option. These options are for an investment, which is arranged by month and you can view the options strike price and latest quote information.


In charts option, you can see charts. To draw a chart, you have to enter name or symbol then click on go option.

MSN Money Chart highlights:

  • Date zoom: Click on a start date and drag to an end date to zoom into a smaller date range.
  • Compare your stocks to other stocks or the market by adding other ticker symbols.
  • View charts in different formats, including Line, Candlestick, HLC and OHCL format.
  • Add technical overlays by choosing what you want to see and redrawing the chart.
  • Create custom charts with predetermined units of measurements and date ranges.

Recent news:

You will find the latest news for any company in one place and also see most recent mentioned stocks and hot news topics, for that you have to type a company name or ticker symbol and click on go option.

Stock Snapshot:

In Stock Snapshot option, you can get a stock quote, 1-year chart and news for any stock. You have to type a company name or ticker symbol above and click go option.

Company report:

The company report provides an overview of the company, including a description, quick facts, stock activity summary, stock price history, financial, fundamentals, earning estimates, analyst recommendations and statistics. Type a company name or ticker symbol and press go button.

Key Developments:

You can see a company’s recent earnings, product announcements and other significant news in the key Development section, for that type a company name or ticker symbol and press go option.

Free real time stock data:

Free real-time stock data with no sign-in requirement is now offered by MSN money from the BATS Trading network, an electronic stock exchange that handles roughly 10% of all stock market trading volume in the US. In order to access real-time data, you no longer need to log in to Passport on MSN Money. During market hours, you will find the real-time data located just below the 15-minute delayed data from the exchanges. For more information, click here.

If you want to get stock quotes in Excel version then with custom function MSNStockQuote(), you can download the free MSN Money Stock Quote Add-in for Excel here.

Source: moneycentral.msn.com

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