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QR Timetable – Queensland Rail – citytrain timetable – www.qr.com.au

Www.qr.com.au is the official website or homepage of Queensland Rail (QR) and it is owned by Government Corporation. It maintains the railway network and also directly operates all commuter Citytrain and long-distance Traveltrain passenger services, and freight rail services. QR network is extend from the centre of Brisbane south to Beenleigh and Robina on the Gold Coast, north to Ferny Grove, Shorncliffe, Caboolture and Gympie, east to Cleveland and west to Ipswich and Rosewood in Queensland. You can view or download QR citytrain timetable from www.qr.com.au website. Information about QR and its citytrain timetable is mentioned below.

QR Timetable – Queensland Rail – Citytrain Timetable – www.qr.com.au

In 1865, the railway of Queensland started with a line extending from Ipswich to the small town of Grandchester (then known as Bigge’s Camp). Now this stretch forms part of the main line from Brisbane to the western interior. Then in 2007, it became Government Owned Corporation as QR Limited and registered as a public company. The QR Passenger network covers 143 stations and about 300 kms of track. There are 65 million passenger journeys yearly and average of 170,000 journeys daily with QR.

QR Citytrain trains started with video surveillance and emergency communication systems to comfort of Citytrain passengers in 1994. Passengers will notice the trains’ streamline from outside very easily. New technology that make your ride smoother and comfortable. As we talk about the internal part of the train : lighting is easier on the eye and reconfigurations to seating and hand rail arrangements allow greater access for people in wheelchairs and parents with prams.

QR citytrain Timetable: On QR website, you can get citytrain timetable for operated routes like Beenleigh line, Caboolture line, Cleveland line, Doomben line, Ferny Grove line, Gold Coast/Airport line, Innercity line, Ipswich/Rosewood line, Shorncliffe line, and Sunshine Coast/Nambour line.

  • Visit www.qr.com.au website.
  • Choose Citytrain Timetables which is stayed at left bottom side under related links title of homepage.
  • Then you will get the Train timetable.
  • You can also search for PDF (printer-friendly) timetables by route number, train line or suburb.

Source: http://www.qr.com.au/

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  1. I am trying to find a timetable for the Ipswich line. I find your website absolutely confusing. surely there is a much better way to supply this information. All I seem to bee getting is information on foreign timetables.

  2. How do I find a timetable for a train ?

    This website is a disgrace to QR

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