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Www.Qatarliving.com/classifieds – Qatar Living (QL) Classifieds – Post Adverts

An online community portal that was established in 2005, and that has grown above the years to become a central point for information on everything related to Qatar is Qatar Living. Classifieds service on Qatar Living (QL) is free and was founded for the use of QL members as a means of selling, trading or swapping their unwanted items. Here is mentioned all the detailed information regarding Qatar Living Classifieds and Post Adverts provided at www.Qatarliving.com.

About Qatar Living

Qatar Living is the first social network in Qatar. It is the definitive Qatari one-stop information portal and makes the lives of everyone in Qatar a lot easier. QatarLiving.com is necessary in the lives of Qatari’s and those come across to move to Qatar. To facilitate connection, participation and sharing of knowledge and experience between members of the community the portal was built around the goal; in order to enhance the content and give more helpful information for everyone, whether they already live in Qatar, or will be moving/visiting there.

The success of the QL website has led to a huge number of adverts being placed, many by commercial organizations. These organizations have been and are still tolerated providing they do not flood the website with their adverts to the harm of genuine QL members.

Www.Qatarliving.com/classifieds – Qatar Living (QL) Classifieds

Open the website www.Qatarliving.com and see the option of Classifieds on the top of the homepage. Click on it and find Classifieds in Qatar page. There are 6 Qatar Living (QL) Classifieds available now on this page and different sub-options under it. They are as follows:

  1. Cars
  2. Items for Sale
  3. Accommodation for Rent
  4. Mobiles
  5. Services in Qatar
  6. Jobs

To join Qatar Living, please complete the registration form, once you have completed the form you will be sent an e-mail with a link to login and your username and password. (If you do not receive the e-mail within a few minutes then check in your “Junk Mail”. Sometimes e-mail programs mistakenly put them in the wrong place).

Though most of the people listing classifieds on Qatar Living are kind, normal and honest people they do occasionally see few scammers placing adverts. The best way to avoid these scams is given here.

Qatar Living Classifieds – Post Adverts

On the page of Qatar Living Classifieds, you can see the option of Post New. Click on it and get Post a Classified Advert page. You have to select a category to post your free classified listing from Vehicles, Mobile Phones, Housing, For Sale / Wanted, Services and Jobs. Before posting, please read the Classifieds Rules given below. Posts that break the rules will be removed without notice and the user account might be blocked.

Rules for Advertising in the Classifieds

  1. Adverts involving the sale or trade of pets and animals will be deleted.
  2. They expect each user to have only one account when posting adverts. If they discover that a duplicate has been created, both accounts will be blocked.
  3. All adverts selling a service, advertising property or selling goods that are posted on QL must be accompanied by a valid Qatar telephone number and prices shown in Qatar Riyals (QR). Those without valid numbers or advertised in other currencies will be deleted.
  4. QL does not expect to notice repeat adverts posted within 24 hours of the original advert appearing on the website. Repeated transgression of this rule will result in the user account and any subsequent re-incarnations being blocked.
  5. Adverts looking to provide or looking for the provision of, “questionable” services, (like “massage”) will be deleted and the poster given a first and only warning. Any similar and subsequent post will result in the user account being blocked.
  6. They are aware that there are many dubious marketing schemes around. Some of these take the form of offering high returns with little effort. If they suspect that adverts are promoting such schemes, the advert will be removed and the poster blocked.
  7. Qatar Living is NOT a recruitment website although they do permit the advertising of vacancies to those already within Qatar. They suggest that those looking for employment from outside Qatar use the proper (recruitment websites) channel for such tasks. Posters from within Qatar will be able to promote their availability within Qatar.
  8. When posting photographs of autos, the photograph should be one of the actual vehicles being offered for sale. Photographs copied from brochures and photographs obviously not taken in Qatar may be removed. Such photograph should preferably display at least part of the number plate to prove that the vehicle is actually in Qatar.
  9. Adverts for items that are not permitted in Qatar, like pirated games (or other software) music, films, CDs, etc will be removed and advertisers will be requested to refrain from advertising such items on QL. Further postings for such items will result on the poster’s name being removed from the member’s list. Subsequent re-incarnations will also be blocked.

Please note that QL owners, moderators and administration reserve the right to remove any advert at any time without previous warning or succeeding justification.

Source: http://www.qatarliving.com/classifieds

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