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Www.TaxACT.com Login Page – File Taxes Online & Free with TaxACT

American tax preparation software created by 2nd Story Software(R) is TaxACT. According to collective week end reports for the website, www.TaxACTOnline.com, for online tax preparation TaxACT is the No. 2 destination. Here you can get the information about online tax products, how to check e-fill system, links of download tax products as well as tax facts sheets and lots of information. You can also get the detail of how to File Taxes Online Free with TaxACT.

Www.TaxACT.com Login Page – File Taxes Online & Free with TaxACT

TaxACT Standard, TaxACT Deluxe, TaxACT State and TaxACT Ultimate Bundle, these all products are included in Consumer products for the 2008 tax season and can be used online, downloaded or ordered as a CD-ROM.

A suite of federal and state solutions is offered for businesses and professional preparers by 2nd Story Software. TaxACT Preparer’s products can be ordered while TaxACT Business products can be downloaded or ordered.

Some online tax products are given below.

  • TaxACT Online Free Edition: You can prepare, print & e-file simple and complex IRS tax returns.
  • TaxACT Online Deluxe: You can maximize your tax deductions and credits with extensive income tax calculators and guidance.
  • TaxACT Online Ultimate Bundle: You can complete your Federal & State taxes in one value-priced bundle.
  • TaxACT Online State: Here the two options are given; you can choose any one from online Free Edition or online Deluxe.
  • Continue 2009 Return: Enter your Username and Password to access your tax return information here.
  • Access Prior Year Returns: From here, you can access prior year returns for tax years 2006 to 2008. You can complete and print your return; e-Filing is no longer available.

Check e-file Status:

You can also check TaxACT 2009 Electronic Filing Status. Enter the Social Security Number, Zip Code, and Last Name from your Federal return to review the e-file status for your Federal and State returns.

Tax information:

IRS Information, News & Tips:

If you are looking for tax tips, then there is good news for you as the IRS announces tax tips and news regularly. If it applied to your return can mean big money for you. There are three Reasons to Prepare and File Your Taxes Electronically. About Dependents and Exemptions, there are Five Important Facts. You can see Eight Facts About Filing Status as well as Five Filing Facts for Recently Married or Divorced Taxpayers. Top Ten Tax Time Tips are also presented by IRS.

Source: www.taxact.com

10 Responses to “TaxACT.com Login Page – File Taxes Online & Free with TaxACT”

  1. Amy Cole Says:

    How do I get back to my return?

  2. JACK KIRWAN Says:

    I’m having the same problem. I spent hours inputting my info. I was almost done and now all I can get is their adverstising page with no login page.

  3. Brent Miller Says:

    Same issue, how do you get back in to where you left off.

  4. Jim Carrico Says:

    Me too. Same problem. No place to log-in on working tax return once you leave program. Advertising abounds

  5. wayne Says:

    i,quite possible deleted or spamed my free tax act emil of my tax w-2 form from Labor Ready in the computer terminal of CRE in Burns Harbor,Indiana. Could You Please send me another email of my W-2.Thanks W.H.Kimli

  6. ronnie Says:

    need to log in to print my w-2 returns papers

  7. Edward Planche, Jr. Says:

    I started a return – can not access it? When I try to log on it says my user name is already in system. DUH – I used it Thursday. HELP

  8. Jim DeBlois Says:

    I started a return and cannot logon to add additional info.
    I’m glad to see others are having the same problem. I thought I was losing it.

  9. Charles Biehl Says:

    How do I get back to my taxes

  10. valentine schindler Says:

    for those of you having trouble logging in you have to go to taxactonline.com and there you can sign in it took me awhile to find it also or click on the thing that just says taxact right above the link to get to this page and it will bring you to sign in. hopefully this helps you

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