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Argosy Student Portal – Login to Mycampus.argosy.edu

Argosy University is one of the biggest universities with 19 locations in 12 U.S states and its official website is www.argosy.edu. Argosy University was established in the year 2001 and it provides a wide range of programs for various levels, including certification; masters, specialist, associates, bachelors, doctoral degrees, postgraduate concentrations, etc. The main Motto of the University is “The better way to earn to your degree”. Here is mentioned the step-by-step process of login to Argosy Student Portal at Mycampus.argosy.edu.

Argosy Student Portal – Login to Mycampus.argosy.edu

Argosy college of Health Sciences is situated in Eagan, Minnesota (Twin Cities) campus which offers different courses like professional health science degrees, Associate App, Associate of Applied Science in Histotechnology, Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting, Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology, Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene and many more. Argosy University provides high-quality education.

Students of Argosy University can login on Mycampus.argosy.edu website where they can get all the information easily. You can get details like Syllabus, New Updates, Results, Attendance Information, Courses, Reports and so on. You can save your time by login online. Parents of the students can also login on website for the information of their child. Parents can easily take records of their child such as Attendance, Exams Dates, Results and more.

Students can also post comments, participate in online surveys and many other online activities and submit suggestions, ideas, questions, or other information. Students have to follow the rules and regulations of the website.

Registration for new students who want to login in mycampus website:

  1. First enter the student id.
  2. Then enter the first name of the student.
  3. Enter the last name of the student.
  4. Then you have to click on the “Submit” button.

How to login?

  • First you have to enter the username which is given by the university.
  • Then you have to enter the password.
  • Click on the “Login” button.

Source: https://mycampus.argosy.edu/portal/server.pt?

2 Responses to “Argosy Student Portal – Login to Mycampus.argosy.edu”

  1. P. Grove Says:

    I have not been given a student id and NEED to log into the portal to learn how to navigate/retrieve assignment to enable me prepare for class on October 30, 2010.
    Could someone please give me a call on 404-509-4394

    Paulette Findley

  2. Ingrid Blackmon Says:

    I need for the login page to open , I have been trying to open the page all day .
    It will not open for me.

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