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EduLink UJ Student Portal – Login or Sign in to Edulink.uj.ac.za

The name of the interactive, online learning environment at the University of Johannesburg is Edulink, Edulink’s homepage is www.uj.ac.za. Student Portal of EduLink UJ provides all the necessary information regarding studies to students after login or sign in at its website Edulink.uj.ac.za. Students can access to Edulink 24 hours a day, seven days a week so whenever they want any details they can get it once logged in after doing registration.

EduLink UJ Student Portal – Login to Edulink.uj.ac.za

EduLink UJ Student Portal

Students can find at EduLink little general administrative information for their courses like contact details of lecturers, general announcements, course-specific calendars, and much more.

Students may be given the opportunity depending on a lecturer, to do the following in modules (that are offered on Edulink):

  • Download additional notes
  • Submit assignments
  • Complete quizzes and self-assessment activities or even take their class tests
  • Semester tests or formal examinations in pre-booked computer labs
  • Participate in academic discussions through the discussion tools (where they can pose certain content-related questions to fellow students and lecturers)

Login or Sign in to Edulink.uj.ac.za

How to register?

Open the website, https://student.uj.ac.za and click on the link “I don’t have password” to register. Edulink can be access by all registered UJ students in the Student Portal.

How to login?

Students can login through the Student Portal page. Provide Student number, Password and press Login button at the top of the page. Click on the link “Edulink”, once you are login. Then you can go to any courses that you want to access. The Student Portal page provides general announcements to all the students.

To reset password or ensure that you have typed a correct password press on the link Forgot your password. Visit the Lab Assistants with your student card in E Les 201 and ask for your password to be reset if you are unable to reset your password or call 011 559 3472 if you are not on campus.

Source: https://student.uj.ac.za/

5 Responses to “EduLink UJ Student Portal – Login to Edulink.uj.ac.za”

  1. Claudina Letsholo Says:

    How do I obtain my examination results through Edulink – my student no: 201183377



  3. Ramadwa ff Says:

    I’ve been trying to open edulink but it keep on saying Error, i am still using the same password,but it only open when i am at uj,i ‘ve paid my fees and i want to see my result but i could.please help because i am far away from uj.thank u

  4. zakhele jacob Says:

    How do I create an account to check my results

  5. katelehingo maria Says:

    how can i get the scope of the exam pls andmay i long in to student edulink pls.

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