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Now, parents and guardians can track their children’s work and attendance through SchoolMax Family Portal. is the official website of SchoolMax Pgcps Family Portal, which is secure and parents can login on easily. SchoolMax is Prince George’s County Public Schools (Pgcps) new online Student Information System. The System allows family members to view contact information, attendance, grades and discipline for their children from any computer with Internet connection. Below, you can get the information of SchoolMax Family Portal and steps of Login for parents at – SchoolMax Pgcps Parent Login to Family Portal

SchoolMax Family Portal

To ensure that all legally responsible family members can have 24 x 7 accesses to accurate and timely information about their PGCPS student is the aim of SchoolMax Family Portal.

What does SchoolMax Family Portal include?

SchoolMax Family Portal includes Attendance Records, Schedule, Grades, Progress Reports, Discipline and Profile.

How to access?

To access SchoolMax Family Portal, parents need to have account information and a key code. If you are first time user of SchoolMax Family Portal, then you must first register at with your Parent Access Key which will be provided from the school office. Once you register, you can login with the username and the password at The process of register and login to the SchoolMax Family Portal is given here.

Registering to the SchoolMax Family Portal

  • Open
  • Click on I need to register link
  • Enter the Parent Access Key
  • Click on Submit button

After submitting, you can get account registration form where you have to provide the required information to create new account. When it is finished, click on Create Account option.

How to login?

  • Open
  • Select language for display, enter district number
  • Enter the Username and Password
  • Click on Log In button

You will see the options to select which student record you want to view, if you have more than one child in the school system. If not, then you can go directly to the General Information page.

On the General Information page, you can see following options at the top

  • Attendance
  • Schedule
  • Grade book
  • Progress Reports
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Discipline
  • My Profile

1. Attendance:

To view Attendance Records, click on Attendance option Attendance will be displayed cumulative. Elementary schools take daily attendance and Secondary schools take attendance for every period. Absences and tardies are all recorded with reason codes that specify whether the absence or tardy is excused, or not excused.

On the page, you can see three sections Today’s Attendance, Today’s Hourly Attendance and Summary Attendance for the year.

Prince George’s County Public Schools does not take Hourly Attendance, so the Today’s and Today’s Hourly Attendance section is always blank. In the Summary Attendance for the year section, you can view the summary of attendance records by class.

2. Schedule:

Prince George’s County Public Schools keep all scheduling records in School MAX. To view the child’s schedule, click on Schedule option that includes

  • Period – Which period in the day the classis (applies only to Middle and High Schools) attended
  • Starts Time – When the class begins
  • End Time – When the class ends
  • Course – The name of the course
  • Room – The room the class is located
  • Educator – The person who teaches the class

3. Grade book:

School MAX Family Portal allows you to view student scores that is posted by teachers. You can view electronic grade books that list every assignment, the score the student received for the assignment, and other information maintained by Prince George’s County Public School teachers. You can also view an unofficial version of the child’s complete transcript. To view Grade, click on Grade book option.

4. Progress Reports:

In SchoolMAX, Prince George’s County Public Schools publish progress reports as well as final quarterly report card grades.

Once you click Progress Reports option, you can view progress and quarter grades that is published throughout the year. To view a previous school year, you can select the year from the Change Academic Year in drop-down box given on top right corner and press Go button.

5. Discipline

If you want to view discipline incidents associated with the child, then click on Discipline option. You can view

  • Incident Date.
  • Incident time.
  • Event – A brief description of incident, selected from a standard list.
  • Response – A brief description of the response taken by school staff, selected from a standard list.
  • Response From Date – The start date if the response took place over a span of more than one day.
  • Response To Date – The end date if the response took place over a span of more than one day.

6. Profile

To keep a record of your contact information, Prince George’s County Public Schools uses SchoolMAX that includes a mailing address, a phone number, and email address. In My Profile page, you can request to change or addition your contact information. You can also change your password. To view profile page, click My Profile option.


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