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Harvard academic calendar 2010-2011 – academic calendar 2010-2011 is official site of Harvard University. Harvard academic calendar 2010-2011 is provided below. The Harvard University Coordinated Academic Calendar which became effective with the 2009-2010 Academic Year.

Harvard Academic Calendar 2010-2011 – Academic Calendar 2010-2011

Harvard University was founded in 1636. Harvard has over 2100 faculty members and over 20000 students including college and graduate professional students. Its name comes from the young minister John Harvard of Charlestown, who was the first backer of the college. Harvard University has business school, college, continuing education school, dental school, design school, divinity school, education school, engineering school, Kennedy school of government, graduate school, law school, medical school, public health school, radcliffe institute, faculty of arts and sciences.

Harvard law school calender:

Date Events
December 21, 2009 – January 1, 2010 Holiday Break for All Students
January 4, 2010 Winter Term Classes Begin (All students, including 1Ls)
January 4-5, 2010 Upper-level  Waitlist Processing and Add/drop. Add/drop Ends for Winter Courses.
January 15, 2010 Add/drop Ends for Spring Clinical Courses
January 18, 2010 Martin Luther King Day – Holiday for All Students
January 21, 2010 Winter Term Classes End
January 22, 2010 Reading Period Winter Term
January 23, 2010 (Saturday) Winter Term Exams
January 25, 2010 Fall Term Expected Grade Release by 3:00 p.m.
January 25, 2010 Spring Term Classes Begin
January 25-29, 2010 Upper-level  Waitlist Processing and Add/drop.
February 15, 2010 Presidents Day – Classes for All Students
March 15-19, 2010 Spring Break
April 23, 2010 Spring Term Classes End for All Students
April 27-May 5, 2010 Upper-level Spring courses Exam Period
May 7-12, 2010 1L Required Courses Spring Exam Period
May 26, 2010 Class Day
May 27, 2010 Commencement Day

Tentative calendar of Arts and Sciences faculty for 2010-2011:

Events Fall Term 2010-2011
Academic year begins Thu Sep 2
Study card day Fri Sep 10†
Thanksgiving recess Thu Nov 25–Sun Nov 28
Reading period Sat Dec 4–Sun Dec 12
Examination period Mon Dec 13–Tue Dec 21
Winter recess Wed Dec 22–Sun Jan 2
Optional Winter Session Mon Jan 3–Sun Jan 23
Spring Term 2010-2011
Spring term begins Mon Jan 24
Study card day Fri Jan 28†
Spring recess Sat Mar 12–Sun Mar 20
Reading period Thu Apr 28–Thu May 5
Examination period Fri May 6–Sat May 14
Commencement Thu May 26

Academic calendar of Arts and Sciences faculty for 2010-2011:

Events Fall Term Spring Term
Freshman Registration Aug. 31 (W) Jan. 24 (M)
Upperclass Registration Sept. 1 (W) Jan. 24 (M)
Term Begins Sept. 2 (Th) Jan. 24 (M)
Thanksgiving Recess Nov. 25 (Th) – Nov. 28 (Su)
Spring Recess Mar. 12 (Sa) – Mar. 20 (Su)
Reading Period Dec. 4 (Sa) – Dec. 12 (Su) April 28 (Th) – May 5 (Th)
Examination Period Dec. 13 (M) – Dec. 21 (Tu) May 6 (F) – May 14 (Sa)
Commencement May 26 (Th)

Academic calendar of college:

Events 2010-2011
GSAS Registration TBD
Freshman Registration TBD
Upperclass Registration TBD
First Day Fall Classes Sept. 6 (Tu)
Holiday – Labor Day Sept. 5 (M)
Study Card Day – All but Freshman TBD
Freshman Study Card Day TBD
Holiday – Columbus Day Oct. 10 (M)
Holiday – Veterans’ Day Nov. 11 (F)
Thanksgiving Recess Begins Nov. 24 (Th)
Thanksgiving Recess Ends Nov. 27 (Su)
Last Day of Fall Term Classes Dec. 6 (Tu)
Fall Reading Period Begins Dec. 7 (W)
Fall Reading Period Ends Dec. 13 (Tu)
Fall Term Final Examinations Begin Dec. 14 (W)
Fall Term Final Examinations End Dec. 21 (W)
First Day of Winter Recess Dec. 22 (Th)
Last Day of Winter Recess Jan. 1 (Su)
Optional Winter Session Begins Jan. 2 (M)
Holiday – Martin Luther King Day Jan. 16 (M)
Optional Winter Session Ends Jan. 22 (Su)
First Day Spring Classes / Registration Jan. 23 (M)
Study Card Day TBD
Holiday – Presidents’ Day Feb. 20 (M)
Spring Recess Begins Mar. 10 (Sa)
Spring Recess Ends Mar. 18 (Su)
Last day of Spring Term Classes April 25 (W)
Spring Reading Period Begins April 26 (Th)
Spring Reading Period Ends May 3 (Th)
Spring Term Final Examinations Begin May 4 (F)
Spring Term Final Examinations End May 12 (Sa)
Holiday – Memorial Day May 28 (M)
Summer School Begins June 25 (M)
Summer School Ends Aug. 10 (F)

Harvard Graduate school of education academic calendar click here. For Gazette Calendar, see here.

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