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Www.Lead.com.sg My Assignment – Login to Lead Learning EDvantage Online

LEAD stands for Learning EDvantage. LEAD is Singapore’s one of the largest e-learning solutions to schools and home and service provider. Www.lead.com.sg is the official website of the Learning EDvantage. Here the information is mentioned about Login to Learning EDvantage Online at Www.Lead.com.sg and my assignment.

Www.lead.com.sg My Assignment – Learning EDvantage Online

The mission of Learning EDvantage is to nurture the passion for learning among kids. The LEAD e-Learning Portal, its flagship product incorporates a full featured e-Learning platform with rich multimedia interactive content.

More than 150 schools and 280,000 students in Singapore use the LEAD e-Learning Portal. Many Singapore schools sight and deploy LEAD trainers to assist in their infocomm technology needs and training. In-addition providing schools with an e-learning platform with excellent standards, the means for students is also provided to excel by making schoolwork enjoyable and fun through the creative use of technology.

An investment is continued by LEAD to meet the growing e-learning needs in schools in technology to improve their product offerings, and progress of more and more pedagogically sound multimedia rich content aligned with the school curriculum. It is a member of the Marshall Cavendish Publishing Group.

Learning EDvantage products and services:


You can download all these contents from here. http://www.lead.com.sg/LEAD/LoginHTML/productsandservices.html

1. Channel Series:

For self-directed learning, a large repository of pedagogically sound curriculum-based interactive courseware is provided by LEAD.

2. Buddy Series:

To assist students for further harness their understanding and develop strategies in Writing, English and Chinese oral, Math and Learning Trails, a set is designed intelligently.

3. Maths Buddy (Buddy Series):

This product instills a systematic and structured approach to solving word problems using models.

4. Oral Buddy and (Buddy Series):

Through exercising organized thoughts and honing oral presentation skills, gain confidence in oral assessments

5. Writing Buddy (Buddy Series):

With crafting skills and strategies, sharpen writing skills

6. MindClick:

You can see in mindlink a comprehensive collection of exam-oriented problem solving Math questions accompanied by tactical solutions.

L M S:

1. LEAD Learning Management System:

A feature-rich Learning Management System is The LEAD Portal for delivering, tracking and managing online learning.

2. Google Apps Education Edition:

For LEAD users to leverage the use of LEAD LMS with an assortment of collaborative learning and communication tools from Google, Google Apps Education Edition is value added service.


1. Infocomm Club:

LEAD’s exclusive Infocomm Club ensures students acquire creative and technical skills in the latest Digital Media softwares to promote an engaging learning experience through the innovative use of Infocomm.

2. ICT Training:

  • Residential Trainer Services
  • ICT Executive Services
  • Specialised Training Services

Professional school-based educators conducting ICT training that aligns with MOE baseline standards that include LMS and curriculum integration. Trainers assist in leveraging ICT tools in education and cultivate e-learning in school.

3. Trail Buddy (Buddy Series):

A great way to learn opportunities beyond the classroom is learning trails. Interactive Learning Trails are designed and developed by them with schools to maximize the functionality and flexibility of smartphones.

Www.Lead.com.sg My Assignment:

For my assignment at Lead.com.sg, go to this link to access the learning portal, enter these details,

Login ID: BC number (Example, S9825361F)
School ID: PCPS
Password: learning

Go to My Assignment (found on the top right hard upper corner). There are two English assignments for you to do, Try to get full marks for both assignments.

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