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www.UGAMail.UGA.Edu Email – UGA Mail Login Page

Here information is given about UGA Mail. The official website of UGA mail is www.UGAMail.UGA.Edu. You can get the information of UGA mail by visiting the official website. Your UGA Mail account must be fulfilled with the University of Georgia Policies on Use of Computers. The same types of disciplinary measures violation of other University policies or state or federal laws, including criminal prosecution in serious cases is incurred by infringement of these policies.

www.UGAMail.UGA.Edu Email – UGA Mail Login Page

The users of UGA mail are strictly prohibited from sharing their account or password with anyone. According to Georgia law, your password is given to an illegal person is a crime. The identity in e-mail or any UGA Mail correspondence shall not be misrepresented by users.

UGA web mail provides following:

Automatic Forwarding: Messages to your account are automatically sent to another e-mail address when you set up forwarding for your mail account. For your forwarded messages, you can specify one or more valid e-mail addresses as destination.

Automatic Reply: UGA also provides Automatic Reply to all incoming messages coming with a customized message. Until you can not turn off your Automatic Reply, it is responding to your incoming mail. It replies only those messages which are directly addressed to you.

Message Filters: A filter is a set of conditions, or rules, associated with an action. Multiple filters can be set by you for your inbox. You can set the Junk mail filter; the Junk Mail is Pre-configured message filter, set creating a Message Filter; once the filter is created, you can edit it, set Editing and Deleting Message Filters. If you want to use the filters then you must have filtering allow on your e-mail server. Editing and deleting message filters allow you to change the filters that are automatically applied to incoming mail for your e-mail account. Reordering Message Filters makes your incoming message in the order it appears in the column, from top to bottom.

How to login at

For login, open the official website. You will get the login page by visiting the site. if you already have your user id and password then enter it and click on “login”. For getting more information you can visit the official website www.UGAMail.UGA.Edu.

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