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Two talented and genious entrepreneurs Robert Holl and Francis Morgan started the Learning A-Z family websites. Every kid must have developmentally suitable books and activities to learn to read at school and at home, Robert Holl and Francis Morgan believe this. The company started a reading resource subscription website that provides free printable activities, and Reading A-Z, Learning Page. Learning A-Z offers a number of dynamic curriculum delivery websites with hundreds of thousands of teaching and learning resources for PreK-6 educators and students. Learning A-Z‘s parent organization is Voyager Learning Company. In the United States and worldwide, a substantial percentage of classrooms are benefiting from comprehensive collections of high-quality educational resources of Learning A-Z, which are available at a low cost and 24/7 through the Internet.

www.Raz-Kids.com – Login to Raz-Kids – Interactive Ebooks For Children

According to every educator and child’s need, Learning A-Z provides developmentally appropriate books, lessons, and other resources to them and this is the dedication of Learning A-Z. Aim of Learning A-Z is to meet the needs of a diverse student population easily, effectively, and affordably by providing educators, schools, and districts with solutions.

Animated, audio books, quizzes, worksheets, and read only books are offered by Raz-Kids for students. For emerging and challenged readers, this program is ideal. Unwilling readers will be motivated and engaged by the high-interest topics. Online Read Only books allow students to use during free reading and for teachers Online Read Only books allow to project for whole class instruction. For assignments, and consequently, Read only books are not intended and consequently are not joined with quizzes and worksheets.

Students improve their reading skills by listening for modeled fluency, reading for practice, recording their reading, checking comprehension with quizzes. Students can choose books in the bookroom or log in to get books and quizzes assigned by their teachers. www.Raz-Kids.com provides different kinds of books from A-Z; you can choose books by any alphabet. www.Raz-Kids.com allows student to listen books read aloud, read with vocabulary and pronunciation support, and read without support. To suitable reading levels, specific books, and track student-reading progress, teachers easily limit students. To improve reading comprehension and reading fluency, students can practice reading anywhere with Internet access. At www.Raz-Kids.com, the free book samples are set aside for kids so try them. New books to the comprehensive collection of animated leveled readers are added at www.Raz-Kids.com regularly and current additions contain a beautifully illustrated, multilevel book Animals, Animals at levels E, H, and K. Order the book to purchase but for ordering books, login is necessary.

Login for pacing an order:

For purchasing a book, visit www.Raz-Kids.com, you will see the option of “order” navigation at the top of the homepage. When you click on “order” option, you will see the option of “login”; enter your username, password, and click on “login” option. If you are new Learning A-Z customer then go for registration by clicking on “continue” option. When you click on “continue” option, you will see the register page, enter number of classroom, number of years, and promo code for License Size and then enter your personal details such as your first name, last name, street 1, street 2, street 3, city, state/province, country, Zip/postal code, Email, Email confirm, phone number, fax, occupation, grade. Enter your login information such as username, password, retype password, security question, and security answer then enter your school/organization selector like public/private, state/province, district, school, school/org and then click on “continue” option.

There are 3 Ways to Launch Students into Reading and Earning Stars at www.Raz-Kids.com that are Self-Paced Assignments, Custom Assignments, and Bookroom.

Self-Paced Assignments

  • Build a roster
  • Assign reading levels
  • Allow students to progress through levels automatically

Custom Assignments:

  • Build a roster
  • Name an assignment
  • Add resources and students
  • Edit assignment when students are ready to progress


  • Build a roster
  • Check the Enable Bookroom box
  • Without building a roster, simply open the Bookroom

In every way, teachers have to build a Roster page to control when and whether students spend stars; they earn reading with the Raz Rocket checkbox. For building Roster, teachers have to go for login. “Login” navigation is situated at the top of the home page, when you click on it, you will find login page, enter teacher username and click on “go” option.

Customer Service (for assistance using a Learning A-Z website):

Monday – Friday
6 a.m. – 4 p.m. MST
US toll-free: (866) 889-3729 (option 5)
Fax: (520) 327-9934
Email: support@learninga-z.com

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  1. Hunter Dillmore Says:

    Smart scan, smart points, a number of which I’ve got learned along the approach also (humility, grace, layoff the controversial stuff).

  2. Chris Says:

    My son got this website http://raz-kids.com/login from his school to help his reading at home. Well we have used it for a week, and now all of a sudden this web address takes me anywhere but where I want to go. I was wondering if you had a different site he could use to get his books to read?

    Thanks for your time Chris

  3. Julietta Pechar Says:

    Our son’s class wants me to take our son to a doctor to have our son tested for ADHD to find out whether he has ADHD indicators. I am frightened to consult with his family doctor mainly because just about all he’ll can do is normally place our kid on medicines. Should I start with a free ADHD test online.

  4. shakhawat Says:

    i need a raz kids

  5. hi i am new Says:

    hi i am new can you be my friend i dont know how to use this website

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