Apr 102010

Arissa Luna aka Arissa Cheo or Zhen Shan born was born in Singapore on 30th June 1986. Presently, she lives in Los Angeles, California, United State. Also, she is studying in United States. She is comes from a very rich Indonesian family. Previously, she studied at the Methodist Girls’ School.

Arissa Cheo Luna Blog, Photos or Pics

Currently, Vanness Wu is a singer and actor in the Chinese entertainment industry and the famous former member of F4, a Taiwanese boy band. In 2006, he was reportedly dating Arissa Cheo but broke up when Arissa went to USA to further her studies because they could not sustain the long-distance relationship. Recently, Vanness Wu’s manager, Katie, confirmed that the pair have reawakened their love when Vanness and Arissa were seen dating in Hong Kong.

Arissa is gorgeous and her lifestyle is desirable. She has massive style and character. She is having all the gorgeous brands, hangs out with loads of famous people. She was also in Vanness’s MTV too.

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  1. damnn she is so awsome, i wanna be her! No wonder dawn yang was like super stalking her and copying her and a total wannabe! Actually dawn yang should thank arrisa cuz since dawn yang plastic fantastic.. dawn yang now is getting successful too.

    Damn…… i wish i lived like Arrisa! Naturally fabulous!!!

  2. some gals have everything, good life, good looks, good bfs and friends.
    They are really blessed by God above. Haizzzzz!!!

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