Nov 102009

Make up techniques are grown up to extreme in few decades. What I love about Hollywood movie is their costume and realistic make up. Make up can create angel or demons look in any ordinary face.  Feminine interest in male is also becoming popular in some peoples. Arts and drama are using man for the role of female since many years of history. Most of the Shakespeare drama has actress of less than 16 year old, so a young boy can perform that role.

Here are some funny Male to female makeovers in Hollywood.

Funny male to female makeovers before after photos

Funny male to female makeovers before after photos

Funny male to female makeovers before after photos


Funny male to female makeovers before after photos

Make up take care of following elements.

Hair: To give female appearance, Long and stylish hair is used. There also lots of readymade wig available in market. Male hair is hidden under the bald cap, before applying female wig. Facial hair like beard and mustache are closely shaved. Eye brow and other parts needs touch up. Eye brow colors are changed according to wig color.

Funny male to female makeovers before after photos

Eye: Female eyes are more attractive than male. Artificial color lenses are used according to blond or brunet appearance. Circle around the eyes needs to be enhanced.

Face: Some area of face like Brow ridges needs to be highlighted, and some area should be faded.

Nose: Nose is hardest part in makeup. It is impossible to hide it. Makeup artist enhance it in their own way.

Mouth: Lipstick and pink color are used to make it like female.

Clothes and breast area are modified according to costume requirements.

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