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Www.TicketNew.com – Ticketnew Online Booking – Buy Movie Tickets Chennai

Nowadays, people are crazy about cinema; they go to cinemas to fresh-up their mode by watching movie. For the convenient of the customers, Ticketnew has started online booking facility and you can easily book tickets through its official website at www.TicketNew.com. It was launched in 2007 which shows the list of the movies which releases in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. With the help of Ticketnews.com, you can check the upcoming movie shows, music shows, sports matches, etc. Recently, ticketnew.com has started their business with Abirami theaters group.

Www.TicketNew.com – Ticketnew Online Booking – Buy Movie Tickets Chennai

Ticketnews services provide information on multiple event categories, ticketing facilities for several leading multiplexes, arenas and stadiums. By Ticketnew.com, booking tickets are now an easy, fun and exciting experience for every TicketNew customer.

They provide expedient, safe, and fair access to the best possible tickets offered by their clients. They arrange your tickets according to your expedient. Ticketnews are the part of Orbgen Technologies Pvt. Ltd with focus on Entertainment, IT and BPO sectors.

Ticket New.com provides tickets of different cinemas in Chennai by their website. These cinemas include Sangam, Devi, Albert, Abirami, Kasi, Woodlands Kamala, Thiyagaraja, Radha Movie Park, Prathana Drive-in, Rakki-Ambattur, Sri Brindha-Perambur, IDream-Royapuram, and Raj-Saidapet. Primarily, TicketNew is selling tickets, marketing and distribution of event tickets.

How to book online ticket on Ticketnews.com?

For online booking, first you select cinema name, then select date and movie name. After that, enter number of tickets and click on the price of the ticket. You will also see then some information about the movie. Then, you have to login in your account by entering your email ID and password. If you do not have your email ID then for that you have to register yourself. For registration, enter your email ID, password and telephone number. After that, enter your billing information i.e. country name, state name, city name, address with pin code and fax number. Lastly, mark a tick on My Delivery address and press ‘register’ button. You can also cancel your ticket, by clicking on ‘cancel’ option.

For more information, visit www.TicketNew.com.

Source: http://www.ticketnew.com/

4 Responses to “Www.TicketNew.com – Ticketnew Online Booking – Buy Movie Tickets Chennai”

  1. Abhinaya Says:

    Ticket new is not providing good customer support.

  2. joe e. feldman Says:

    These are some excellent advice on ticketnew.com.
    I ran across your blog post running a different search and yet found your info related to ticketnew.com to be worth it to read.
    Thank you for discussing

  3. Rajan Says:

    Thanks for the link. I found ticketnew.com to be an excellent site. I was able to find the availability for my favorite movie and it has lot of theatres in chennai. There was a power failure when I was booking my ticket and when I called the customer support they were very professional and sent me the confirmation mail within few minutes.

  4. Bébé(s) 2010 Says:

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