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BinWeevils – Login or Sign in to Play.BinWeevils.com for Online Virtual World Games

The official website or homepage of BinWeevils is www.binweevils.com, which permits you to play online games after doing registration and login. BinWeevils provides free online games for kids. In these games, you can even create Weevil and earn Mulch (the Bin Weevils currency), go to big parties, race with other weevils, buy a pet and furniture for decorating nest. All the game you found at BinWeevils.com are very easy and funny. The step-by-step process of login or sign in to Play.BinWeevils.com for online virtual world games is mentioned below.

BinWeevils – Login to Play.BinWeevils.com for Online Virtual World Games

If you are new player, then you need to register:

According to BinWeevils terms & conditions and privacy policy, if your age is under 13 years and you want to register an account then you are representing (i.e. making a promise) that you have consent from your parents/uardian to use Bin Weevils.

  • For registration, visit www.binweevils.com.
  • Choose on Play Now option.
  • Select “Click Here To Register” link
  • If you are living in the UK, then click on Yes. Then enter first three characters of postcode and click on Ok.
  • If you are not living in UK, then click on No. Select your country. If your country is not available on BinWeevils country chart, then select other option which is given at last of the chart.
  • Then design your weevil by providing shape and colors. Select shape and color for head, body, eyes, antenna, and legs of Weevil which you want. Each weevil is unique. You can not change your Weevil after finished registration.
  • Then click on Save.
  • Give name to your Weevil which will be used as your login ID.
  • Enter your password then again enter your password for confirmation.
  • Enter your age and select your gender.
  • Give your parent’s valid email address. BinWeevils will send an email for activitig this Weevil.
  • In receiving email you get one link for account activation.
  • Then you need to login for playing the game.

Steps of Login:

  • Go to www.binweevils.com
  • Select on Play Now option
  • Then you enter Weevil name and your password
  • Click on login button

Bin Weevils is a free online game for kids where they can:

  • Play games, crosswords and word searches to earn Mulch (the Bin Weevils currency)
  • Buy furniture to decorate their nest (their house)
  • Look after their Bin Pet
  • Go to great parties
  • Make friends in a safe and moderated environment

Source: http://www.binweevils.com/

18 Responses to “BinWeevils – Login to Play.BinWeevils.com for Online Virtual World Games”

  1. lucallen Says:

    i want to make a weevil without looging off! ! !

  2. Nataliya Deleva at www.BinWeevils.com Says:

    Great review, thank you!

    Just to let you know about a new competition, starting today; enjoy! –

    Bin Weevils have teamed up with SEGA to drive awareness of their new Super Monkey Ball title – the Wii Balance Board, released today on the Nintendo Wii.

    To encourage kids to interact with the brand, Bin Weevils will be running a treasure hunt. Five bananas have been hidden around the Bin for the kids to find. Once they have found all five, they will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a Nintendo Wii, a Wii Balance Board and a copy of the Super Monkey Ball game. Every user that completes the hunt will be awarded with an interactive Aii Aii (Main Monkey character in the game) figure for their nest.

    Bin Weevils are hosting an online launch party for a week, where kids will be able to enter competitions, to download a Valentine’s Day themed Super Monkey Ball wallpaper, or to watch the game-play from the trailer.

  3. Nany Says:

    i forgot my binweevils login and passwords!! please help. how do i log in to binweevils sign in page? http://www.binweevils.com sign in page requires password. and play.binweevils.com too. do i need to go through bin weevils register process again?

  4. Nataliya Deleva at www.BinWeevils.com Says:

    Hi Nany,

    Please send an email address to support@binweevils.com with you log-in and email address (the one you registered the account with) and my colleague here will send you the password.
    Hope that helps!

  5. Nataliya Deleva at www.BinWeevils.com Says:

    Just so you know the official Bin Weevils Facebook page is now live at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bin-Weevils/336301498905

    Come and join in! All new competitions, game news and updates will be published here first!


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  13. yazan3000 Says:

    I like playing bin weevils its fun and inaractive

  14. samuel Says:

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  15. samuel Says:

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