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Coolmath-Games.com Castle Defense – Cheats for castle defense on coolmathgames.com

Coolmath-Games.com is a wonderful Online game website. You can play numerous games at this site. Castle defense is one of the game available online to play on Coolmath games. Play the Castle Defense game very easily at coolmathgames.com. Castle Defense cheats are helpful to play the game. In this game you will face more than 10 levels one by one. You can complete your level as soon as possible, and get more time for other level, otherwise game will over in middle of levels.

Coolmath-Games.com Castle Defense – Cheats for castle defence on coolmathgames.com

Game definition: Protect the castle by buying different types of tanks to shoot the enemy.

Just follow the rules:

  • Don’t use the £400 high frequency gun ever… it’s useless
  • you can buy more guns at ANY TIME during battle.
  • Firstly just use the cheapest guns. Place them between roads so they get two opportunities to shoot the enemy.
  • After level 4 put a cheap gun right by the start of the path, on the square above the path. It will always score a direct hit on anything that goes past making everything one shot weaker.
  • Don’t worry too much if the little fast chariots get in… they don’t cause too much damage
  • For some reason placing the cheap guns in every other square (i.e. so no sides are touching) seems to make them more efficient.
  • Later in the game employ the £600 cannons on corners.

If you wan to Play the Castle Defense game, then click here.

Castle Defense cheats video from youtube:

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  1. My li’l bro is a whacko fan of defense games and specially this game. He still loves playing star wars online. He thinks its amazing and I can’t even play it for once. It surely sucks. I will definitely buy him something new so that I can dump the trash!

  2. I always think why gaming software companies produce a game and then publish cheats of that game.

  3. What could be more wonderful.

  4. Very impressive article. I have read each and every point and found it very interesting.

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