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Bob Evans isĀ  retail company of food services and food processing which is situated in Columbus, Ohio. Bob Evans has two family dining restaurants chain in U.S. one is Bob Evans Restaurants and another is Mimi’s Cafe. Do you have any Good/Bad experience with services of Bob Evans and you want to tell about their services? So you are invited for your feedback at www.Bobevans.com/feedback. This website is crated by Bob Evan for collecting guest satisfaction survey. When you leave your recent experience on Bob Evans Guest satisfaction survey website, in the end you will be directly entered into their customer survey sweepstakes. So you have opportunity to win a Bob Evans gift certificate.

Bob Evans Guest Satisfaction Survey at Www.Bobevans.com/feedback

Bob Evans Restaurant began with a single truck stop diner near the Bob Evans Farm in Rio Grande, Ohio. Now Bob Evans has approximately 570 locations in 23 states, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, and upper Southern states. Bob Evans is food processing and retail enterprise selling products under the brand name of Bob Evans and Owens Country Sausage. The Bob Evans Restaurants are situated at 18 states with a focus in the Midwest. Bob Evans serves a large range of refrigerated and frozen grocery products. They provide number of high-quality products at their foodservice division.

At www.Bobevans.com/feedback, you can give your experience about Bob Evans by entering 9 digit number which printed on your invitation.

  80 Responses to “Bob Evans Guest Satisfaction Survey at Www.Bobevans.com/feedback”

  1. Absolutly the worst Ive ever experienced.Ordered the shrimp and haddock dinner.It came with a vegetable mix,and baked potato.Waited 25 minutes,in a nearly empty Bob Evans.When the waitress did bring our meals,we recieved,the 2 platters,with the shrimp and Haddock,1 potato,and 1 order of veg,and was informed it would be another 15 minutes for the other potato,and veg,order.The fish was completely dried out,and was like eating a very thick,crunchy potato chip,not to mention,the size was just barely bigger than a Mcdonadls fish sandwich.We did get our other order of the vegetables,,,when I was done eating,and was informed it would be another 11 minute until the other potato would be ready.Its a shame,that my mother bought me a $50 gift card for christmas.I have $25 left on it,and dont know if Ill use it,or give it away,to someone,I dont like,,,,,
    Bob Evans,491,Parkersburg,WV.

  2. I am a senior citizen and love Bob Evans Resturant. We go there at least 2 or 3 times a month. The food is good and reasonbly priced. The staff is friendly and fast and it always appears to be very clean. There is a problem with the take out service. I have always had to wait longer than expected. They really don’t seem to be interested in waiting on you. Sometimes the calls don’t get put in the computer so you have to wait anyway when you get there. It seems they throw things together quite fast and there was very little chicken but lots of spinach in the salad I ordered tonight. They do need to work on the pick up service.

  3. I am always satisfied with Bob Evens on all aspects.

  4. My wife and I have always considered Bob Evans one of our favorite places to eat. We eat there once or twice a week but lately the service has been lacking. Yesterday was the last straw.
    When we arrived and were seated, our order was taken right away. There was a family of five sitting close to us and it took two servers and the manager to bring their food out. As we waited, the people sitting next to us who arrived around the same time as us were served. As we continued to wait our server came by said it would be just a few more minutes. Time went on and the people sitting next to us finished their meal a left. The table was cleared and another couple was seated. They placed their order and were served but still nothing for us. I watched as our server spoke a little heatedly to the cook through the window and the manager finally got involved in the discussion. I knew they were talking about our order because I could hear part of the conversation. I could see that the cook wasn’t happy but we finally got our order nearly forty-five minutes later. No one ever apologized.
    As I said, we have always loved eating at Bob Evans but this is the last time for me. I can forgive bad service when there is an attempt to correct the situation. The total lack of caring on their part is unforgivable.

  5. My Dad and I love the western omlettes. Service is great. Thanx

  6. I know whenever I go to Bob Evans I will get a consistently good meal at a decent price. You also have a varied menu geared to all kinds of people. I am a senior citizen and I really like you senior menu. I am looking forward to your ribs this summer. I wish you had them year round. Thanks

  7. Eating at the Bob Evans in Millford Delaware was a delightful experience. It was very clean and the service was great. Our waitress checked to see if we needed anything but was not overbearing, The manager Ms Wells was very accomadating and we enjoyed her visit to our table to make sure everything was as we wanted it.
    I would recommend Bob Evans to anyone.

  8. My friend and I meet at BEs for breakfast every Thursday in Springfield, Ohio and have been for many years. Our favorite server is Zach Miller. He always greets us so nicely. Everyone is super friendly. The food is always good. I’m rarely disappointed in anything, Also, I buy the coffee to make at home. I love it.

  9. I have normally purchased BE roll sausage and been happy ! The roll I purchased last week though will most likely be the last one. When I cooked it for our breakfast yesterday it was so tough that we needed a steak knife to cut it, and no it wasn’t over cooked by any means. Even using it in my sausage gravy this a.m. didn’t help, it was still tough !! So the dogs had a good breakfast since they didn’t do much chewing to eat it !! So — Sorry ! I guess I will be looking for a new sausage in the very near future !

  10. The one in Maumee is one of the best my wife and I have eaten in from here to Florida.

  11. I give all 5’s for survey 392604201. Our Mandarin Bob Evans is the best. We eat there several times a week breakfast and dinner. The staff are your real ambasadors for Bob Evans! They make the “neighborhood restaurant” feeling.
    Their new manager, Larry, is doing a great job building a team spirit with his staff. If the staff is happy, the customers can sense the friendship and team effort.
    I am hoping you will reward this loyal team with health insurance. They lost three great cooks six weeks ago. The cooks went to other local restaurants for better pay and benefits. One is right next door at The Ramada Inn Hotel.
    He got a raise after two weeks there. Bob Evans does a great training program, so it is a shame to lose good employees.

  12. Restaurant # 293 .. Hagerstown Md. Great Food..and even Greater Service.. From the Mgr on to the server Darlene.. . Super experience..

  13. I had the Cranberry Pecan Chicken salad. It was great if you like lots of lettuce and cool canned chicken with some of the jelly still on it. Had to ask for salad dressing as none was on the salad. All of the cranberries, pecans and some red cabbage was found at the bottom of the bowl. Restaurant # 391..Paducah, KY on Tuesday, 9/13/11. Survey code 102503912

  14. We were very pleased with our meals: hot roasted turkey sandwich, and a country breakfast. Our server at the BE location in Columbia off Rt. 100 was Elizabeth Gonce. She is always pleasant, attentive to customer needs, and efficient. The survey code was 315503762…

  15. I was very disapointed in Bob’s, food cold and server kept rolling her eyes (Tina). I heard the female manager screaming at a server who ended up crying. I saw seven servers and two cooks, no wonder my food took so long. My plate and glass were dirty, Tina rolled her eyes again when i sent her back for the third time to replace a dirty spoon. The floors were filthy and most of my servers tables were dirty. I don’t go to Bob’s anymore and i was a steady customer of Thoms for many years, I’ll continue to go to Denny’s because the place is clean, the servers are nicer, cleaner looking too Tina’s uniform was a disgrace. There food is cheaper and very good, nice looking plates and I get all the bread i’m suppose to have, i could not believe i was told i get one piece and when i’m done i can ask for another…are you serious? As i left i passed Tina and she was actually asking for a ciggarette break, and she was given one. Perhaps if she stopped rolling her eyes, cleaned her table and straightened up her apperance she would deserve a break..she smelled of smoke anyway..it was gagging. No i will not go back to LaVale Maryland store, the management is obvioulsy changed and not for the better

  16. i eat at Bob Evans 2 to 3 times a week and Iget great satisfaction in all catergories. Manager always visits my table. I am greeted as if i am VIP.Everyone practically knows me by name. The one I frequent most is the one in California Md.

  17. Our service on 10-9, rest #0516 order #378831 was so slow, people behind us ordered and ate there meal and left before we even got our meal, We loved are food but the waiter could have been helped out so we did not have such a long wait.

  18. On oct, 13 2011 my wife and I stopped at bob evans #310 in newark del. to have lunch. She had apl crn spin salad. Two hours later she got very sick. She stayed in bed for 3 days, finally going to the dr. to find out she had food poisoning. We had been to UHPA for a post opt checkup and was fount to be in good health. Bob evans #310 was the only place we ate. we have been dining at bob evans for 15 years,after this we no longer will dine there, I am sending this letter to let you know what happened,what you do is up to you.
    daniel c picken 856 514 3250

  19. bob evANS IS ALWAYS SO GOOD..

  20. The food was served hot and was very tasty. The service was excellant and the main meal came out in a very short time ( before we could finish the salads). We have never had a bad experience at Bob Evans.

  21. I can’t believe how expensive and slow the ” Bob Evans ” in Adrian, Mi. is. I ordered the sausage and bisqet bowl about 5 minutes before the gentleman next to me even came in. He ordered a turkey dinner. He got his food, ate it, and was leaving when I finally got my order. It was the smallest bread bowl I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. I expected something twice that size. Especially for $10, not including tip.

  22. Was at the Bob Evans in Watertown NY for breakfast on November 19th. Place was clean and staff were friendly but food was way over priced and menu options were limited. I tried to fill in the survey in order to get a free coffee on my next visit but couldn’t get it to activate. Rather than shell out a pee pot full of money for a breakfast in order to get a free drink, next time we’ll go to Denny’s and get the same food for a better price!

  23. My wife and I go to Bob Evans at least3-4 times a month. In Evansville,In. the green river road resturant.Food is always good,and people very friendly and helpful. one complaint, the windows in the front of the resturant on both sides have seals that are leaking. To me I have made mention of this to the managers. We were told that corporate takes care of this. I know of at least 4-6 months this has not been addressed. I am pretty sure that the resturant chaincan afford to fix this .

  24. My son and I went to lunch at the Bob Evans on RT 40 in Frederick, MD. We were sat at a table that was totally wet, that we could not put our arms on the table. The waitress was very slow, she was very busy talking to a single guy in a booth behind us. She hadn’t taken our order, we had no silverware. When she finally got around to taking our order we waited more than forty minutes before we got our food. The waitress finally brought some of it, only to report to me they had dropped my son’s food on the floor, which she thought was funny. The salad that I ordered which was the cranberry chicken, had so much bacon, nuts, and cranberrys in it, and very little lettuce. Even the store manger commented on it when he saw my bowl full of bacon! We don’t go out often but I did this to cheer up my son who just lost his job. It was a mistake to come to your place of business and a totally waste of my money!

  25. We eat at Bob Evans at least once a week. We love the Grilled or Broiled Salmon, Brocoli and big house salad. Wonderful. Bob Evans really needs to make their salad dressings without the high fructose. High fructose is not healthy. Check with Dr. Oz and he will tell you High Fructose is bad for everyone. A recent article told how bad Sugar and high Fructose is for everyone. It can cause many fatal diseases. Thanks for taking this comment into consideration. I love the Honey Mustard Salad Dressing until I looked at the bottle of dressing at the cash register and it said High Fructose. Madonna Jeffers, Huntington, IN.

  26. Service is good but food is overpriced and little servings. We took our club meeting to another place

  27. Kathi was our waitress at Lancaster location. Very entertaining waitress, very friendly and food was very good

  28. I always enjoy eating at Bob Evans and the service is also very good. Some of the dishes are oversalted but otherwise good.

  29. I like the service and the food. It is a real pleasure to go to a place that treats customers so well, thats hard to find these days.

  30. Six of us had dinner at the New Stanton, PA. Bob Evans. Some of had breakfast, salads & dinner. Everything was satisfactory. Our server Richard H,was extremely nice-even made our salads with a smiley face out of the croutons. He checked back on us several times to see if everything was all right (usually don’t find this in most restaurants). Usually the only time you see the server after your meal is delivered is to drop of your check. Richard H. went above & beyond just taking & serving our orders. Good job, Richard H. and Bob Evans. We liked the new decor also.

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