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www.DisneyChannel.com/MagicOnTheMove is official website of Disney Channel Magic On The Move Sweepstakes. Enter for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles, CA to see a taping on the set of the “Wizards of Waverly Place” and to visit Disneyland!

DisneyChannel.com/MagicOnTheMove โ€“ Disney Channel Magic On The Move Sweepstakes

The Disney Channel Magic on the Move Sweepstakes Beginning at 12:01 A.M., April 5, 2010, and ending at 11:59:59 P.M., May 16, 2010. This sweepstakes is Open only to persons, who are, as of Entry, 8 years of age or older, legal residents of, and physically located within, the 50 United States or D.C., excluding Maine residents younger than 18.

To enter this sweepstakes, visit official website DisneyChannel.com/MagicOnTheMove and follow the instructions. Limit of this sweepstakes is one Entry per person/Cell/Address per day. Maximum of 42 Entries allowed during the Entry Period.

Prizes: A four day / three night trip for winner and three guests to Los Angeles, CA, on Sponsor-selected dates to see a taping on the set of the “Wizards of Waverly Place”, and to visit Disneyland, consisting of the following elements for the Group. For more information about prizes, visit official website.

Winners: For name of winner (after June 2, and before September 30, 2010) and/or Rules (before May 16, 2010), send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Wizards of Waverly Place Magic On The Move Sweepstakes, Winner/Rules, P.O. Box 10189, Department WOWP MOM, Burbank, CA 91510-0189. A copy of the Rules may also be obtained by printing this web page.

Source: http://disney.go.com/partners/magiconthemove

  45 Responses to “DisneyChannel.com/MagicOnTheMove – Disney Channel Magic On The Move Sweepstakes”

  1. I love disney channel

  2. I think I should win becuse I have seen every episode and I love to watch it. I love the movie and wizard vs werewolf was so AWESOME. I was voted most helpful and nice in the 2nd grade. I want to be in a band so bad and meet some one famous like you. I watched the Kid’s Choice Awards and saw you win a blimp that was so OMG worthy.

  3. i LOVE wizards!!!! my whole family loves it!! it has been my dream, to meet selena gomez! or star on show!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ i watch wizards everyday! it is my FAVORITE show!

  4. I think i should win becouse iv seen every episode its my favorite show.Also its been a very big dream of mine to meet the cast of wizards of waverly place.I also want to be an actor plus it would be so awsome if David Henry could teach me to moonwalk.Thats why i should win the sweepstakes.

  5. ‘it would be nice to win because I have seen every episode.And never missed a brand new episode.my favorit episode of wizards of waverly place was when you started haging out in mr.larrytate WOW! also I liked wizards .vs.warewolf.that was so cool. when you won at the awards that was maybe nice to win’ .PS. ‘I like your hair sista’ you are so COOL.you are very well at acting you inspir me thank you so much.

  6. i love the disney channel. i really want to win the sweepstakes because ive never been out of georgia or tennessee.

  7. megan i love disneychanneltoo lol !

  8. im sure im gonna win this.Not only just because i like selena gomez.its also because i havent been to california to meet selena,david,jennifer,and justin.

  9. i love california.i want to win the sweepstakes

  10. i think i should win because i know and seen every episode.my favorite episode was when Alex was positive.max was funny wnen he was Maxyman!!!! I have a question for justin,are you smart in real life?good luck to everyone that wrote a response.by justin,byalex ,last but not least,by max.

  11. Hi my name was Fallon and i really like the wizard of wavorly place show it is a big dream of mine to be a singer. Here is one of my soungs i wrote it is called take me to the water take me to the water take me to the sea take me to the ocean its wre i want to be, anyway i’ve heard that i’m a good singer from tatol strangers i would love to hear it from someone like Selena Gomez. Anywaysi hope i can win the sweatstakes

  12. i love Disney channel because ti makes me lol rock on Disney channel and want to be your winner

  13. I love ever one on โ€œWizards of Waverly Place!!!!โ€ It is the best tv show ever

  14. wizards of waverly place is the best show on tv. i watch it all the time!

  15. HI my name is KIMBERLY.I think i should win the sweepstakes because iv seen evrey show.My favorite epesode was the wizards v.s vampires and the new show DUDE LOOKS LIKE SHAKIRA. p.s I think the whole cast of the show is so funny.

  16. I LOVE wizards it the best

  17. i love wizards of waverly place!!! I know you have heard this a lot of times but Im
    a huge fan! Iv entered other contest but never won. It would be totaly awsome to win and even more awsome to actually in person! Im crossing my fingers!!

  18. i should win because i love selena and disney and i really want to go because it has been my only dream.
    i need to win i have faith i belive i will win. .

  19. i should win because i need to win ive had a hard life with my chemo and all an god will let me win this i really really really really want to win. i love wizards of waverly place and disneyland i really want to win. .

    god please let me win the sweepstakes please i really have faith in this i really belive i can win. please go let me win help me win please please.

  20. i really want 2 win this sweepstakes it will be awsome 4 me!!!!!!! I’ve never won a sweepstakes be4 ever in my whole life !!!!!! plzz pick me pick me

  21. hi im brittany.
    i have a disneychannel account

    please pick me i want to win really bad. im so obsessed over this contest. please god pick me. if you pick me you picked the right person. .
    please pick me ohh pleasee

  22. i want to win this contest so bad i cry everyday because i want to win so badly.
    please pick me ohh please god pick me. im a huge fan of selena gomez

  23. i have faith, i want to win this so bad i will do anything and everything in my will to win. i have faith in myself and i belive i will win..

    i know im going to win

  24. if anyone is gonna win this it should be me because i have a dream to meet Selena Gomez and to go to Disneyland because it has been my only dream to do that after i finished chemo…

    please god make my dreams come true

  25. If i won it would be the best and so fun me and my firend hope to win becuse would be so fun.

  26. I love wizards of waverly place it is so cool if i won it would be the best thing ever to me becuse i dont do alot of thing fun in my life becuse i dont have much to do so if i won it wold be the best to me.

  27. My family is so happy for me they all hope I win becuse they think it would be fun and good for me too.

  28. I think i should win because i love wizards of waverly place it is l.o.l funny im the biggest fan of the show it would be an honor to win the contest you guys are so funny i wach the show every single day and sometimes record it also it the best show in the world please pick me because me and my big brother have dreams about leaving old cold grand rapids, michigan and go to disneyland.peace out good day and hope to hear from you later.

  29. If you send me and my family on this trip it will be so fun i have never really go out of state and this would be a big deal. and the sad thing is we never been on an airplane so I guess that would be kind of cool. and how cant you be excited and want to go to california really bad.hope you pick me your biggest fan in the whole wide world jaylin!

  30. I think you should pick me because I really want to win and if submiting my answer a 1,000,000,000 times it would be worth the pain in the fingers.

  31. this is jaylin again and i have to say i love wizards of waverly place so much that ive been crossing my fingers since i heard that disney was holding a sweepstake for wizards of waverly place.I just had to go on the the web and submit myself and i might just keep tapping submit and back for four days straight .

  32. Hi Jaylin here again you might notice i have four more comments before this I am your biggestfan and i will not stop commenting untill my hands cramp up i don’t care if it takes hours or even days i would make enfinidy comments if i had to that is how determinated i am

  33. Jaylin here again i would love to win the contest i think It would be so fun for me and my family i have never went out of state so to go to california and florida would be a graet opertunity so please pick my family and i thank you

  34. i really hope i could meet you guys face to face and for the heads up just if you did not know i am a boy

  35. this is my ninth comment so im just going to say i would vare varey much would like to so please please let it be me

  36. I think you should choose me because I have watched every episode and I know every single spell. SELENA GOMEZ is my role model I am your number 1 biggest fan in the whole world. If I met you it would be the best thing in my enire life!!!!!!!!

  37. I went to yhe websight it was so cool

  38. I go to the website everyday even if i am bussie i make time.I go becuse Ilove disney channel and becuse they have such fun game.Iam on it right now and it is so fun and cool.

  39. my name is jazmyn but people call me jaz or jazzy.i love disney channel i never miss a new show I always see it I just seen the new wizerds and they were awsome.

  40. I love wizeds so much I got my Grandma in to likeing it she thinks it is so cool and sometines funny she dose not miss a show just like me.

  41. I would love to win i think it would be so fun becuse i love disney channel it is funny if i won i think it would be fun with my family and firend it would be like a all girl fun day

  42. I hope i win becuse i now my grandma is waching down on me hpoeing i win becse she knows how much i want to win this

  43. please let me win i never been to disneyland before and i love selena gomez i have posters of her all over my wall i have her cd and i never met anyone famous before i would love to though i also like to sing and im a great artist i won an award for the best carnival poster and my art is in the district art show. also winning this contest would be the highlight of my life my favorite celeberty is selena gomez so meeting her would be my dream.

  44. i would love to win right now my grampa is watching down on me and i know he wants me to win also i am selena gomezs 1# biggest fan i love her so much she is my role model!

  45. i would really really like to WIN becuase i dont like wizards i love them of cors hahahahahah love it ๐Ÿ˜€

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