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A chain of discount variety stores, Dollar Tree sells all the things of daily requirements, things for every holiday, things for every occasion, etc. at $1 (or less). Www.DollarTreeFeedback.com website is set up by Dollar Tree to collect suggestions and shopping experience of its clients. Www.DollarTreeFeedback.com offers a fantastic chance to win an iPod plus 10 chances to win $1,000 cash to its customers through Dollar Tree Feedback Survey. So, keep hurry and complete the survey to grab this great opportunity.

Dollar Tree Feedback Survey : Win iPod or $1,000

Dollar Tree was established in 1986, and now headquartered at Chesapeake, Virginia of the United States. It has more than 4,000 outlets and its motive is to understand customers’ satisfaction level during shopping at any of its outlets. Dollar Tree Feedback Survey is very simple and takes only 10 minutes to complete. For participating in this survey, you need to visit www.DollarTreeFeedback.com, enter the Store Number, Total Amount Spent, Date and Time of Visit from your receipt and then click on enter option.
Customers need to give feedback about a particular product of Dollar Tree to complete the survey. After completion of customers’ feedback, they will be asked to provide their personal information such as name, email address, phone number, and zip code. Customers can share their personal experiences in this feedback that helps the stores in improving their product line with their great efforts. Other customers also get help in making a right decision in choosing the product.
If you do not have the receipt, then you need to go Dollar Tree store to buy house wares, dinnerware, glassware, health and beauty, cleaning supplies, candy, snacks, food, toys, gifts, gift bags and wrap, party supplies, stationery, seasonal décor, craft supplies, teaching supplies, books, and more. You can find the nearest Dollar Tree store through the online Dollar Tree Store Locator. After getting the receipt, participate in the survey.
For more information about Dollar Tree Feedback Survey, visit URL: http://ww10.empathica.com/sxml/DollarTreeCombined/DollarTree/custsurvey.jsp

  28 Responses to “Dollar Tree Feedback Survey : Win iPod or $1,000”

  1. I agree with 9/8/11 comment. Too bad I was not able to tell Dollar Tree how good their local employees are. It would have been nice to go directly into the survey and at least try to win the iPod and the 10 chances at winning $1K. Guess I will move on

  2. along with not being able to log onto the survey for an attempt to win the ipod and change to win $1K — the comment section is equally no good!!! Moving on! Regardless of what I would have like to tell the Dollar Tree

  3. great costumer service, even greater price’s!!!!.. just suck’s that i can figure this survey because i really want to win this $$!.

  4. I agree with ALL above about the bullshit you have to agree to just to get to the survey. I don’t want a bunch of spam mail clogging up my in box. I didn’t even care about the iPod, I all ready have 2. Dollar Tree is a fun place to shop!! Most of the employees are wonderful. Just wish this web site was…

  5. love the service there.. They are so fun and no matter what they always has smiles on their faces..

  6. I am a fanatic for Dollartree. I agree the “reading glasses” are fantastic..Warning be careful not to wipe hard on the lens. They are not mounted tightly down, but I have no complaints. They are a store that comes in handy when you live on a budget.

  7. what have you all done? yor store #397 don’t open until 9: a.m.? i use to spend about $15.00 a week in your store every week! that store is in a shopping center that use to open at 8:00 a.m. iwork within that shopping center and i have to be to work at 9:a.m. i don’t spend it anymore because of that!! not only that but what about the rest of the people that use to stop in on the way to work or within that shopping center. how many dollars have u lost? not only that but you are setting yourself up for robbery. by closing at 10:00!!!! the store is located at the end of that shopping center at the back!!!!!

  8. don’t tell people to enter the contest if there is no contest. you can’t even log onto anything.
    or win anything.all of us should get something for free. either fix the problem or quit telling people to enter to win a free i-pod or a free gift card. it is not true

  9. I have never shopped at a Dollar Tree before wow!

    I will continue to always shop with Dollar tree from now on and beg your forgiveness for not shopping with Dollar Tree sooner, I felt for some reason to be below me to shop there for I am sold on your store and will be a valued
    customer Edmund
    thanks for being

  10. It was nice shopping around dollar tree but saddly it was an ugly experince the store manager yelling at the associate sales for some odd reason poor associate it was embarrassing that store manager needs to get fired. I dont plan on going back to that store.

  11. Dollar Tree is my favorite place to shop. It is clean with reliable employees and has a great selection of products to choose at a low price. Thank you Dollar Tree!

  12. Everytime I get a receipt a try to call in to enter the sweepstakes, it get to the part where it’s going to take down my information and them it HANGS UP on me!! Not cool! It’s dome this four times!

  13. Love this store (#3056). Very clean and lots of inventory. Bought an item off the Xmas 50% off display outside in front of the store, and then was told it wasn’t 50% off. When I pointed it out on the fixture, I was ignored and told no. I mentioned two additional times that Tammy (the cashier name on the receipt) needed to take it off the fixture. She said “uh-huh” but closed her register line and didn’t do it. This is against “Weights and Measurements” standards and borders on “Bait and Switch” techniques. I called in to the feedback line to comment on it but there was no opportunity to do so or tell how I enjoy the store normally.

  14. Love the store especially the frozen foods people are always nice love going there before the grocery store will spend at least 50.00 dollars or more in a full week cause its down the street. I also agree about survey not there no one needs spam mail but telephone seems to be real and easy.

  15. I have been shopping at the dollar tree here in Bainbridge Ga. since it opened. It’s great and it helps me to get the cleaning supplies and toiletries I need without spending an arm and a leg. The people that work here are friendly and courteous too. Thankyou. Keep up the good stores.

  16. it is good to know that when you are short on cash you can always go there and find what you need for 1 dollar

  17. Heeyyyy! Guys !! Congrats.. with you ..uhm I know how valuable is your store,expending money ,thousand of Items $ 1.00 each.. oh god I could make
    my week with less than twenty bucks,I saving a lot for my next step in life ,my wedding! I’ll recommend DOLLAR TREE.
    Pablo Inzunza ,South Gate Ca.

  18. I love to go to this store. It is so easy. everything is a dollar or less. I can buy $20.00 of more stuff than anywhere else or in any store. They people are very nice and give exceptional service to their customers.

    beth daniels

  19. I would like to commend an employee at the Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. on Idlewild Road, Stallings, NC. He is a young man and his name is TERRENCE. I walked in the store today and he offered, “Hello ma’am and Welcome to Dollar Tree. If there is anything I can help you with, just let me know!” I was pleasantly shocked!! Nobody does that anymore (this day in time). Every single person that walked in received the same welcome. I was amazed! I hope you – or your employer – read this, TERRENCE. You are an awesome ambassador for Dollar Tree. And, I walked out with a big smile on my face!


  21. I like the dollar tree employes.They are good with me and they always have a big smile that makes me feel good inside alot.the dollar tree is the best of all,more better then wall mart or any other store.The other thing i like about the dollar tree is that i always find good stuff i really need.I also like how when we come in they say hellow and welcome to the dollar tree.That makes me fell that i am apresheated to come to the dollar tree.I also like how the dollar tree does not pay alot as the outer stores.I also like how clean it is.It is like if i was passing by a big peac of gold.I vote the dollar as five stars to me.Will i like the dollar tree alot i just wish thet i can go there every day.

  22. i am suprised that a false advertisment suit been has not been brought up referring to the fact that no one has won anything .take it from an attorney that knows there law this could be considered illigal. think about it!!!!!

  23. I love Dollar Tree. Great items at a great price. My fav is the greeting cards. If you have to buy more than one, this could cost half of your paycheck possibly…LOL! Also the books. Now, all my family and friends get greeting cards for most occasions. Bought a book for a dollar that was $29.99 at Barnes and Nobles. To the AAL that made the comment…class action suit wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring attention to the survey scam… would you be willing to take on the case for mankind?

  24. What a good name Dollar Tree. For as trees have many beautiful leaves, the Dollar Tree has many great deals. I believe as the econmy heads downwards the way it seems to be going now, many more people will probably find themselves at the Dollar Tree.

  25. call better business bureau. the more people complain the more something will be done about the run around ipod contest everyone is complaing about if you have time also write local paper also contact attorney general. when business hurts and they have to close their doors i bet the contest will be easier to enter sounds like an old bait and switch contest gimmick, also contact their headquarters

  26. Dollar Tree is and continues to be our favorite dollar store. The latest one in Marysville MI is always tidy and smells good. The employees are courteous and helpful. Would like to see them offer more home painting supplies like roller covers,etc

  27. i like dollar tree it is cheap. the only real problem is most of the prd are either made in china or now they evan have candy made in mexico. i shutter to think what is in it. we are selling out the usa when we shop there. lets fase it other than cleaning supplies most things fall apart the next day or like batteries last no time at all. no matter where i shop if it is not a prd of usa,i do not buy it. if you really look you will see that most prd in usa are as cheap or cheaper

  28. I agree with every body, I like the store,but your survey
    sucks, and I call it falls advertising,if you dont want any body to win why do it, it just gives you a bad name,and most of the thing come from China. I would rather pay a bet more and every thing be made here at home, can you see how many jobs this would greate here
    wouldend it be nice if there where less people out of a job

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