Jan 042010

Www.Slimmingworld.com/Lifelineonline for Slimming World Lifeline Online

Health is more important than wealth so that everyone keeps attention on it. Here the information is mentioned related to the health. You can get the information about this site www.slimmingworld.com/lifelineonline. Slimming World is one of the largest UK-based weight loss organization. Almost 6,000 weekly groups are held by it around the UK. Slimming word was founded in 1969 and the headquarters is at Alfreton, Derbyshire England.

Slimming World Online Lifeline – Www.slimmingworld.com/lifelineonline

It has 2,500 trained consultants, who are self employed. According to the company,  its groups have been attended by more than five million slimmers and lost over 60 million pounds over the past 40 years. They lose the weight of their members through a combination of its ‘Food Optimizing’ eating plan, moderate activity through its ‘Body Magic’ programme and group support and shared experience with other slimmers.

Online Lifeline at www.slimmingworld.com/lifelineonline: LifelineOnline is the online home for Slimming World group members. If you want to use the Lifeline online then visit the official website at www.slimmingworld.com/lifelineonline. You can see the two options; one option is for first time members and second is for returning members.

If you are new user, then click on “register” button. After clicking, get the page of register, then enter your information and click on “continue” option.

If you have your user id and password and group password then press “login” option. Get the page of log on, enter the information and click on “enter” button for the further information.

If you have any trouble during login, then click on “help section” option.

  3 Responses to “Slimming World Online Lifeline – Www.slimmingworld.com/lifelineonline”

  1. I am a returning member. On 4th Jan I logged on and successfully completed the entry.
    Since 5th Jan using the same correct details I have been unable to logon. Could you please help with this action.

  2. Hmmm thanks for yet another nice and good post. Where do you receive your inspiration for all this ?

  3. feeling good really going to keep it up

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