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By market value, The Travelers Companies is one of the largest American insurance companies. Via Agent HQ, a wide range of automation options is provided by Travelers. Visit Agents.Travelers.com for login to Travelers Insurance Agent Website.

Agents.Travelers.com - Login To Travelers Insurance Agent Website - Agent HQ

In the United States and in selected international markets, wide range of property and victim insurance, surety products, services to businesses, associations and individuals are offered by Travelers through its subsidiaries and approximately 14,000 independent agents and brokers. In addition, insurance needs can be met in more than 90 countries worldwide by the company via their network of insurers.

Mainly, independent insurance agents and brokers allocate the products. Company is operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, China, and Canada, has field offices in every U.S state. Revenues of US $24.7 billion and total assets of US $109.6 billion were reported by the company, in 2009.

Sales support: Agent HQ provides sales support which helps you in the sales and marketing process.

  • Advertising Resources
  • One2One Program
  • Professional Prospecting
  • Sell Sheets
  • Trade Show Information

Advertising Resources: Advertising resources for maximizing the sales process.

  • Billboards
  • Insworld Newsletters
  • Customized Print Ads
  • Logo Download
  • Radio Ads
  • Signage
  • Drop Ad Program
  • Yellow Pages

Billboards: Travelers is having out-of-home billboards that modified with your agency information and located in local out-of-home markets.

Insworld Newsletters: professionally designed and written Risk Issues newsletters are offered to customers and prospects of Travelers agencies by Insworld which will be delivered monthly to your insured’s e-mail address, appearing to be from you. Risk Issues is designed for those agency which wants to maintain visibility and contact with key insured.

Customized Print Ads: A collection of print advertisements (which you can modify and run in your local market) are offered by Travelers. All its advertisements can be sized to meet your publication requirements which are available in black and white or full color.

Logo Download: You are allowed to download Travelers’ logos by the logo page in a variety of image formats.

Customized Radio Ads: To access Customized Radio Ads, Windows Media Player or a comparable media player will be needed to listen to these ads by you.

Signage: Every business benefits from a good sign (which can advertise your name, identify your location, and convey a sense of professionalism). You can get effective, durable and affordable signs because it makes it easy for you as part of their commitment to you.

Drop Ad Program: To help you advertise your agency effectively without the time and expense of developing a full scale campaign, “drop ads” or free standing inserts (FSIs) is offered by Travelers. For insertion into local newspapers, Drop ads can be customized with local information and provided in bulk quantities.

Yellow Pages: With its new Yellow Pages advertising program via the Wahlstrom Group (a leading Yellow Pages company), you can use the power of directory advertising. This improved program will be respected by those who have seen the benefits of directory advertising.

One2One Program:

To use online self service tool (which brings the power of direct marketing to your desktop), One2One is an easy. Agents are enabled by One2One to increase their earning potential by:

  • Generating referrals from satisfied customers
  • Generating leads & sales opportunities for unique customer needs (umbrella and boat)
  • Retaining existing customers with loyalty & sales opportunity communications
  • Rounding both Travelers & Non-Travelers customer accounts
  • Re-engaging lost customers to win back business
  • Acquiring new customers using customized prospect lists

Professional Prospecting:

To help its agencies sell and retail business, Programs and services are provided by Professional Prospecting. Following are included:

  • eSemc.com
  • PMEC
  • The G&D Group

Sell Sheets:

An unmatched combination is offered by Travelers: a broad array of products for the business insurance market teamed with specialty expertise and personal insurance, too.

Trade Show Information:

The Power of Trade Shows: According to a Simmons Market Research Bureau survey of trade show attendees:

  1. 91% rate trade shows as an “extremely useful” source of purchasing information,
  2. 60% attend trade shows for “hands-on” product details, and
  3. 19% actually purchase products or services at trade shows.

Purchasing Support:

Following links are given for special purchasing discounts such as office supplies, computer equipment and software, travel discounts and Travelers promotional merchandise.

  • ID Fraud Program Overview
  • Leisure & Business Travel
  • Paper & Office Equipment
  • Phone Service
  • Travelers Promotional Merchandise

Knowledge Support:

Access to educational resources like newsletters, conference opportunities, and new producer training.

  • Continuing Education Online
  • Events & Conventions
  • Insurance Marketing & Management Services
  • National Alliance
  • Rough Notes
  • The National Underwriter Company
  • The Wedge
  • AgentU
  • Advisen
  • Agent Learning Connection
  • Caliper Hiring and Development
  • Fair Access

How to login to Travelers Insurance Agent Website at Agents.Travelers.com?

  • Visit Travelers Insurance Agent Website via Agents.Travelers.com
  • You will get the welcome page then open the site.
  • On the left side of the page, “Log in to Agent HQ” option can be seen.
  • Click on the option.
  • Enter your user id and password, and click on “log on”.

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