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LMPeople Login – www.LMPeople.com – LMPeople Online

The official website of LMPeople is www.lmpeople.com. LMPeople is a enterprise-wide system of Lockheed Martin’s integrated. By LMPeople currently 130000 employees are supported. LMPeople serves non-U.S. employees and U.S employees for their Human Resources, Learning and Performance Recognition needs.

LMPeople Login – www.LMPeople.com – LMPeople Online

With the help of LMPeople, you can review your personal data, make HR transactions, and manage your career development needs and more.

With LMPeople, you can make your life easy. LMpeople supports to your career and individual needs as a Lockheed Martin employee. Simply LMPeople is about serving people.

Features of LMPeople:

  1. LMPeople gives employees the ability to manage their personal information — location information such as home and work addresses and phone numbers, education information, emergency contacts, etc.
  2. LMPeople provides employees and managers with a variety of self-service capabilities for their Human Resources, career development and other needs.
  3. Managers have access to information on their employees and functionality to better manage their teams like view data, run reports and process Job Actions.
  4. Employees can access and update their personal data, view job information, manage their learning plans, and access other useful information all from this single online source.
  5. For keeping his or her own data, each employee is responsible. Before saving any changes, it is most important that information entered correctly.

How to Login?

You can easily login from any computer where internet is accessible. Visit the official website of LMPeople. For login to LMPeople, refer the center part of homepage, enter the username and password to view your account. Click on the “Log-In” button. You can also call-on 301-897-6500 or 800-435-7063 for more information. After the Login in LMPeople, you will appear on your personal Home page of LMPeople. Then you have to click on the menu item which you want to view. The menu item contains some links which is useful to you such as electronic versions, reference guides, release notes and a website map. for login page, click here.

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  1. Renee Byrd Says:

    I am a former employee who worked for LMIT from 2004 through May, 2008. I am requesting copies of my electronic pay stubs from the period of 11/2007 through 01/2008. I have a dispute regarding a credit issue that I need to resolve and I do not have access to these pay stubs any longer. I am requesting to receive copies of my pay stubs for this period. My employee number was: 169502, I worked as a contractor in Cleveland, OH at the AJC Fed Office Bldg at 1940 East Ninth Street., in the Call Center located on the 24th Floor. I was a Customer Service Representative, my immediate Supervisor was Anthony Cifani. This was through the DoD subagency was DFAS, Retired & Annuity Pay.

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