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The U.S. Navy is the world’s biggest navy and most powerful with around 280 ships, over 463,000 soldiers and 3,700 aircrafts. The Navy protects our country from attacks as well as secures and maintains freedom on the seas. If you are Navy personnel, then you can access Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), a one-stop knowledge portal for educational services, training information and learning resources like Navy career management, learning, leadership and personal & professional development. United States Navy’s active duty / reserve / retired personnel and their dependants can access NKO at can be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world through an Internet connection.

Navy knowledge online login from

NKO is offered as a Department of the Navy service at no cost. It helps over 480,000 officers and enlisted Navy personnel to manage their careers by providing Navy career tools, leadership resources and reference materials under one portal. Users can find over 3,966 E-Learning courses, notifications, message boards, administrator functions, libraries for Naval information and white pages at NKO. Users can also find 305 foreign languages and culture courses. NKO offers valuable extra resources for NPS students, which helps them in their research.

Navy E-Learning available on NKO offers the SkillSoft and NETg libraries that have Desktop, Business, IT and Simulation courses. Users are able to search the catalog by recognizing skills or occupations of interest while students can search education, professional development and training references and links. The usage and completions of course are recorded and logged into a Sailors Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ). Navy managers can easily analyze an individual and service-wide readiness by accessing information about when and what training they took using E-Learning and learning management technology. provides registration tutorial for users, which make the login process easy. There are three main sections at the website such as Navy news, U.S. Navy recruiting and Freedom of information Act (FOIA). Users can also access Navy educational sites (the Electronic Training jacket, SMART Transcript, Navy College Program, DANTES and CMS / Interactive Detailing), Navy Sites (BUPERS Online, Navy Personnel Command, US Navy Reserve, NETC, US Navy, Delayed Entry Program, US Navy Blue Angels and US Marine Corps) and Government Sites (Dept. of Defense, Defense Knowledge Online, myPay, Defense Connect Online, US Army and US Air Force) without registration.

You can get full access to only after registration. The registration process takes only few minutes. Authorized accounts at are offered only to Navy and Marine Corps: Delayed Entry Personnel, Active, Reserve, Retired, Civil Service, Naval Academy Midshipmen, Retired Reserve, their Dependents, and DoN Contractors. While all other users who require access, have to register as a Guest. Guest accounts needs a sponsorship from the NKO users with an NKO Community Administrator. After getting an approved sponsor, users of Guest account can log into NKO.

To get registered, visit and hit the “Register as a new user / Register as a new guest user” link (according to your need) given under New Users. Just submit the registration form by providing necessary details. When your account will be accepted, you will be informed through an email. Each and every user can access all the NKO services.

Login guide for

Users can login at by two ways: Insert your CAC, and Enter User Name and Password.

Login into NKO with your CAC

  • After you get registered, visit
  • Now, put your CAC into the ActivCard CAC Reader on your personal computer and press the “CAC Login” button on NKO homepage.
  • After that, choose your ID certificate and press OK.
  • Type your CAC PIN and then the system will confirm your ID certificate and log you into the website.

Login into NKO with User Name and Password

  • After registration, visit
  • Enter your username and password, and hit the “Log In To NKO” button.


  • Site is free to access
  • No need to download and install any client software
  • Provides authorized accounts only for Navy and Marine Corps
  • Provides registration tutorial for users
  • One-stop knowledge portal for Navy career tools, leadership resources and reference materials
  • Gives information about educational sites, Navy sites and other important Government sites


  • Registration is compulsory
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above web browser is needed to access all the features and functionality of NKO

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