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The official website of the Unemployment Benefits Prepaid Citi Card is www.Prepaid.citi.com/Kansas. The Citi prepaid card is one type of unemployment benefit card which is useful for your unemployment period. If you are eligible for unemployment card then it will be mailed to your home address. If you want to register yourself for the card, just visit the given website.

Prepaid Citi Card Kansas - Www.prepaid.citi.com - Check Citi Prepaid Balance

The Unemployment Benefits Citi Prepaid Services offered by Kansas Department of Labor. The residents of the Kansas City are able to get unemployment insurance benefits. You can easily login in your account by using username and password. You can use your card for purchases, shopping at retail stores. It also provides instructions on its “Guide to Getting Started” about how to use your card.

You can use your card at any retail store, without facing any type of difficulties. It is easy to use as well as safe for its customers. The Kansas Department of Labor deposits your unemployment benefit payments in to your card via Citi which you can withdraw through ATMs, Visa member banks. This card is safe and convenience way to enroll your unemployment benefit payments.

You can also view your account information online. In just few minutes, you can get the summary of your all transaction. It also offers various online benefits to its customers like check balance, fees, deposit amounts and more via its official website. You can also get all these information on phone; just you have to call on 1—800—582—4910 (toll-free).

Benefits of this card:

  • Get cash back at store point of sale locations.
  • You can withdraw funds from any of the 400000 Visa-branded ATMs in the U.S., including more than 50000 ATMs which are surcharge- free, including Citibank branches, the Money Pass ATMs network.
  • Transfer funds to your personal bank account.
  • Withdraw funds without paying a fee at any bank branch nationally which accepts Visa card.
  • Making unlimited fee-free purchases at any Visa retail or online merchant
  • Setting up one time or recurring fund transfers from their card to their bank account.
  • you can access your cash via their one free withdrawal for every weekly payment and each unused free withdrawal rolls over to the next month.
  • you can get a cash advance at any Visa member bank branch

Register your card for additional control, security and features:

If you want to register your card for getting additional services then you have to visit its official website. Then you have to click on register. Then select the country and enter the zip code. Then enter the card number and security code. Click on the “Next” button. By this way you can register your card as well as secure it. By following this method you can also check your account balance, any previous transaction detail and more.

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