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WSDOT (www.wsdot.wa.gov) Traffic alerts, Pass report, Weather forecast

WSDOT stands for Washington State Department Of Transportation and the official website of WSDOT is www.wsdot.wa.gov. This website provides information of statewide travels, settle traffic information and traffic alerts, weather news, ferry schedule, etc. It is Washington governmental agency which creates, maintains, and regulates the use of the transportation infrastructure of state. WSDOT controls over 20,000 lane miles of roadway, 3,000 vehicular bridges and 524 other structures. Transportation infrastructure contains state ferries, state highways, state airports, and rail lines. WSDOT offers safety role to people when inclement weather, disasters, and other emergencies. Through its information, you can take right decisions about your travelling. More details about WSDOT Pass Report, WSDOT weather forecast, and Traffic Alerts are mentioned below.

Www.wsdot.wa.gov Traffic Alerts – WSDOT Pass Report – Wsdot weather forecast

WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) was founded on March 13, 1905. In 1918, District Engineer managed the first state highway districts. U.S. government approved the U.S. route system and these routes were connecting the country during 1926. Then Highway Committee was merged with the State Highways Department in 1929. In 1996, Sound Transit was created and Washington State Transportation Commission approved its first 20-year transportation plan. State highways around the Seattle metropolitan area was destroyed in Nisqually earthquake 2001. Puget Sound region helped to reconstruct and repair roads and bridges.

WSDOT separates Washington into 6 areas such as Northwest, Southwest, Eastern, Olympic, South Central, and North Central. The Northwest area is also divided into 3 areas like Baker (Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan counties), King County and Snohomish County. Present Governor of Washington is Christine Gregoire who manages WSDOT. Paula Hammond who is Secretary of Transportation also oversees WSDOT. In Washington, WSDOT also handles service of official ferry and it is 3rd largest globally. Now 28 ferries and 10 routes are functioned. There are more than 250 projects planned and constructed by WSDOT.

You can see information about travel alerts; pass reports and weather after selecting the link which is given on right side of WSDOT’s homepage under the heading of Traveler Information.

Traffic alerts:

Click on Travel Alerts option, below the Traveler Information section. On the basis of map, you can know about traffic alerts. To view more routes zoom in on the map. They provide traffic alerts about routes of interstate, US highways, state highways and countrywide. You can know about traffic by different type of impacts and its level. Impacts levels are given in colors such as red color for highest traffics, orange color for high traffics, yellow color for moderate traffics, and white for low traffics. The types of impacts are given in various symbols for traffics. If you want to see traffic alerts, then click here.

WSDOT pass report:

WSDOT offers mountain pass road reports. In passes reports, you can get information about states elevation, temperature, conditions, restrictions NorthBound, restrictions SouthBound, and Weather. You can know about various given mountain passes by selecting any of the links. For getting more information about WSDOT pass reports, click here.

WSDOT weather forecast:

In Washington, there are more than 400 weather stations. If you do not get the name of the area or city which you want to see, then enter city name into the search box or select weather stations in the area from the list. WSDOT weather station is providing day to day details of national weather. National Weather services forecast for today, today night, tomorrow and tomorrow night, the day after tomorrow and its night weather too. WSDOT has given details about Road Temperatures, Radar, Satellite, Ferry Weather, Tides, Storm Prediction Center, Earthquakes, Landslides, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, and more. You can know about your required regions weather from here.

Source: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/

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