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Do you want to receive email from your loved ones, who is locked up in jail? You can achieve that target with the help of CorrLinks system. Federal Bureau of Prisons’ official inmate emailing system, CorrLinks lets prisoners to get and send emails to the outside world. You can communicate with your imprisoned friends or family through email conveniently with the use of CorrLinks system. All messages that are sent between prisoners and their relatives are screened by the penitentiary. Using Guide: Sign up, Login & Email Services

CorrLinks was started through an association between ATG and a corrections agency to allow family and friends to subscribe to CorrLinks services. This system offers direct email access to centralized prisoners dissimilar to profitable websites that let users to send an email which is printed and mailed to a prisoner. All messages are screened through the jail mail room. Prisoners can only get plain text message, but pictures or other materials are not permitted to be placed into messages.

The prisoner can receive the message after one to two hours from the time their relatives sent email that means CorrLinks system generally takes only one to two hours to deliver messages so prisoners need not to wait for their letters for many days. Prisoners have to pay for sending or receiving emails because this is a fee-based system and not a free system, but the charge for sending every email is minimal. For using this system, prisoners have to pay 5 cents per minute whereas prisoners’ wages begin at 12 cents per hour in most U.S. federal prisons.

If you want to use this system then you need to sign-up by agreeing to the terms and conditions of usage and creating an account. You will also need to fund your account with the use of a Mastercard or VISA credit card for conversing with a prisoner at a subscribing state or province facility. You will have to add prisoners with the recognition code that is sent to you by email, if you are conversing with a federal prisoner. You can easily add prisoners to your address book with the use of the prisoner number. After adding the prisoner, you can compose and send a new message.

How to login at

Visit, enter email address, and password, then click on login option. If you are new at, then click on register option, enter email address, password, identification code, age, agree terms and conditions, and submit the form. Identification Code is included in the invitation email that you have received from CorrLinks system. Your request will be approved in about 30 minutes so you need to wait for 30 minutes. If you desire to contact a Federal prisoner, you will need to add the prisoner to your contact list with Identification Code that is sent to your email.

How to send a message at

After logging in, you can send messages by clicking on mailbox, and new message. Click the mouse and put a check in the box beside the inmate’s name, where it says “Click to add recipients”. Then press ‘ok’, type in a subject and message, and click ‘send’ option. You can also alert your regular email when you have a message in CorrLinks. For that, you need to login at, press on Account Management, Manage My Inmate List, and the box under email alert beside the inmate’s name, then alerts will start receiving for the email address below which you registered.

How to use Corrlinks, Corrlinks Login and Account Setup?

To use the corrlinks system, you have to follow these few steps. You will get an email in code words so you need to know Corrlinks issues very important unique code, without which the system or the process will not work. When you get your first email, it will appear something similar to this “RYUTHJG”; this code you will have to use to be able to sign up with the intention that prisoners can start receiving emails from you. You will need to do this process with the use of the same email address that was sent in the invitation.

You need to remember the code that was issued to you or you could simply copy the code by using mouse of keyboard short cuts. Now click on ‘Go to corrlinks’ and follow the steps. You will be informed by a system generated message that a federal prisoner whose name will be written on the message, and who looks for to add you to his/her contact list for exchanging electronic messages. But there is no message from the inmate at this time. As you receive this message, you can either accept or reject and block this request.

If you select to block the prisoner’s name, then you will no longer get any e-mails from that prisoner. Now register with corrlinks, by entering your email and the identification code. Remember that this identification code will expire in 10 days. When you approve the message, the Bureau of Prisons staff gets permission from you to monitor each email that is sent from you, to the prisoner and vice versa. After your registration, as you accept email messages from the prisoner, that prisoner will be informed electronically.

As you visit the Corrlinks website, click on the ‘Sign up’ option as a new user, and follow the rest of the sign up process. You need to remember your email address, and password so select a password that has at least one upper and lower-case letter and one number. Your request will be processed and approved between 20-40 minutes. To set up the prisoner’s notification, you need to go to your account manager within corrlinks; you will be informed every time that you have been sent a message from a prisoner. You need to place X in the email alert box at “manage my inmate list” to be informed every time you get mail.

When you receive an email from a prisoner, it will appear in your inbox like this – ‘Info’ that means you have a new corrlink message. You can go to Corrlinks and sign in after receiving this email to reply to the message. It will take some time, anything up to 1 hour to send and receive messages because the messages need to go though the monitoring system.

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