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Get My Ford benefits online at Ford employee benefits online management site, MyFordBenefits.com! Benefit programs of the Ford Motor Company are an essential component of total compensation. The online hub, myfordbenefits.com is designed to give you with easy access to the information and to help you take proper benefit decisions all through your career as an active employee as well as during your retirement years. Myfordbenefits is same as any other online system such as My Lowe’s life, Macy’s employee connection, Walmart, AT&T Hewitt benefits and your Kroger benefits.

MyFordBenefits.com: Login to get benefits and compensation from Ford

Ford Motor Company, a leading car manufacturer across the world has created a website to help their employees to manage their benefits throughout their life. The site has also an online orientation which helps to understand the features and how to use these features on the site. At the site, you can view the following sections like: login, home, savings, personal information, pension, health and welfare. Just users have to ensure that their browser has installed Adobe Flash Player. To go through each page of the site and be familiar with the information for getting benefits, use the buttons provided on the page.

MyFordBenefits.com provides personal information in one page, including dependents and beneficiaries. “Choice” page help you decide how to navigate. At the site, you can register for “forget your pin?” and set Site Preferences. As well, get a snapshot of your accounts and funds. Under Saving navigation, you can select the plan you want to view.. or use the drop-down menus. You can get a quick overview of your current benefits. Resource materials section gives detailed information including plan guidelines, helpful calculators, glossary, FAQs and more! For more important information, you can check your inbox.

First time users have to provide their social security number as User ID and date of birth in MMDDYY format as password. By logging in, the employees of Ford can obtain information about their benefits that they acquire by working for the company. Workers can get the benefits of access to social services portal for Ford. Once the user opens the benefits page, they can go through the “Documents and forms” link to read the instructions about the various options of investment and apply for the selected investment product.

After logging into the site, user can also access savings plans including stock investment, pension plan and health benefit information. The savings and stock investment plan (SSIP) is a defined contribution plan where users can decide how much of base pay they want to save and how they want to invest. The blend of funds will depend on user’s retirement age and their risk attitude. Health and welfare screen lets user to look at their coverage details, including their medical, dental and life insurance benefits. If you are a current employee of Ford, then login at www.myfordbenefits.com to get your Ford benefits.


  • Easy to use
  • Register for “forget your pin?” and set Site Preferences
  • Ask a question with Contact US
  • Get a snapshot of accounts and funds
  • Provides quick overview of current benefits

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  1. Can’t log in to my account

  2. I can not sign into my my ford benefits.com an acces my account I`m so frustrated ,I just gave up,why can`t you make it simple for me. marie ball

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