Dec 242011

E-business or online commerce….You might aware about this online business in terms of finance exchange, data exchange etc. but most of the companies are missing out the employee benefits options. The TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) provides third-party administrative services to their clients with more than a dozen innovative products and services. If you are a small business owner and looking for ways to save taxes and plan for the future, Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) is the best choice for employer and employee.

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Visit its website that will help to access all information and services offered by the company. The micro business division of the company offers tax-saving solutions to farmers and small business owners as well as employee benefits options. It also provides financial tools which are designed to help business owners to minimize the rising cost of employee benefit plans. It offers products like AgriPlan, BizPlan-section 105 Plans as well as RetirEez, a comprehensive and straightforward retirement planning service.

Its Biz Plan 105 service helps small business owner to check the eligibility to deduct 100% of federal, state, and FICA taxes for family medical expense. assists you to manage individual 401K retirement plan, protect assets from Probate, estate taxes, and many other services. By accessing your account at, you can manage all your administration, HR, and benefit needs and services. TASC offers a one-stop shop for all benefits that supported by innovative technology, outstanding customer service, and expertise.

From the Tasconline, you can find out many benefits plans and organizational skills or administrational things which can be helpful to run and make your business. At the TASC Online website, there is also the healthcare reform where you can find latest news items and about the new rules and regulations. In addition to this, TASC encourages and supports volunteer efforts and charitable contributions to the individuals and organizations through its TASC Care Program.

In the TASC Care Program, employee can also participate if they have good ideas for saving organization money such as reducing paper usage, recycling benefit etc. that will affect in the long run. To avail this service and get more information, you have to make registration with the website. It is simple and easy to use site just by login with user ID and Password. As well, it offers the best incentive and recognition program in the industry to reward organization for their efforts to serving Clients in a better way.

TASC’s services include, BizPlanNOW, COBRAToday, DirectPay, AgriPlanNOW, ERISAEdge, FlexSystem, PayPath, FMLAMatters, RetireeBilling, and RetirEez that will help both employees as well as empolyers. They are able to provide this type of effective service due to its nationwide network of brokers, tax professionals, agents, and financial planners. In short, TASC provides over 60,000 family farmers, sole proprietors, and business owners nationwide with innovative, tax advantaged employee benefit programs. Whatever the reason for its outstanding customer service whether networking, community involvement, or social responsibility, each day it makes difference by providing this service.

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