Sep 262012

These days the use of internet has made life much more convenient and quick for the customers. This is why online banking services are becoming more trusted and popular. Also, the customers are finding financial services more suitable with online banking. As the number of consumers using the internet is increasing, banks have to keep up with the demand and provide quality online products and services. These services offer a sense of freedom to the customers. Thus, online banking is spreading like wildfire. The banking industry has also adopted online banking to improve infrastructure, business process and customer relationships. Most of the banks provide online banking services to its valued customers or clients. First Convenience Bank also provides online banking service to the customers.

1stcb online banking: Online Services of 1stcb Bank

First Convenience Bank (FCB) is a division of First National Bank Texas (FNBT) operating across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. FNBT was founded in 1901 and its headquarters are located in Killeen, Texas. First Convenience Bank was founded in Texas in the year 1997. FCB expanded itself into Arizona in September 2011 and into New Mexico in November 2011. The bank has a network of over 280 branches, 380 Gold Key Network ATMs and over 3,000 banking professional employees. In 2011, they opened 12 branches in Roswell, Bernalillo, Las Cruces, Farmington, Goodyear, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Surprise. Several branches were opened later in the same year including 2 new branches in Corpus Christi and El Paso, 3 in Bryan/College Station and 8 in Houston. Since mid-2011, the network was expanded by 56 new branches. They are also preparing for additional openings this year.

The bank is committed to provide the safe and secure financial needs to its customers since 111 years. The online banking services of the bank are available free of cost for all consumers. The users can manage their banking chores in an easy, efficient and secure way regardless of the type of account (personal or business account) you have. The bank offers a series of products and services for individuals, like checking accounts, direct deposit, order checks, gift card, prepaid debit MasterCard, etc. The online services offered by First Convenience Bank are easy to use as the customers can access them from anywhere and at anytime.

Using these services, users can review their e-statements (of up to 7 years) anywhere, anytime in PDF Adobe Reader (5.0 or higher). The customers can make one-time or recurring transfers to any account as a signer or owner. One-time or recurring person to person fund transfers can be made to another FNBT or FCB Internet Banking consumer. However, these transfers are limited to $5,000 per day. The 24-Hour Personal Account Line (PAL) service or sending a secure message method allows transferring funds of more than $5,000. The customers can set up voluntary and obligatory e-mail Alerts on their online banking accounts. This service allows scheduling and paying to any person, company, or financial institution in the US. Customers using internet banking services can also receive up-to-date information about their recent transactions and account balance directly to their mobile device via SMS. Unfortunately, the Billpay and Mobile banking services are not available for business accounts.

If you are a customer of First Convenience Bank, then you can enjoy the online services provided by the bank for free. For this, you need to enroll online by visiting the official website at On the home page, press ‘Internet Banking Log In’ link, located at the left side. Enter your username and click on ‘continue’ here, to login to your account (if already enrolled). If you are not enrolled, just click on ‘Enroll in Internet Banking’. Enter the required details including Tax ID (SSN or TIN), Telephone Banking PIN (IVR PIN), E-mail Address, Social Security Number, Account Type and Account Number in the enrollment form. Click on ‘Continue Enrollment’ to proceed and follow the upcoming links and directions to complete the enrollment process.


  • Safe, secure and convenient
  • 24 x 7 access to your account from anywhere
  • Pay your bills online
  • Get email alerts about fund transfers, password changes and more
  • One-time or recurring fund transfers at any time
  • Stay up-to-date about account balance and recent transactions through mobile banking service

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