Mar 042010

88sears Associate Online Services website –

You can get easily 88sears Associate online services through its official website This website provides information about the Sears HR (Human Resources), including benefits, compensation, diversity, performance & retention, training, recruitment, etc. Since the Sears Company initiated, the traffic on the website has been positive. Refer this article to know 88sears Associate Online Services given at - 88sears Associate Online Services

For employees of the Sears Holding Corporation, appears to be the Human Resources website. Employees can observe their paycheck, update their contact details, modify direct deposit or W-4, and enroll or adjust health benefits on this website.

Sears Holding Corporation employees can also find out more about their Health benefits like Starbridge choices, Prescription drug savings program at Kmart Pharmacy. Financial benefits include Pension & 401(k) Savings plans, Associate Stock Purchase Plan and Retirement Information and Other benefits like employee discount policies, view job postings as well as a range of forms and policies.

There is one important section on entitled as ‘Talent Acquisition’ provided, where you can gain knowledge of jobs and careers with Sears Holdings, like the Internal Talent Gateway, the employee referral program and you can also find for internal job opportunities and job postings in other departments and stores. If you a new employee then you have to refer the company policies and procedures and follow it. You should examine the corporate code of conduct and study more about employee recognition programs. is not open to just anyone or anywhere due to the nature of this website. There are many links given on this website, and when you click on some of the links; then it will give you the following message:

The link you clicked on is only active from computers inside the Sears Holdings network. The double arrow links are available outside of the Sears Holdings network.

If you have any doubts or questions in your mind, then you can call on 1-888-88sears for assistance.


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