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Bnymellon.com/shareowner/isd – BNY Mellon Shareowner Services

BNY Mellon Corporation’s full name is Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. BNY Mellon is one the largest financial service providers. BNY Mellon Corporation was established in the year 2007 on 1st of July. The Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation merged and as a result BNY Mellon Corporation founded. It has 42900 staff members and US$928 billion’s assets.

Bnymellon.com/shareowner/isd - BNY Mellon Shareowner Services

BNY Mellon Corporation is one of the oldest corporation in the United States. The headquarters of the company is situated in New York. It provides various products and services to its customers without any type of hassle. www.Bnymellon.com/shareowner/isd is the official website of BNY Mellon Shareowner Services. It is the online access for the Shareowner’s ServiceDirect. Through their list of participating, you can easily search Direct Stock Purchase Plans.

Shareholders can sell shares, access account balance, transaction history, tax forms and receive statements available for downloading and more stuff you can do online. You are able to compare plans, read prospective, you can find best plan for yourself. You can transfer shares and change stock ownership with the professional support. It is secure and safe for investor’s transactions which you can easily use. Just you need to login in its website.


Provide Employee Stock Purchase Plan participants with online account access. Realize the benefits of stock ownership by enrolling in your company’s employee stock purchase plan.

Employee ServiceDirect:
Buy or sell company stock, exercise options and review your employee shareholder accounts online.

on a single page you can view all of your account summary information. You also can access all of your BNY Mellon Shareowner Services accounts using a single access ID and password that you select yourself.

Investor ServiceDirect:
Investors who own stock in other companies BNY DirectServicehelps to view real-time account information. You can sell or purchase the shares, plans.


  1. Receive your investor materials more quickly and conveniently via individual and secure e-mail boxes
  2. Save paper and help the environment by eliminating printed materials that clutter shareowner mailboxes
  3. Supplement the socially responsible initiatives that the issuer of your stock may have in place.
  4. It is secure and safe for investors. You can easily use it.
  5. Flexibility to access your mailbox 24/7
  6. Convenience of managing your documents — view, print, download
  7. Electronic notification of account activity via e-mail
  8. Faster delivery of important financial documents
Bnymellon.com/shareowner/isd - BNY Mellon Shareowner Services

How to register for online account access?

  • First you have to enter the 12-digit Investor ID.
  • Then click on the “Establish Pin” button.
  • For registration, click here.

For login, you need to submit UserID and Pin. Then you have to click on the Login button. Then you can easily compare their investment plans; enroll in plans, read prospectuses and brochures. For login, click here.

You can also speak to a BNY Mellon representatives call on- 1-888-269-2377 (for United States). Out of United States person call on- 201-680-6825.

  23 Responses to “Bnymellon.com/shareowner/isd – BNY Mellon Shareowner Services”

  1. i filled out papers and mailed in 150.00 to transfer myfathers shares to myself and i have not received verification, that this was done how can i track this. the shares were or are in Robert L Sherrer, please send me in the right direction thank you bobbi sherrer-jones

  2. i am looking for bnymellon shareowner isd page from bnymellon shareowner’s official website http://www.bnymellon.com.but i am little confuse about this page.i goes to http://www.bnymellon.com/shareowner/isd, but i am unable to understand this page.i want help for it

    thanks in advance

  3. Why can’t I get into my accounts? I’m told “Page cannot be found.” I’ve had this problem before. Do you have a problem? HELP.

  4. My user ID provided to me by BNY is not recognized.There is no “help” tab on your site.

  5. I have a form 199-div from Conocophilips through The Bank Of New York,Mellon,480 Washington Blvd, Jersey City,NJ 07310. I do not know when this was purchased , how much I have, or how much it is worth. It appears that the dividends are being reinvested.
    How do I access any data on this investment?

  6. I would like to know periodically my dividends.

  7. I’m having trouble getting into my account. Also I’m tring to see how my ads have changed from 60 to 52.

  8. We want to sell our 738 Phoenix shares

  9. Will you send us a form to sell our 738 shares of PHOENIX stock?

  10. I’m having problems getting into my acct. Your system won’t accept my
    investor ID. Also, I forgot my PIN #. Don’t I need to create a new PIN/
    Password?? Please reply ASAP.

  11. My address ‘s 282 Checkers DR, Sanjose . CA 95116 .(That ‘s Correct.). But I want to know about 30$ 00 (thirty dollar) in Metstock, because SSI need information it. Please send it to me by address above . Thanhk you so much
    Phe Dang:SS#558-67-1674.

  12. I need a W8 form for Taxpayer Identification and Certification for out of country shareholders. I cannot access this from your website as your telephone representative has requested I do. Your webside is difficult to access.
    Please email instructions to me.

  13. i need to get to my account I forgot my pass word pleasereply asap
    HOME 410 231-2764

  14. Of all the different investments I own this is far the hardest to get into. Why did you change your format? Was it that unsecure?

  15. Mellonbook-entry shares is the biggest crock there is…………………..Have you read any of these comments??? There is no way to get any information…………Like Bobby Jones stated she sent in $150. and has revieved nothing..I also have sent in $100. and have gotten only a peice of paper that states it is a record of my ownership of my securities…………..big whoop!!! No information that would help me with what I want or have requested………not worth the paper or the ink that was on it………………………All I want to do is get rid of these stocks……………….I have tried several years before in a divorce, by the way I almost got charged with contempt until the oposing atty. tried to get some results and got the same run around I did, I have made this my life’s mission to sell my OG & E stocks…….

  16. I need a trace on Oracle check 550163386,amount 22,000, dated 01/28/2010.

  17. I need to know what my 2010 dividends are for Daimler Chrysler. The dividend form sent for 2009 was ripped so I cannot read the account key number other than 00l450 D. My Federal ID Number is 98-0190736 on the 2009 Form 1099 you sent me last year. I did not get one from you for 2010. Can you e-mail me a copy of the 1099-DIV form for 2010 and let me know if I got any dividends for 2010 as I don’t seem to have any information on it? My e-mail address is joypeppy@wowway.com. I am scheduled to have my taxes done this weekend.

    Any help you can give me is appreciated. In the event that you need to call me about this, my phone number is: (586) 226-9156. Thank you for any help.

  18. Hi

    I have an account with bny mellon but I can’t access the website, tried on several different computers and different times of the day still no luck. Page comes up with page not found ,dns error. Am I missing something?

  19. We wish to sell our holding of 778 BIP shares. When I put in our Investor ID & click on continue I can never get any further. I put in a password and then our authentication no. but I am told the authenication no. is invalid. This is driving me mad. Please help!!! Do I need to register a password?

  20. Please advise the situation regarding my Tyco shares, your case number for this is 201112300003670

  21. judy is going thru the same thing i have with this company. A perfect example of peeing in the corner of a round room. Then I figured it all out…some people golf,others fish,some play games, The excs. in this company read the comments! This is by far the biggest joke as far as shareholders getting thru to anybody.I gave up myself an resigned to reading the comments, as I was,I couldn’t help thinking that if this company would listen to there customers,my stock would double within a week,i’m sorry,and yes,most of you are correct,…in two days !! I stand corrected. rick

  22. Your information phone line and this site are an abomination. I’ve tried a half dozen times today to get my tax information from your phone site; after listening to 5 to 10 minutes of useless recording information, I’m told “There is a problem; call back later”. Your website isn’t allowing me to get into my account, so I can get my tax information …. YUCK!!!

  23. I am a non-USResident, my HPQ stock I sold in January 2010 was however subjected to tax withholding amount to US$4K because I didn’t submit the W8-BEN form and were told that currently amount withholding party is IRS.

    Per my understanding to get back my money, I would have to file a non-resident tax, but to do so I need to obtain 1099-B Stock Sale Proceeds Statement from BNY Mellon. Please advise how to obtain such statement from your company.
    Your assistant to this request is appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards

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