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CentreLink Online Services – Login to CentreLink.gov.au for Online Services

The trading name of the Commonwealth Service Delivery Agency (CSDA) is Centrelink, a statutory authority which is responsible for delivering human services on-behalf-of agencies of the Commonwealth Government of Australia. Here is provided the step-by-step process of Login to CentreLink.gov.au for Online Services. Www.centrelink.gov.au is the official website or homepage of CentreLink. They have a page about their online services on their website. (Online service option is given at the left side of its website)

CentreLink Online Services - Login to CentreLink.gov.au for Online Services

CentreLink Online Services:

You are provided with a secure environment to complete some of your Centrelink business by Centrelink online services. You can access these useful options from your home, office, personal computer or phone.

Register for online services:

You need to register to use online services. After registration, you can access the service option which meet your requirements as a customer and a nominee. There are two types of registration, one is for customer and second is for nominee.

Registration of customer:

  • Go on this page for registration of customer
  • Enter your Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) and click on continue
  • Answer questions about yourself and your Centrelink record, to help them verify your identity
  • Confirm your access level
  • Choose your password for online services
  • Set your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for phone services (optional)
  • Create your secret questions and answers which can help if you forget your password
  • Be provided with a Customer Access Number (CAN) if you do not already have one
  • Receive information about how to log on to use online services
  • Follow the prompts to complete the registration process. For more information, see here.

Registration of nominee:

If as a customer, you have already registered for online services, then you can add Nominee Access once logged in.

Steps to add Nominee Access:

  • Select the log on button here, and enter your Customer Access Number (CAN) and password
  • Select “Self Service Access”
  • Select “Nominee Access to Online Services Registration” from the menu
  • Log out and log in again to access Nominee Online Services

Your online services:

Some online services are given below, to find in deep click here.

  • Apply for an Advance Payment
  • Request a document
  • Claim a payment
  • Update/advise your details
  • Report employment income
  • Request a replacement card
  • View/print your details

Source: http://www.centrelink.gov.au/

4 Responses to “CentreLink Online Services – Login to CentreLink.gov.au for Online Services”

  1. Maureen Gibbs Says:

    Dear Whoever,
    After finally registering online, I have been unsuccessful in finding the page I wanted – Mainly the “rent review” page. I carefully followed instructions given on the last letter (snail mail) I’ve received asking me to provide details of my rent. Step 4 says “Once you have successfully logged in . . . select “rent review” from the menu” After quite some time chasing around various screens and reading the interesting information provided on them I still have not found
    the menu with “Rent Review”. So I have decided to give up in frustration and
    phone the Contact Information section on Tuesday. I was given 72 hours to register and complete the rent review, but I’m afraid I’m past the deadline.
    Regards, Maureen Gibbs

  2. shion Says:

    1. Make sure you have ‘all’ your personal papers and documents handy before you attempt this. The step proving your identity is quite long and exhaustive.

    2. Make absolutely sure you will remember the answers to your secret questions, Don’t use capitals, don’t use punctuation, use only short 1 word answers. Use words you know how to spell.

    3. If you have trouble using the site once registered, or haven’t got the required access level to view online letters, contact centerlink immediatly and make sure they will send you all letters and appointments by post. You risk a breach and WILL be penalised or have your payment stopped if you fail to respond to an online letter/appointment.

    IMHO Centerlink Online Services is by far the worst online service in Australia and should be avoided if at all possible.

  3. Sandra Vaughn Says:

    I had MSN Then, they told me I had to change to Quest. Because there was no more MSN. I did! That was something else. Now its centurylink. I was getting the centurylink home page ok for this year. Then a couple days ago, it went back to MSN. I can’t get my mail, or facebook. I keep putting in my password and users name and it comes up not right. It’s big mess. What is going on? I don’t understand many of the things I am supose to do to get my mail, and facebook back. I have tried to call and , get someone from another country( can’t understand them) or I push bottoms until my fingers get tired.
    My whole computer is messed up because of all these changes, I really wish you would just get me back to centurylink since I pay my bills to them. Maybe it’s just time to shut down the computer for good. Thats how I feel!!!

  4. Avril Randall Says:

    I am unable to access report income on line

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