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Chase Amazon – Login to Amazon Rewards for Visa Card members

Due to partnership of Amazon and Chase, Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card is provided by Amazon.com, Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card can be used where Visa is accepted. You can manage your account quick and easy after login at Chase Amazon. The information of Chase Amazon card Login and Visa Card member Rewards is provided here.

Login to Amazon Rewards for Visa Card members:

Chase Amazon - Login to Amazon Rewards for Visa Cardmembers

If you want to login at Amazon.com Rewards for Visa Card members, then you have to visit the Chase.com website.

You will find the log on option at the left side of the home page. Enter your user ID and password then click on log on option if you have forgotten your user ID or password then click on forgot user ID or password option and follow the instruction. If you are a new member then click on create a user ID or sign up option. Sign up option is given in the middle of the home page. You have to click on the option and follow the instructions.

Benefits of Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card:

  • Rewards Program
  • Special Sign-up Savings
  • No annual fee
  • One convenient monthly bill
  • Online account management

How to apply at Chase Amazon

To apply at Chase Amazon, you have to be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years old. You have to visit the Amazon Rewards for Visa Card page and click on sign up button. Within 30 seconds, you will receive a decision. You have to wait until your application will be approved. Your application will be approved within 2 to 4 weeks after applying. Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card application was selected for manual review, so Amazon.com and Chase will unable to speed up the processing.

How is the $30 Sign-Up Savings applied to my account?

To develop incentive programs for those who be-relevant and are endorsed for the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card, Amazon.com works with Chase. You will mechanically receive a credit on your Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card billing statement, if you are a new Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card customer and eligible for the promotion. If your initial buy was inside a few days of your next monthly declaration, then you will see the credit on the following declaration.

How to use the card:

Starting out:

When you are approved, you can use your new Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card on Amazon.com. The card will be added to your account for payment method and an e-mail message with instructions is sent to you to start shopping right away. When you receive your card in the mail you will receive the complete card number or be able to use the card for purchases outside Amazon.com.

Getting your card:

Patrons receive their Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card in the mail inside 3 weeks of being endorsed. When you receive and activate the physical card, you can use it where Visa is accepted.

Using your card on Amazon.com:

Your Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card will be automatically added to your Amazon.com account as a payment method, upon approval. For purchases on Amazon.com immediately, you can use your Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card on condition that your orders are shipped to an address already on your Amazon.com account.

  • Log in to the Amazon.com customer account that you used while signing up for the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card and add items to your shopping cart.
  • Select a shipping address that was listed on your Amazon.com account at the time your application was approved.
  • Select the radio button that appears next to the Amazon.com Visa in the payment section.

Make a payment:

After every billing cycle, Chase will send you the bill for your Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card by post. When you receive your Amazon.com Visa card in the mail, register for online account access at www.chase.com/amazon, if you wish to view your Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card statement online or pay your bill online.


Earning and redeeming points:

Black Amazon.com Visa Card:

For each dollar used up at Amazon.com you can earn three reward points and one point for each dollar used up anywhere else. Chase will mail you a $25 Reward Certificate at the end of your monthly billing cycle, in favor of each 2,500 points proceeds.

Blue Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card:

For each dollar used up on Amazon.com, you can earn three reward points in which for each dollar used up on eligible gas, dining, drugstore, and office supply purchases, earn 2 points and 1 point for each dollar on all additional eligible purchases. For a $25 Amazon.com gift card, Redemption alternatives start at 2,500 points and include cash, additional gift certificates, and travel options. Please visit www.chase.com/amazon or call 1-800-603-2265, for more details about the rewards available on the enhanced reward program.

You can call Chase at 1-888-247-4080, if you want to not know which card you have.

Checking your reward point’s balance:

After logging into your Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card online account at www.chase.com/amazon, and clicking the “See rewards details” link, you can see your reward point balance as of your last statement. On your Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card statement, your reward point balance will also be visible.

Customer Service

Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card

E-mail: http://www.chase.com/amazon
Phone: 1-888-247-4080

Amazon.com Business Rewards Visa Card

E-mail: http://www.chase.com/businesscards
Phone: 1-800-346-5538.

8 Responses to “Chase Amazon – Login to Amazon Rewards for Visa Cardmembers”

  1. Margery D. Lewis Says:

    I have lost my chase/amazon credit card. I cannot find the 16 digit number for the card. What can I do to apply for anew card? It was a visa card and I used it to purchase items from Amazon.com. I am sorry I have been so careless. I think it ended in 6812. My address is 83 Chiquita Drive, Los Alamos, NM 87544-3722. I hope you can help me with this. Thank you. Marge Lewis

  2. Si Wook Kim Says:

    Dear Cardmember Service for amazon.com’s
    This metter is between I and Store problems. First ordered merchandise
    #002-8577692-5729804 storeman saids if open gift card you could have $30
    that’s why I did ordered $129.99 minus $30.00 just paid $99.99 after that item was not satisfied so I exchanged Irem# 002-5985350-5887418 then returned item moneyback $99.99 so I complained to customer service then we’ll give you whole money $129.99 it shows next statement.But Ireceived a letter from

  3. nancy baker Says:

    How in the hell do I get to redeem my points? Your li ter ature says to go to chase.com/amazon. Once there I get ads for everything else, but no info on how to cash in my points! I’ve tried four times and am really peeved!

  4. cathy Says:

    How do I redeem my points for Amazon?

  5. Bette Says:

    How do I redeem my points.

  6. Nancy B. Says:

    I’m sitting with 33,438 pts and can not for the life of me figure out how to redeem them! I’ve called phone numbers, I gone to web pages, and I get more and more frustrated. This is the ONLY card that I use because I was anxious to earn these poitns, but if I can’t redeem them, I guess I need to consider one of my other cards! I have been a loyal customer and I’m satisfied with everything else about the card..but it appears to be a deadend when trying to redeem the points…..HELP!!!!

  7. barry pham Says:

    I received your amazon.com rewards card and I used it to buy some merchandises from amazon. Your policy said that :” get $40 Amazon.com gift card will instantly be loaded into your Amazon .com account upon the approve of your credit card application”. However, up to now the balance of my credit at amazon account still is “zero”. Please load that $40 gift card to my account as your promotion. May I pay directly your bill to any Chase bank in Houston?

  8. Sheila K. Coldiron Says:

    Please tell me how to use my Amazon.com reward points. I see, above, that other people are having the same problem. This should be made extremely easy.

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