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The popularity for credit cards is increasing day by day and nearly everyone has at least one credit card. When you own a credit card, then you need not to carry large amounts of cash with you. Credit card is useful in emergency, it makes your credit and offers redeemable reward points too. But, you need to use this card very wisely unless you can face big problem. Credit cards are mostly offered by banks to their customers for different intentions such as personal banking, business financing, student loans, business loans and investment products. However, many companies also offer credit cards to their customers to make payments of bills. jcpenney Company, Inc. is among one of them that offers credit card, reward cards, etc. to its customers.

Jcpenney Credit Card Payment Options and ways of Payment online

Jcpenney Company, Inc., a chain of American mid-range department stores, was started in Kemmerer, Wyoming, U.S. in 1902 by James Cash Penney. It’s headquarter is situated in Plano, Texas. It has more than 1,107 department stores in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. It sells clothing, footwear, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, housewares, and electronics. Besides this, it also has several leased departments such as Sephora, Seattle’s Best Coffee, optical centers, portrait studios, and jewelry repair. jcpenney want to make new ways by which customers love shopping again and again so they make the customer experience better daily. Customers will observe great prices daily in a unique Shops environment that includes exceptional products, a dynamic presentation and unmatched customer service.

GE Capital Retail Bank issues the jcpenney credit card, a rewards card for J.C. Penney customers. This reward card offers cardholders various benefits such as special discounts and exclusive savings, sneak peeks of sales and events, JCP Rewards program, monthly rewards certificates, and the opportunity to earn Gold/Platinum Rewards Credit card status. If cardholders, in good standing, spent $1 on qualifying purchases at jcpenney stores or, then they will get one jcp reward point for that. jcp rewards members will be qualified to get one $10 jcp rewards certificate, which is redeemable on eligible jcp purchase, after earning 100 points or more in a calendar month. jcp rewards gold and platinum members can earn $20 in the form of two $10 jcp rewards certificates per month with 200 or more points. jcp rewards platinum members can earn $30 in the form of three $10 jcp rewards certificates per month for earning 300 or more points. Points expire at the end of every month and do not advance to the next month. Certificates will be sent by U.S. mail and/or by email.

This card comes with zero liability, protection from fraudulent usage, waiver of annual fee, and multiple payment options. Cardholders can use jcp credit card at all jcpenney stores,, CVS/Pharmacy and Rite Aid Pharmacy. Cardholders can view account summary, pay their bills online, check balance, set up alerts, and access statement history with online account access. Once cardholders create an online log-in account to help JC Penny credit card payment online, they will be allowed to inform about payments, apply for a subsidiary card, apply for a credit line raise, record privacy preference, update personal account, request a transaction statement, and download account activity.

Jcpenney Credit Card Payment Options:

JCP cardholder can pay their bill by three ways such as by mail, at any jcpenney department store, and online through the jcpenney online credit center.

By mail:

Card holders will get a billing statement every month by mail from JC Penney. So, get your credit card statement from the mail. You will get complete details like your current balance, what you have spent over the past month, any payments made, your remaining card balance and the minimum payment due in your statement. Write a check or money order, to be paid to JC Penney and separate the payment coupon from your monthly statement and write the amount of your payment in the provided space. Mail it to: GEMB, Post Office Box 960090, Orlando, FL 32896-0090.

Pay at any jcpenney department store:

Visit your nearest JC Penney store to pay your credit card bill. Find the customer service department, from where credit card payments are accepted. Give a cheque, money order, or cash to the customer service representative for making your bill payment.

Pay online:

You can make a payment through the jcpenney online credit center. Visit, login to your account, and click on “Pay my bill” option. If you do not have an online account, then create one by clicking “Register” option and entering your name, address, phone number, credit card information and create a username and password. After that, log in to your account with your username and password and pay your bill online. After logging in, click on “Pay My Bill” option on your account page, and enter your bank account number and your bank routing number, as well enter the amount you want to pay and the date you want your payment deducted from your bank account. Verify your payment information and submit the payment to JC Penney. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the confirmation page for your records.

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