Dec 262009 tracking – How to Track Money gram Money Orders

Moneygram is one type of financial services company which provides money transfer services, money orders, and bill payment services to consumers. Here the information is mentioned about how to track Money gram Money Orders. The official website of Money gram is You can get more information by visiting the official site. Moneygram was founded in 1940. It has more than 186,000 locations in 190 countries. tracking - How to Track Moneygram Money Orders

Moneygram is international company. The headquarters of Moneygram is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a United States-based financial services company. They also provide their services in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Lakewood, Colorado. In another segment, MoneyGram International provides payment processing services, primarily of official check outsourcing services and money orders for sale to their customers.

How to track Money gram Money Orders?

You have to put your MoneyGram money order stub or money order number. A specific identification number designates each Money Gram money order. The number is placed on the removable stub. If you do not have your number or stub then you can find your money order without the stub with the help of resources.

You can Contact the Money Gram tracking line by calling 1-800-542-3590. The contact service is available 24 hours a day and is free. Money Gram does not have any online tracking way now.

You can enter your Money Gram money order number. If the money order has been cashed then the automated system will allow to know you about it.

If you want to get a photocopy of the cashed money order then fill out a Money Gram Claim Card. The service is $15 and must be completed by mail. You will have to see the resources for the document and address for filing a claim card.

Tips & Warnings: Money Gram has a research service that can help you track down the money order if you do not have your Money Gram money order number. It is the best reserved for very important money orders. The service cost of it is only $40. The time of processing is 6 to 8 weeks and there is no guarantee your money order will be tracked. The fee is non-refundable.

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  1. I sent a money order to paybycash on Jan 13 2010. I need to know if it was cashed and by whom. They told me it takes 4 to 7 days. They don’t have it. can i do moneygram tracking using mobile phone? Thank you Carol Bricker

  2. i bought a 100 dollar money order with in tent to use it to hold a home for rent. well i got denied for the home and my wife filled the money order out to the company and now i have a money order that i cannot use. help what do i do. i thought to contact using page, but can not find number.

  3. how do i track my money with money gram from moneygram’s official website ? I want to track my moneygram from moneygram tracking page but i don’t know ‘how to fill a money gram money order ?

  4. I have just received 2 money orders in the amount of 875.00 through what someone said is a secret shopper opportunity. So wow I was thinking I could make some money. But when I checked on the money orders they had already been cashed for different amounts. Don’t get taken in by the opportunity to make fast cash by doing a secret shopper for Western Union. It is not real. Now I have 1750. 00 staring me in the face I can’t do anything with.

  5. on 02-10-10 I transferred $500 to Queretaro, Mexico. When recipient went to request the money, she was told the money was there. Hoever, it would not be paid because the reference number she had was wrong. I orovided her the reference number from my receipt. she reasd it back to me. she had it right. Now, what is the problem?

  6. I sent a money gram which has been lost. How do I get a refund.

  7. The tracking system worked for me. I called my Credit Union where the Money Order was purchased, and they gave me this phone number:
    1-800 542 3590

    When I called it, I got the usual automated voice system which failed me. However the system then connected me to a very helpful person who was able to tell me when the money order was cashed. This saved me $290…
    If you want written confirmation there’s a fee ($15?) and it takes forever. If you want a faxed copy it’s $24. I didn’t use either service as once I confronted the County Clerk with the date the Money Order was cashed, they were then able to see that I’d actually paid them.

    The same number does refunds too, although I don’t know how that works.

    Anyhow… Moneygram worked for me when I needed them…

  8. the customer service of moneygram is a joke. you cannot track a money order to determine if it has been received by the addressee on the moneygram web site. if you call the telephone number that they list, then you will probably receive a recorded message to call back at another time. they need to get into the year 2010.

  9. I am checking to see if the money order my son sent me over 3 weeks ago has been cashed. the number is 20179086089 or 60528282702827 not sure which number is the right one. Cause I still havent recieved it yet. It was purchased February 3,2010 from Coarlville,Iowa wal-mart.Could you please let me know if it has been cashed.

  10. Good read, I found this right in time. I’m gonna keep this blog bookmarked for future reading. cheers Mate.

  11. I are searching for this all by. At last i identified it the following. thank u for sharing this with us. preserve it up.

  12. I have receive the Amount of 2,780.58 cent in the mails with MONEY GRAM took it to the bank and they me it was no good.

  13. I have a money order that I sent to direct tv bill. They ens me a past due notice. I’m like what I sent you the payment. I called them and they said call money gram. So I called but got the automated service, I needed to talk to someone asap, the system will not answer ?s. How do I get someone. Plus you know these company’s that say we did not pay them, when we have a receipt. They should pay used for the fiasco and time wasted cause of there stupidity. Peace out!

  14. Try to locate money gram made on the 14th of July of 2010, Item number is R101986239520,to Carol Yothers, address is 3859 South 1900 West F 302,Weat Valley,Utah 84119. Mailed on the same day.Person in question said she has not recieved it to date. It is my child support payment. So this is very urgent that I found out if said item was cashed??

  15. can i know howmuch richard musashi send to jellyann mariquit and were he from ??

  16. I need to verify if a Moneygram Money Order is Legit. The Money Order number is 5115066424 6 for $500.00 dated 04/04/11.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Robie Walker

  17. how can i know if my money is available for pick up in moneygram?

  18. i hope you have money tracking by online so that we can check the money if its available or not..! thank you…

  19. What is the duaration of time before money gram returns unclaimed money back to the sender?

  20. I need to talk to a person and not an automated system…I have questions about a money order sent to IRS that they didnt receive….plez email a phone number as soon as possible. Thank you.

  21. how can i check my tracking number if it availble ???

  22. please help me i cant get the money yet..
    into moneygram my last name is wrong ..
    the sender put ANALYN CLIMATU..
    that name is wrong spell..
    the correct spell is ANALYN CIMATU..

    how can i check my tracking number if it availble ???

  23. how can i check money truck number online?

  24. how can i track the money if still available?

  25. how can i track the money if still available?

  26. need to talk to someone onone knows how to work this thing at the walmart in my town email me a # please

  27. need to talk to a person to track a money order

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