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My.Magicjack.com – Login or Sign in to Magic Jack account

The official website or homepage of Magicjack is my.magicjack.com. MagicJack is one of the biggest telephony service and Internet-based telephone service provider in the United States and Canada. Now you can get free phone calls via Magicjack – computer peripheral. You can get the MagicJack free trial at www.magicjack.com without any type of risks. The process of login or Sign in to Magic Jack account is given below.

My.Magicjack.com - Login to Magic Jack account

Through Magicjack you will not have to pay any monthly rental. If you want to call long distance calls and local calls in the USA and Canada with MagicJack then also you can make free calls.

You can also get 30 Day Free Trial. Just you need to simply plug it into your PC or plug in your phone and you can start calling. The quality of the call is perfect and great. The price of the Magicjack plug costs is $39.99. This is purchase price of the gadget. In the first year, you do not have to pay any charge for this service but in second year, just you have to pay $19.99.

Benefits of Magicjack

  • Free phone number
  • With free call waiting
  • Voicemail, Directory assistance
  • Plus the caller ID
  • Free calls to the US and Canada from anywhere in the world with internet
  • Free incoming calls to your Magicjack personal phone number
  • MagicJack works on all landline phones
  • You can use MagicJack on your laptop, without the need for a physical phone

How to login to Magicjack.com?

  1. Open the website magicjack.com
  2. First you have to enter your E-mail Address or Phone Number
  3. Then enter the Password
  4. Click on the “Login” button.

Source: http://my.magicjack.com/login.html

178 Responses to “My.Magicjack.com – Login to Magic Jack Account”

  1. judy welch Says:

    I am a magicjack customer and I need technical support. How can I get it?

  2. judy welch Says:

    My phone rings and no one is there half of the time, it shows a time and date of call but no number, why??

  3. Freda Says:

    I need a replacement for my magicjack adapter as the piece that goes into the usb has been severed. my international long distance purchased was paid for but never was useable as when i attempted using the long distance feature i wasn’t covered.
    thank you help.

  4. Arleen Blanchard Says:

    I’ve had the magic jack for almost a year and in dec. it stop working at first I thought maybe my year was up so i purchased a 5 yrs. more and it still not working . a screen comes up and ask for my email an password but it keeps saying the email or password or magicjack # not matching but it is register . So what I like to know how do I get it back up an working . I don’t want to feel like I just wasted my money on the 5 yrs. I purchased . Please send me a step by step on my email on what to do or could you guys get it to work for me . please I’m lost without my magicjack .please respond asap

  5. david minor Says:

    i have a magisjack and i had to dop my computer it put a virrus
    know it and the next day i trid to mack a call and it would not let me so i would like it if u would cut it off it is going back to the stor i do not like it do not sind me one or i will sine it back.


  6. kathy Says:

    hey, i want to contact magic jack,
    can anyone find magicjack.com’s customer service phone number on their website?
    does magic jack provides customer service chat for online problem solutions?

  7. edgar cordero Says:

    i would like to renew my magic jack, but I cannot log in my account, pls help me

  8. Jack Harper Says:

    I need to resubscribe to my account. I purchased my magicjack over the phone using my credit card. It was mailed to my home. I would like to pay online,I need to make a call. Please contact me as to how to go about this plese. I need to reach my wife who is out of town. Thank you. Jack Harper

  9. RAJA WIKKAR,A Says:

    i like to renew my magicjack 347-995-4491 which has expired .they asked password which i dont have.pl,help me.
    thanks raja wikkar

  10. abel sibayan Says:

    I have a magicjack my pass word never got email to me and I’m to find out why I need to renew my magicjack I though I had 5 years on the jack that you.


  11. abel sibayan Says:

    I bought a magicjack I thought I had 5 years service not sure don’t know how to renew my magicjack

  12. bernie Says:


  13. errol brown Says:

    my magic i get dial tone but when youmake a call it doesnt ring but it ring on the otherend and thenyou hear nothing

  14. errol brown Says:

    how do i fix this problem

  15. Jim Scanlon Says:

    How do I record my own voice on my voicemail message for incoming calls?

  16. ramon gonzalez Says:

    I don’t know how to renew my magicjack for one years, for amount of $19.99.

    Help me please, thanks.

  17. Elios Pierre Says:

    My best greedings to you.

    Yesterday you charged me $ 20 for international calls and $1 for insurance on my magicjack device. Today, I tried to make an international call and the answering machine told me that I didn’t purchase a such service. I’d like you to bring my account current.

    Elios Pierre

  18. Menka Says:

    10 days back you charged me $ 20 for international calls and $1 for insurance on my magicjack device. I am in Ethiopia. I am not able to get it connected. Instead 911 it shows 411 dial number. Please check and credit in the ac and make it operational.

  19. lyle steele Says:

    i have a 2 year severes agreement that i have pd for in the amount of $93.80 on 2.24.2009 code lnm8r6x161 and 3wh2zv89me. please add this to my account. i also got a 5 year @ $69.95 on 2.24.2010 so i should have 7 years now. and could you send me conformation to my email address at lbsteel1958@yahoo.com this really hare to do on the internet, a phone would be so much better for reasons like this!

    thatk you

    lyle steele

  20. Thomas Terry Says:

    would like to re activate my phone My home phone cell
    I moved a year ago

  21. Thomas Terry Says:

    please remove my phone # from my previous reply thank you T.Terry

  22. Claude Giroux Says:

    1-I deposited an additional $40 in my account for International Calls and it is not showing up. Please rectify.
    2-Why is it so complicated to find out what the balances of my accounts are? Is there a short cut? Thanks.

  23. BETTY SMITH Says:

    i get a dial tone but the call does not go thru to the person i am calling and i do not receive incoming calls. worked fine the first day and now nothing.

  24. Jose F Rodriguez Says:

    I don´¡t remeber when did I get Magicjack and I want to continue with this service.When and how do I pay for one more year. Thank You in advance for your help. I¡m very happy with Magicjack.

  25. James Hartley Says:

    No dial tone,instead of saying phone is ready,says please connect to the internet and click here,and lost contacts also,i am very happy with magic jack. 3/3/2010

  26. Margaret Della Bitta Says:

    I have unsuccessfully tried to purchase a 5-year extension on my magic jack contract. After I go through the whole process of filling in the forms, I receive a message that my transaction can not be completed. No explanation is given. How do I extend my contract? Is there a number that I can call? 3/4/10

  27. harry stein Says:

    magic jack work fine costumer support doesnt. After three days of trying to get a new password and renew service i am still trying. without a doubt magic jack customer relations and support ranks as the worst in the country right up there with dell computers and their service. Keep up the outstanding service you should be out of business in no time. By the way i was dumb enough to try your techinal support help line , wow! amazingly everything cost money. so much for another one of your lies concerning the consumers welfare. Dont you have any shame? I guess not, keep up your outstanding work and ethics.

  28. lloyd heacock Says:

    my magicjack stopped working ,,the magicjack photo comes up on my screen ,,but will not open to make a call ,,back in dec i sent in a 60 doller up date for another 3 years ,,you did tack my money ?? help me to get my phone working lloyd

  29. beverly marker Says:

    I can not get my new Magic Jack to work. The number is 779 552 4665

  30. kim Says:

    i cant get my magicjack to work i get dial tone no in comeing or out going calls HELP kimi

  31. Poyie Jobe Says:

    I have paid for 5 years service but now magicjack is telling me that my service has expired. How can we claim for the 4 years left?

  32. Tony Barclay Says:

    I want to make International calls /sorry

  33. donovan brown Says:

    hi want 2 cancel my order but hi dont know how 2 do it please let me know 2 do it 4 the $19 95

  34. girly girl Says:

    @ raja wikkar, A
    even i had the same error on my jack. you should call the toll free customer service number.the representative resets the pasword for you after some verifcation questions.

  35. jerry Says:

    How do i renew account when i try on the magic jack page on computer it want work

  36. Nicole Fraser Says:

    i would like to renew my magic jack, but I cannot log in my account, pls help me

  37. naima mohamed Says:

    i would like to renew my magicjack, but i can’t log in my account

    please help me

  38. Ray Wagner Says:

    I have stopped using my MagicJack. I wish to cancel my long term contract.
    Please refund my $59.00. My MJ no longer works for me. It no longer has any magic. 5/21/2010

  39. ariff Says:

    i was going to purchase a magic j. but after reading peoples comments i must say your product and service sucks.
    i just saved myself R800.
    thank you all for the truth

  40. Josh Says:

    Hi. i am trying to get to my voice mail and it just rings and doesn’t do anything. Please help.

  41. rosve dizon Says:

    i would like to renew my magickjack pls. help me….

  42. keith richards Says:

    i would like to renew my magickjack pls. help me

  43. Desmond Durant Says:

    I have been trying to renew my Magic Jac Account without any success. The instruction asked for my password but I can’t remember it. What is more I was told that it would be sent to my e-mail address but it has not been sent as yet. Why is the process saddled with so much difficulty?

  44. wanda allen Says:

    i tried to pay my bill .i dont know if it went thru or not .please let me know.

  45. carmeta white Says:

    how in Gods name can anyone renew their subscription been trying 4 almost a year now. and since i read the blogs i find out how bad your company really is ,now i am getting to put in my email address and password and i am told its wrong.help!!

  46. Paul Says:

    try using your router’s login info when it comes up with a “windows security” screen.
    it worked on mine.
    my.magicjack.com login probs will not be fixed with this info only “windows security” window login probs

  47. meangulo Says:

    i tr5ied to log in and the name and password were not accepted. Please help me. My name is Mary E. Angulo or could be Maria E. Angulo

  48. Lila Newman Says:

    Pls l need help,l cant renew my magicjack,l know what to do.

  49. Garnet Says:

    I can’t get into my magic jack., it says the cookies disabled. But I accepted all cookies and it still says the same.

  50. maxine Meyer Says:

    I am try to renew my magicjack service I have live.com instead of hotmail now, and I can’t remember my password when I signed up for magicjack Please help.

  51. andrea jackson Says:

    i am trying to renew my magic jack , but i just cant go through to it …. help me please

  52. Maria Says:

    I spent 2 hours on line to get canselation of the Magicjack I do not need. Nobody can walk me thru the disablement of the auto-renewal. I do not have a password that is needed. Help

  53. ellington Says:

    I bought my magic jack on ebay but noe i am having problems renewing it

  54. Richard Macina Says:

    I need to make a payment for another year service for my magic jack can you give me the address to send it to.my email address has changed since my last payment it is now richardmacina@rogers.com Thank you R. Macina

  55. annjoseph Says:

    my magicjack isnt working. It is saying restart my magicjack. Im doing that and nothing is happening. It is also saying error 401. Can you please me to sort it out. Its over two weeks

  56. james Says:

    Resources say the Server that keeps magicJack connected…say to login to one’s account is down and has for days on my end.

  57. pat Says:

    I am unable to log in to magic jack it is saying no serial number what is wrong?

  58. pat Says:

    I just purchase this magic jack today. I am unable to log in. I can not set up an account. It is saying no serial number passed what is wrong?

  59. flora brizuela Says:

    I just renewed for 5 years account a9210503038224 but my phone number 512-410-8868 is not working, I need technical support or you can automatically arrange this situation?

  60. Zakaria Mohamed Says:

    I am a majic jack customer and my magic did not make or receive calls. I tried to disconected from phone and computer, but it is still not work.
    My majic jack phone number is 813 489 8223

  61. Phyllis Hall Says:

    I have not been able to use my magic jack for about 3 1/2Mo. I have talked toMs Judy,Shelley,Clifford,Jake and Clifford againand i still cannot get a call to go out. My neice ha a magic jack and she had the same problem and she finally got her jack fixed, they told her that her problem was due to the upgrade that you all did. I would like for someone to get my jack to work. the magic jack will start up and The green lite in the triangle will come on and go about 3/4 of the way then just set there and pulse like. Thank you

  62. Josefina House Says:

    Please email me an instruction how to renew my majicjack

  63. Robert Vanderslice Says:

    I can not get into my account. I got a free phone number which I do not like.
    My number is *0100274710* . I use this number and I still can not get into my account. I use my e mail address and I can not get into my account.

  64. Robert V Says:

    Can not get into my account. My phone nuber is *0100274710* . My password is correct.

  65. Robert V Says:

    Magic jack corporation and company. You can kiss my ass. I am tired of the run around on your web site. All I wanted to do was change my free phone number to a regular phone number. All I get is a run around. I am taking the majic jack device back to the retail store where I purchased it. Good riddance.

  66. Rick Zapata Says:

    Gentlemen –
    I subscribed to Magicjack a little over a year ago and I enjoyed using it. However, when it came time to renew, I could not get the right telephone nor website to indicate that I wanted to renew for another year. I even went to the Radio Shack place where I made the initial subscription and they told me I had to do it through the internet. I tried and I tried with no results. Will you kindly show or tell me how I can renew for another year? I would like to do that.

  67. iday Says:

    i,ll renew my mj and i want to pay and speak to a representative so i can send payment and i need a 1800 no so i can call.

  68. Jay vargas Says:

    I need to re charge my accaunt.. can you tel me were and how.? please.

  69. gary Says:

    i just bought a magicjack,used it one time then i disconnected it when i insert the jack again,i can get in and there’s a box for 2 option to choose,even i i click either one it still doesnt work???WTF?i tried to check the website and i put my email to send me the password but still i didnt get any info back?is this a SCAM!!

  70. pam stahl Says:

    I have lots of trouble—-I need help—-otherwise I need to take it back. I also was suppose to get a free year–says on the box, but to install I had to pay for a year. Please can someone call me.

  71. cj Says:

    Can you tell me why even after I record VM….when phone is answered says this is magic jack….help!

  72. J. Corcho Says:

    Sir; I can’t get the free directory back up on my moniter since you updated Magic Jack. Why didn’t you just leave things alone? Ever hear the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? The one who said” keep up the great work & you won’t have any bussiness soon” wasn’t kidding.


    I do not get a ring tone. how can that be corrected?

  74. Thomas Wright Says:

    How can I set up the ring tone?

  75. Don Allgood Says:

    can i send a fax with the magic jack. I have tried several times and it dosen’t work.

  76. JosephWilson Says:

    T expect FREE mymagicjack service for a period of One (1) Year;
    I would sincerely appreciate your Help in this matter. Thank You!
    Sincerely Yours, Carol Wilson

  77. Yolande Larocque Says:

    Hi, I would like to open a account with majicjack. I already have the device.
    If possible would like a 613 area code.
    Thank You

  78. Fernado Says:

    For every person that has a problem with their magic jack, I can tell you that this was the best investment I’ve made in a long time. If you guys are having technical problems, go to magicjack.com and clink on the 24/7 Tech Support. A live person will chat with you and walk you through any problems that you might have.

    I highly recomend using this product

  79. Duat Ninh Says:

    Dear Customer Service.
    In response to your suggestion, I have already upgraded my account to preferred customer. However, when I made the edit for credit card to be charged, it still show the old one which I already cancelled a long time ago, and they still continue sending me the statement of 0 balance. When I input my existing credit card, it prompted “too many credit card”, and kick me out. Meantime I only possess and use just one VISA card with Chase bank, not any other at all. Please help me solve this problem and accept my Visa card informations I recently submitted. Your prompt action will be greatly appreciated.
    Duat Ninh

  80. Roger Norton Says:

    I bot 2 majicjacks off a TV specia and now they tell me that they weren t they say they were only for a year they took my money with no problem when they needed customer,now that they have be come larger they rip you off and want live up to there agreement.Majicjack is a total rip off

  81. Ernesto Says:

    How do I make free international calls

  82. nyla gregory Says:

    Dear Magic Jack
    How can I talk to a rep? I need to renew my subscription. I tried on line and put in credit card number, but am still getting a dialogue that says it is about to expire. Please help. thank you.

  83. cecilia Says:

    i renewed my magicjack at $19.95 just now but still i cannot use it..how? or you need to return the payments i made????


    Yesterday I made a payment in the amount of $20.00 for international calls. i was not able to submit it, but got a new registration notice (why) I need international phone service. The service charge is still valid. Please advice. I was not able to submit it.

  85. Barbara Says:

    I’ve been trying to renew my magicjack and am not getting anywhere. I really dont know what to do any more.

  86. Monty Says:

    A few days ago, I ordered the FREE trial of this service. I agreed to give you my card number and that only on the 31st day from when the service starts (30 day free trial) would the first payment come out of my account. The schedule states that the rest comes out a month later? All funds for the service came out today and this has caused my checking to go negative. I want to cancel my account and have the money returned to my bank account. $73.64 + $48.82 + $1.00 = $123.46. This is a lot more then I expected to pay and I need it back today.

  87. Charles Araujo Says:

    I can’t log in The password your sent me does not work I have tried it many times???

  88. BRENDA Says:

    anyone needing to get in to their account just has to contact magic jack live help and they will mail you a password.

  89. Joseph Tucker Says:

    forgot my password haven been able to use my magicjack at all paid for 5 years

  90. darin Says:

    need help log in my account want let me log in plz help

  91. darin hargrove Says:

    please help me log in it want let me paid for 1yr.


    I too have been unable to use the magic jack plus and get the busy signal when i try to call the customer support line (some 15 times or more).

  93. Marylou White Says:

    Have no dial tone. Handset sats NO LINE. HELP!

  94. JOHN Says:

    it is not proper to be forced to pay for something that should have been provided from the outset.


    It is not proper to pay for something i should have received at the outset.

  96. Christopher L. M. Says:

    I am a long time magicjack customer and for the most part I am satisfied with the service. Recently I came across your MagicJack Plus advertisement. I am interested in buying it but I need to know if this MagicJack Plus will work with a 220 voltage outlet. Will there be a problem if the adapter is plugged-in 24/7? Please advise. Thanks.

  97. OBIRI YEBOAH Says:

    I have bought $50.00 of international call minutes. But when I call it tells me that I have no units and that I should login to “my.magicjack.com”. I have know log in to that address but it dosn”t show whare I can purchase minutes. Thanks.

  98. Tom De Martino Says:

    Tried both Magic jack, and plus neither works so far.Also cannot get into my account with my password, and e mail ,or phone #. I have duel AT&T handsets Dect 6.0 could this cause any problem ?Will make another attempt tomorrow with friend’s help. Customer Tom De Martino

  99. reynold Says:

    hi,how do i check my account balance on my magicjack because it is really complicated and i need to confirm a few things…please respond asap


    I am trying to transfer my cell # for my magic jack # it tells me to go to subscriptions when I go there it tells me I do not have one I have been trying to do this for one hour u can have this back if its not taken care of asap

  101. Esther Says:

    trying to change original magic jack computer phone number to a new number
    to give to another person to use. I am already using my new magic jack plus and
    kept my old original phone number.

  102. shirley gant Says:

    i love my magic jack i wish that it was the only communcation out there.keep up the good work i only wish i can try the plus. but i guess that wont happen.

  103. Ernesto Says:

    I just purchased majicjack in best buy i plug in my computer i heard only dial tune when i dial the number it will not go through. Please give me some procedure how to install so that i can use. I called the support i have to pay $40.00 to answer my question. What kind of gimmick is this in the TV plug in and it when thru with the child. Please help me.

  104. Fran Kemper Says:

    I just hooked up my MagicJack Plus yesterday (Dec 13). I seems to be registered, but I cannot get a phone number. My area code is 318 my prefix is 281 need to get numbers so I can receive calls from my contacts. Thanks FOR YOUR HELP. Do you have a customer service number?.
    Fran Kemper
    Bastrop, LA

  105. Martha Sanchez Says:

    I tried to pay on line, as far as I go entering my credit card and then stops and I am no able to continue.

  106. Stella Salmans Says:

    cant seem to access or get magic jack plus to work?

  107. Carol Welch Says:

    I have magicJack and have purchased magicJack plus I can’t get anywhere to register it. my.magicjack.com doesn’t work. Can you help

  108. ezra dwayne Says:

    we have mj here in the philippines coz our friend in states brought that here i couldnt make a new account so that we can be able to use it here, the mj website tells us to order or make a trial just to have a account, this is crazy, can they just make us a account without ordering it cause we have the mj… just give us a 30 day trial cause our friend already purchase it…

  109. nancy Says:

    I received the magicjack today but I do not have a phone number to change it to my own number & I am very sceptical because of all the negative feedback I have read. Do you have anything positive people have written of how this has proven to really be such a great invention?

  110. Liz Back Says:

    want to know when my next due date is for magic jack.

  111. larry westby Says:

    i installed mj+ and i had to uninstall it and now it keeps on giveing me a error #404 and will not complete its down load please help

  112. sokhna ndiaye Says:

    i don’t know to renew my magicjack for 1year for the amount of 19.99$ help me please

  113. Robert Says:

    When called from a cellphone caller is shown “you have reached a non-working number, message 14 switch 17-1″ WHY? this is the age of cellphones.

  114. Willie Bungo Says:

    Watch it yourself and you may see him. In the event the camera hits him, he points in internet marketing like The government. SuperFly Don Cornelius!!!!!

  115. STEVE Says:

    i like my MJ it works perfect,but i havent needed any customer suport yet.
    im waiting to see if my 5 year thing is going to work if it dosent im going to add to all the negitive comments.

  116. Jeronimo Garcia Says:

    1/12/2012 I paid $ 85.78 for the Magic Jack and the services but on 1/27/2012 i paid $ 52.34 Total $ 138.12 I desire please you explain me by E-Mail what I am paying for this service.
    I keep the old phone number January 12 but I am waiting to finish the set up is not jet. I need this comunications from,the office of my doctor to my medical appointment. Thank very much.

  117. shadae Says:

    my magicjack stop working how can i get it back to work i got it only 5 days ago

  118. Roque Says:

    waiting for my new Telephone number and be connected.
    no more adds its driving me nuts.


  119. Roque Says:

    I received the magicJack March 29th,2012 please give me
    a new Tel. number bye for now.

  120. amelia cameron Says:

    I do not know my password to check my account. how do i change my password, or is there a number i can call and talk to someone.

  121. michael bindii Says:

    I need my password for my new number 4084592619 . I ask many time but they are sending me my old password from my old number..

  122. Marilyn Rooney Says:

    I upgraded from MagicJack to MagicJackPlus. How do I cancel subscription for
    the original MagicJack, which I no longer will be using?

  123. Edward Banyard Says:

    I installed a Magic Jack + yesterday and today I tried logging on to your website, I asked fo a new password and it was sent twice but it doesn’t work. I need help with a password that works and also I need to know how to set up voice mail. I’m waiting for verizon to release my phone number.

  124. Edward Banyard Says:

    I requested a password and you sent it to my email but it doesn’t work I tried it with both my phone # and my email address and neither one worked I also sent 2 messages on this system but they both came back error on page, 3rd try

  125. Nancy DuBose Says:

    I got a message on my phone stating that my phone number has expired. I don’t remember the email I had at the time I purchased the magicjack so I am unable to log in to remew my phone number. When I setup the magicjack I purchased five years. Now I am told that the number has expired so what happened to the five years and why did the number expirer? Please help. I want my magic jack to work. Please help.

  126. jim Says:

    don’t know if anyone can answer this, but…..i registered this morning, they gave me a number and area code that i wanted, and now if i call someone, they see a different number on their display, and no one can call me on my number. Now i try to login and it wont let me?? any suggestions??

  127. sonya carter Says:

    i would like to renew my subscription for the 19.99 a year and change my number to a 309 area code how can i do this

  128. Barry Maughan Says:

    Can’t get in touch with service for my personal account

  129. Patricia I Thompson Says:

    I need to renew magic jack yearly subscription but cant remember email and password.Do i need to register again?

  130. ma crisando reyes Says:

    Pls. help us create an account to log in to magicjack.com.

  131. Nelly Solis Says:

    I have a majicjack plus and it will expire soon,i want to renew it but i forgot the password…i have already tried to logged in,using the phone number but i clicked only the the forgot password..until now,i haven;t received yet the reply on my e- mail .Please reply.

  132. carlene Says:

    I keep getting a recording saying my telephone number is about to expire. I have paid to keep my number & you have taken it out of my checking account. WHY AM I GETTING THIS RECORDING??????

  133. Mary Says:

    I got a message from MagicJack Plus on my phone that I need to renew my service I am good until 6/27/13 this is my renewal date. Why can’t I use my phone? Please answer by E-Mail so I can give you my info. Thanks Mary

  134. jswetzel Says:

    HELP! You say my account is up…but I have 2 more years on my platinum account. How can I get credit and continue phoning??

  135. Remo2525 Says:

    I was using m j to my desktop, everything was fine, then I buy m j+, I couldn’t open the soft-prompt to update and have a tel. #, I have to call all of my friends, and get different number to call me back. Also I want to make int’l call. I want to paid for but the prompt doesn’t let me do it. Plz give me advice asap. I already have bad experience with the new system. I was agree to get a new number, but not even that happens. What wrong with the system. You get famous, and fall sleep.

  136. Brenda White Says:

    After reading all of these messages I’m beginning to believe no one is actually able to renew. I’ve tried to renew for 2 days and unable to get past the login. You have verified my password is correct and my email has not changed.

  137. Marian Cooper Says:

    I purchased Magic Jack on October 1 with your 100% return policy within 30 days if not satisfied. I had to return my Magic Jack to Radio Shack where I purchased
    it because it was not reliable for me. I’m 83 and I have LifeFone which requires a reliable land line or I could have a problem connecting in an emergency. I was cut off while talking with my daughter in Texas and neither of us could call the other back but had to use my cell phone. Also, I could not call my son in Montana nor could he call me without purchasing prepaid minutes. I also paid $99.95 plus $5.75 regulatory fees for your 5 year additional service. Radio Shack refused to refund my money for that and said I had to request it from you.
    Please advise me how to accomplish this. If I cannot get my money back on this I will be out $150 because I was also charged $20 to port my phone # when I purchased this package and another $30 when I had to go back to a land line.

  138. Dennis Pinkman Says:

    I’m having problems with my service & can not log into my acct. I would like someone to contact me from magic jack or is this a front for some scamming group

  139. evangeline Fran-Abanes Says:

    I would like to renew my telephone # for 4 more years since I purchased the service for 5 years because I transferedmy regular phone # to Majic Jack. I amtold onthe phone to go to my magic jack .com but it does not work. Ido not want to waste the money I already paid for 5 years.

  140. glen miller Says:

    i can only call out of my magic jack. cannot receive incoming calls help

  141. Henry Says:

    I just bought the magic jack plus unit and started making calls without registering my phone, now I can’t seem to get back on the site to register. is there a CD to show me how to do it..

  142. audrey Says:

    i tried to renew my magic jack but it keeps telling me that my e-mail and password do not match, please help

  143. Olivia Davidson Says:

    I am trying to renew my subscription, and I do not find the access to payment
    method, I accidentally ordered another magic jack, I need to cancel that and renew
    my subscription
    Ok, so what is the answer to renew my subscription site

  144. James Ellis Says:

    My magicjack plus is telling me to buy long distance minutes to call my daughters house which is 30 miles away. I am in 316 zone and she is in 620.

    When I tried to log onto my account, it will not accept my login. I tried telling MJ that I could not remember my password and was sent the one I have been trying to log in with. I tried cutting an pasting as well and no go.

    I thought this was such a good thing that I signed up for 5 years and am now having some serious second thoughts about the whole magic jack.

  145. Stan R Says:

    I have been using MJ for a year with limited reception. When I opened the box, the contacts weren’t sodered so it won’t make a connection, still. Tried to contact the real life people but they are always to busy to sit around with a phone that I pay minutes for. MagicJack must be getting to big to take care of so many people on the phones. “Hey Magic Jack owner” You owe me for a year of iffy reception and 3 months of no usage. Is this any way to run a business?

  146. annette ellington Says:

    i am a magic-jack customer and i paid for five years and it is not even a year yet and you are telling me i have few days leave before you disconnect my phone i am trying to call you people with no success what is wrong with you people money don’t grow on tree you need to fix your problem you already had my money and giving people the run a round if you don’t fix it a lot people will forget that their was a company named magicjack shame on you

  147. hixford thomas Says:

    i dont know my magicjack number and i would like to know how to get it

  148. barbara bonnar Says:

    Hi owner of M. Jack. Stop to hide your contact. I did have problem in prepaying of international calls and had many difficulties because my credit cards show that you charged me twice and I did not received confirmation from you about my real orders.After calling your office I did not get any answer and finally I had to ask for a new credit cards.I have problem to make international prepayment and real status on my credit cards. I ordered and paid and still i did not have connection to international calls.

  149. s isaacs Says:

    I prepaid for 5 yrs 1 yr later need to renew donot have password how do i login???

  150. admin Says:

    If you forgot your password then you can reset password by use of your account data, mobile as well as email account. Click on “Forgot Password?” option for the process…

  151. Mc Donald George Says:

    Hi Magicjack,

    I am trying to find out how much I owe for your services. Please send a email to mrmgeorgei857@gmail.com with my bill information. Thanks much.

    Mc Donald

  152. adele watt Says:

    I have renewed my magic jack phone service for 5years, I’M NOT SURE IF IT has been excepted and processed please send me an e-mail regarding this renewal thanks Adele watt

  153. hector Says:

    I just got my magic jack hook up and I need to get a magic jack account so that I can deposit some funds. What is the process to open the and deposit the money…ned your help……

  154. beatrice Says:

    trying to update my account , it will not allow me to login 647 633 0340\\ Please tell me why br email

  155. wormmy Says:

    I have renewed my magic jack phone service for 5years, I’M NOT SURE IF IT has been excepted and processed please send me an e-mail regarding this renewal thanks Adele watt

  156. violeta perez Says:

    I have already a magicjackplus and I bought another one MagicJackPlus 2014 and I install it thinking that I can change my previous magicjackplus with the same number, which is (713) 389-8507 I don’t know If I do it right I might be charged again I just renew my payment last November 20, 2013 I don’t know who to talk to regarding this one please help me with this. I’m so desperate because I need to use my phone but I can’t because the other one is not working. thanks please email me what to do.

  157. Ibrahim Says:

    My service has expired.
    I tried to renew it for five years, but for some reason, it failed after it had charged my credit card the full amount!
    I tried again for one-year renewal only this time. I encountered the same problem as stated above!
    I request that I get the service renewed for five years and I be refunded for the one year.
    If renewal is not possible, please refund the total amount of $139.82.

  158. Kha Manh Dang Says:

    I paid by my Visa $99 for 5 years … My first day is working … My second day is not working … What should I do?

  159. GarrylvBall Says:

    I want to pay my $99.00 for another 5 years so send me a bill or show me how to make my payment Thank You GARRYLVBALL

  160. Roman Ariri Says:

    I have paid for 5 years service to magicjack, but now they are telling me to pay for my number every year. Does magicjack fail to recognize the contact they made with their customers. Where is the trust?

  161. Olubunmi Omitoyin Says:

    My Magic Jack plus account has expired I need to renew for another year. I need help to renew.

  162. Olubunmi Omitoyin Says:

    I need to renew my magic jack plus account. Can someone help me?

  163. Connie Achterberg Says:

    I can’t sign in or log on, only advertising and more questions show up.
    We have to pay our yearly $ 10.00 for a Canadian phone number.

  164. Gerald Flowerday Says:

    I’m trying to download your magic jack plus down in my computer and trying to register it. I would also like to use my same phone number 806 494 5929 Thank you

  165. chester simon Says:

    i payed magicjack $149.46 on 12/02/13 and i go to my account and it tell me that i will be cut off 2/22/14 and noone from comuser service will adderess my promber order #ts34983684

  166. SUZAN MILLER Says:


  167. marv Says:


  168. JACK CLINE Says:

    MAGICJACK NUMBER 720-346-9149

  169. JEAN VIAU Says:


  170. Roy McFarlane Says:

    Unable to install my Magicjack Plus on my computer. Please help.

  171. mirtvil jean Says:

    I paid my magicjack phone for 5 years. for 99 dollars on credit card. after 2 years I cannot use my phone because magicjack ask me to pay again. my phone number is 6138009594. plz give me a call to know what going on.

  172. doris Says:

    I need to hv my MJ reinstalled please. I hv paid for 5 years subscription.

  173. roger pike Says:

    I paid for 5 years and now you are telling me I will lose my number, to login but I find no place to login, why when I pay for 5 years do you do this to me????

  174. Richard Boulay Says:

    A replacement Magic Jack was Sent to replace a defective one. After downloading software my phone is saying that I have a 3002 error message. Help, I;ve been two weeks without this phone!!!

  175. Alan Von Tersch Says:

    Dear whomever:

    I recently renewed my account with Magicjack. I get dial tone, but it doesn’t ring at all. I tried calling technical support, but to no avail you get on one. I realize I have to go through this route. I just like to have my account activated. I purchased the 20 dollar 6 month paid plan and I can’t use it until my account is account is activated. Thanks!

  176. Geraldine Murray Says:

    I cannot call out on my phone, the message says my yearly contract is up, I have not had this set up for a year I didn’t hookup until Feb. I called to sign up for service on January 23, 2014 and bought Magic Jack Plus, also I took the 5 year plan for $107.00 with tax it was $111.79. So why is my service cut off. Order number #TS37593643. I paid a one time payment of $49.95. Please respond my telephone number is 609-861-2258

  177. mike stout Says:

    want to cancel my acc. 25906869 08-28-2014 is not dependable

  178. Viktoria Says:

    In December 5th, 2013 I paid for 5 years service. Now I’m getting message telling me to go to and login to my account or I will loose my number. There is no where to login or get support. What is happening?

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