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Progress Energy is headquartered in Raleigh. With approximately $10 billion in annual revenues and more than 22,000 megawatts of generation capacity, Progress-Energy is a Fortune 500 Energy Company. Two major electric utilities are included in Progress Energy; the utilities serve about 3.1 million customers in the Carolinas and Florida. The Edison Electric Institute’s Edison Award, the industry’s highest honor in recognition of its operational excellence has been earned by the company for customer service, the first utility was to receive the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates Founder’s Award. Aggressive energy-efficiency programs, investments are included in renewable energy technologies and a state-of-the-art electricity system; this balanced strategy is followed by the company for a secure energy future. In 2008, Progress Energy celebrated a century of service. Through education, Progress Energy is committed to empowering its customers.

Screenshot of homepage of Progress-Energy.com:

Progress-Energy.com - Login to Progress Energy Account - Bill Pay Center

Login at Progress-Energy.com:

To use services of Progress-Energy.com, existing customers can go for logging in. For that they need email ID and password. Enter email ID, password and then click on “sign in” option. If you have forgotten your password then “forgot your password” option is also available to recover password. New customer can get services after doing registration. To register, they have to enter personal details such as email address, password, first name, last name, zip code etc. and then click on “submit” option.

Screenshot of login page of Progress-Energy.com:

Progress-Energy.com - Login to Progress Energy Account - Bill Pay Center

Bill Pay options:

Progress Energy provides many options to pay bills. Users can choose the option of bill payment, which suits their lifestyles. Options of bills payment are as follows:

Online (e-bill):

For online payment, users have to login at Progress-Energy.com. After logging in, enter bank account of your choice and pay one time or month after month. It’s a free service and the secure way to view your Progress Energy bill online.

  • Instantly view your current Progress Energy bill
  • Access your previous 24 bills from any computer with Internet service, 24/7
  • It is your choice: avoid filing paper bills or choose to print

With e-bill, you also have the option to pay online.

  • Securely link to your bank account
  • No more writing checks
  • No more paying for stamps
  • Payments post in less time


  • Send a check through the mail
  • Pay monthly

Automatic Draft:

To pay your bill automatically each month, Automatic Draft is a free and convenient way. This bill payment process electronically debits funds each month, so no longer need to write a check. Just connect to the bank account of your choice and set to pay month after month.

How the program works:

  • Your account will only be drafted when it is reflected on your Progress Energy Florida bill after completing the online bank draft form. In the manner of cash, check, or money order, any current charges on your account at the time of this request should be paid prior to signing up for Automatic Draft.
  • After receiving your first bill reflecting on Automatic Draft, your monthly bill amount will be debited from your chosen active checking, credit union, savings, or money market account and transferred to Progress Energy’s bank automatically.
  • You will continuously receive a Progress Energy statement hat the funds will be deducted and processed from your account. You can sign up for e-Bill and receive your statement notification electronically in condition you would like to stop receiving a paper bill, while Automatic Draft handles paying it each month.
  • To pay for more than one Progress Energy Florida account, you can use Automatic Draft, and a separate draft is processed for each account. You have to complete the online form for each account to be drafted.

The following payment options include a fee:

Credit Card/Electronic Check (EasyPay):

EasyPay is a convenient payment option through a third-party vendor. EasyPay is powered by Siebel. With EasyPay, you can pay your Progress Energy bill over the phone or via the Internet, your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or Electronic Check. This service includes a $4.95 charge.

EasyPay is Convenient:

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use electronic checks, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card. Your Progress Energy account number and mailing zip code and a bank account, credit or debit card number are needed. EasyPay charges the payment plus a $4.95 convenience fee, which will be reflected on your banking or credit card statement. Before 4:15 PM Eastern Time, Payments are made Monday – Friday and will post to your account the same day. Payments made after 4:15 PM will post to your account the next Progress Energy business day. Please call Progress Energy at 800-700-8744 to confirm your payment, if you are subject to be disconnected for nonpayment.

To pay your Progress Energy Florida bill, visit EasyPay at
PE Florida EasyPay Residential or call toll-free

EasyPay is Safe

You give out no more information than you do every time you use a regular paper check or order something with a credit card.

Pay in Person

Pay at one of authorized Progress Energy paystation locations, which is near you. With the use of a personal check, cash, or money order, you can pay your bills. For bill payment, you have to carry your bill along with you. Simply enter the five-digit zip code for the area where you wish to pay or choose the City Search option to locate the paystations in your area to make a payment. Some locations may charge $1.

Billing Options:

Budget Billing:

Budget Billing is an optional payment program, which is designed to help residential customers to avoid unpredictable bills by equalizing payments over the course of three months. Pay a fixed average each month with Budget Billing.

Program benefits:

  • No charge
  • Easy to budget
  • Predictable bills

How the program works:

Your monthly Budget Billing amount will be based on the average of your actual bills during the last 12 months including local taxes, franchise fees, private area lighting, and energy management credits. This amount will be the same for at least three months. Your monthly bill shows exactly how much energy you use, the actual bill amount, and the deferred balance on your account. The difference between your actual bill and your Budget Billing amount each month will be shown as a deferred balance. This may be a credit or a debit. Every three months, your Budget Billing amount will be recalculated to reflect the average of your last 12 months’ actual bills and your deferred balance.

Note: If you have not established 12 months’ usage, the consumption history of the previous occupant will be considered to determine the average bill amount. For homes without a consumption history (new construction), the area average will be used.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Residential account
  • Good credit history
  • No past due balances

Note: Past due balances may be cause for removal from the program for a 12 month period.

Standard Billing:

Pay actual monthly usage

Seasonal Rate:

The Seasonal Rate is designed to assist customers, who are away for at least three months from March through October. In this condition, customers may stay connected with a monthly charge of $4.58 plus the cost of electricity used, taxes and franchise fees rather than disconnect of service. This is $4.18 off of the regular $8.76 monthly customer charge. This rate is available to all current residential customers who meet the eligibility criteria. This may include boat slips, rental properties and RV Parks.

Reasons to sign up:

  • Save Money – with no reconnection fee ($28 value) and a reduced customer charge
  • Convenience – Sign up once without having to renew yearly
  • Added security and protection – leave those important motion sensors and lights on – to give the appearance that you are home
  • No hassles – Take one thing off your checklist – not having to disconnect and reconnect service

Eligibility Criteria to be eligible for the Seasonal Rate:

  • Absence – You must be absent from the residence for at least three months during the period from March through October (The customer charge will automatically revert to $8.76 November through February, even if you are still away)
  • Energy Use – The maximum allowable consumption for a seasonal billing period is 210 kWhs. If usage exceeds 210 kWh, the normal customer charge of $8.76 will apply
  • Billing Period – If the seasonal billing period exceeds 30 days, the maximum allowable consumption is increased by seven (7) kWh per day

Bill Viewing Options:

Paperless (e-bill):

View your bill securely online, 24/7


Receive your monthly bill in the mail

Our Mailing Addresses for Payments:

Bill Payments
Progress Energy
P.O. Box 33199
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Overnight or Express Mail
Progress Energy Florida
Attn: Remittance Processing
299 1st Avenue N
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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