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ScottishPower Login :

Scottish Power, a vertically integrated energy company’s official site is ScottishPower provides a full range of energy supply services including billing, metering and call centre support. It operates electricity and maintains large power delivery networks in United Kingdom. Provide your Email Address and Password to login at Find various services of ScottishPower and about their products below. Here is mentioned full information about ScottishPower login with its step-by-step process.

Scottish Power Login -

About ScottishPower:

ScottishPower was founded in 1990 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The Company provides electricity, large power delivery network and gas at million homes, small and large business around the United Kingdom and western United State. They also offer a range of products and prices.

ScottishPower is focused on three main areas Energy Networks, Energy Wholesale & Retail and Canadian gas storage in Canada. They supply Gas and Electricity for more than 50 years to 3.5 million homes.

ScottishPower My Account Login:

If you have no idea about how to login at ScottishPower, then details about How to login to access your online account at the official site given here.

First go to the official site of ScottishPower, find four navigation such as, Home Energy, Small Business Energy, Large Business Energy and My Account at the top of website. Please click on “My Account” option and open a Login page. Enter your Email Address and Password, and then click on “Login” button. In case you forget Password, no problem there is given “Forgotten Password” option, click on it and get your new password.

ScottishPower Online Registration:

If you are already a ScottishPower customer, then register to access your energy account online at the website. Find Registration information at My account login page, please click on “Register to manage your account online” option then open a Register form. Enter your Account number and area Postcode and click on Next Button.

Online My Account Benefits:

  • Pay your bill securely online
  • View all your previous bills and energy consumption
  • Change your personal details online
  • Enter your meter readings
  • Do all this at any time of the day or night
  • If you also want to switch off paper bills then just choose their Online Energy Service and you could get an additional online discount of up to £15.75 (inc VAT) a year!

ScottishPower Product Information:

The company offers many different types of products such as,

  • Gas & Electricity
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Online Energy Service
  • Green Energy Options
  • No Standing Charge – it’s your choice
  • Fresh Start
  • Capped Price Energy September 2011
  • Discounted Energy December 2010
  • Pay in Advance
  • Fix ´n´ Flex August 2010


15 Responses to “Scottish Power Login –”

  1. R P MacLauchlan Says:

    Your Website for on line accounts when about to submit meter readings is very poor from an access point of view

  2. wilkinson Says:

    gas reading 04479
    electric reading 18151

  3. wilkinson Says:

    sorry i dont use the computer

  4. Godson Okafor Says:

    I joined Scottishpower around October 2009 and since then I have received conflicting bills without any meter reading. I submitted meter readings twice but Scottishpower have continued to send outrageous bills way above my gas and electricity consumption. I maintain that I am completely prepared to pay all my bills but will pay for only what I have used, that is my legal right.

    I most humbly request Scottishipower to send the bill for all I have used. As of today 12/01/2010, my gas meter reading stand at 0372827 while my electricity meter reading is 09151.

    The treatment I am getting from Scottishpower is completely the opposite of the impression I was given when your agent came to request me to join Scottishpower and it is rather unfortunate. A lady I spoke to in November about this matter at your customer services department was very rude, insulting and lacked tact.

    I do not want to owe anybody let alone Scottishpower. So please kindly send my correct bills (not estimated bills or your so called monthly installment bills) for me to pay immediately.

    As a result of all these, I have changed energy suppliers.

  5. Lynda Monkcom Says:

    You requested my meter readings but I have been unable to get into the site to give them. The problem (as shown onscreen is at your end). For a first time user this is very worrying but I will keep trying and then see how things progress.

  6. granville Says:

    is Scottish power Direct Debit or Standing Order option available for payment?

  7. erik Says:

    anybody using Scottish Power as their power provider? i want to know that is it possible to receive Scottish Power meter reading via text message on my mobile? how do i subscribe for mobile bill alert? i have already subscribed for scottishpower meter reading online email alerts. but i want to go for mobile option. OR you can provide me scottishpower customer service telephone number to contact.

    thanks in advance.

  8. Robert Says:

    I entirley agree with most of the comments here. I have had nothing but problems with Scottish Power since I moved from EDF whom I found very effecient. A person closed my account via the internet by putting in my postcode, yes that simple. It’s been nothing but hassle getting this sorted out with Scottish Power, they ignore my e mails, when I phone I get no explanation except that we “We have discusssd this before” Absolutely hopeless will be changing suppliers once I have sorted my bill out.

  9. Jo-Anne Says:

    I have tried 4 times to try find somewhere
    on this site to request a bill/statement of account.
    I am having great difficulty in doing this.Can someone please help me?????-
    My acount no. 07524039015.

  10. angela Says:

    I seem to be having the same problem as most of the other contributors.The agent was very pleasant and convincing.My monthly quote was initially 14% lower per month than Npower.After two months with SP it shot up 27% higher than I ever paid with Npower .I have also never been able to gain access to the account.Npower open your doors-I’m coming home!!!

  11. a stringer Says:

    You told me you were going to reduce my monthly payments WHAT HAPPENED?
    I have constantly been in credit so why not
    I have people all the time offering better deals than you.They are looking very temting

  12. Anne Dunning Says:

    I have not been able to access my online files since being with SP.
    Every pasword they send, IF I receive it, is not acknowledged by their website.
    Does not SP ever read the critiscisms that the public have ?
    They should, as lots of people would like to change from them.
    I know I will.
    Where is the power Watchdog and how do I get in touch to complain?

  13. Lord V.A.Alessi Says:

    Have tried to contact your office for almost 2 hours,very unprofessional,quite
    annoying,tried on my mobile,also land-line,no one answer the stupid phone,you are for 2 hours on the front of que but still no one answer the phone,very very bad.
    You have my phone details can someone Please contact me,it is quite Urgent
    Lord Alessi

  14. SARAH Says:

    moving to scottish power promised the earth cheaper tariffs ,ect,ect as they do, , then within few months i was behind which i have never been in gas and electricity, i called after major wait lots of please holds i got to talk to advisor who suggested i go on to meter as i was in DEBT i then insisted to go to speak to a supervisor who then apologised i was in the highest rate tariff yet when i signed up i had checked the tariff and the one i was on WAS NOT the one i signed up for why would i go for the expensive tariff if there was a cheaper option trying to explain this feel on rather unhelpful deaf ears, nothing but hassle and DEF not any cheaper for me and others i have chatted to BLOOMIN EXPENSIVE once they have you with them

  15. edward brodie Says:

    please cancel my transaction to jion scottish power until further notice as i am in dispute with my present suppler E Brodie

  16. judy whitehouse Says:

    Please DO NOT SIGN UP TO Scottish power. I have being having trouble contacting by phone, they do not answer ermails correctly. I am at the end of my tether. I am going to cancel direct debit, perhaps I may get a response then!!!!

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