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Www.Alltel.com Myaccount – Manage Alltel My Circle options

Alltel is one the biggest wireless telecommunication service provider in the United States. The official website of Alltel is www.alltel.com. Alltel provides various services and products to its customers. It is the fifth largest company with 14.7 million customers. Alltel provides MyAccount service to its customers where the customer can easily pay their bill, know new offers, and also change their number anytime. With MyAccount you can transact online and save your time. Here is provided information regarding www.Alltel.com Myaccount and Managing Alltel My Circle options.

www.Alltel.com Myaccount - Managing Alltel My Circle Options

The headquarters of the company are situated in Little Rock, Arkansas, US. Alltel operates a network in more than 34 states in USA with a wireless coverage area. In 2007, the net income of the company was $183 million.

Alltel also introduce one more benefit to its customer’s i.e. Mycircle service plan in which you can call from 5 to 20 numbers on any network for free of charge. You can register yourself on Alltel’s Website. With your cell phone having Mycircle service plan, you will have more liberty to call. Alltel offers varied services to its customers in Mycircle service plan like you are free to receive and make unlimited call, etc. With Mycircle service plan:

  • Customers identify as many as 10 numbers that matter most to them
  • Customers update their Circle as often as they want online
  • Customers choose who they call for free
  • Customers select any number, on any network in the U.S.

At anytime of the day customers can make and receive infinite free calls with Mycircle service plan. Customers can choose various rate plans for any combination of wireless, home and office numbers located anywhere in the U.S., despite of local phone company or wireless carrier. Alltel customers can select rate plans of $59.95 or higher can sign up for “My Circle” online at alltel.com/myaccount.

How to register for Mycircle?

  • Dial (800) 255-8351. Press 9 for Spanish or do not press a number for English.
  • Enter your Alltel mobile number.
  • Press 2 for “Account Changes.”
  • Press 1 for “Change Service.”
  • Inform the Alltel customer service representative that you would like to upgrade or downgrade your service. Choose the plan that gives you the amount of My Circle numbers you desire.

How to login for Myaccount?

  • First you need to enter the username
  • Then you need to enter the password.
  • Click on “login” button.

Source: alltel.com

One Response to “www.Alltel.com Myaccount – Managing Alltel My Circle Options”

  1. Terry Jarrel Says:

    I have updated my contract, added minutes/mycircle/have been a customer for years and still cannot get anyone online to acknowledge I’ve changed my account. I’m very frustrated with you guys, and would like for this to be a little easier to access. I’ve contacted customer service, answered questions, asked questions, and have gotten no reply. I am ready to change my service when my contract is up. My account number is 7300932345-097. This contract had better be in effect by tomorrow because I never use online for my account. I explained this to the employee at my alltel store, but he was no help. He said I had to call customer service at the 800 number. did that and it still is not showing up that I’ve changed my contract and minutes/circle. someone does not have my update in the system but I’ve been told it was active today, so it is in there. Please find it and tell me what to do

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