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www.everydayrewards.com.au: Register for Everyday Rewards Card & Manage Account

At www.everydayrewards.com.au, you can get Everyday Rewards Card and also manage your account online. For getting Everyday rewards card, you have to go for registration. By reward card you can easily view where you have earned and redeemed your fuel e-vouchers in one handy location and more. The information of Register for Everyday Rewards Card & Manage Account provided at Www.everydayrewards.com.au is given below.

An Australian loyalty program, Everyday Rewards is operated by Woolworth’s supermarkets. On the Everyday Rewards card, Earned fuel saving offers is stored electronically. At Caltex Woolworths/Safeway outlets, Fuel Discounts are exchangeable. In central west New South Wales, Everyday Rewards was first trailed from September 2007. Woolworths Everyday Rewards is confident that its customers are rewarded for their everyday shopping. You can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points, expediently store your fuel saving offers and you will also receive offers and promotions from time to time with a registered Everyday Rewards card.

Benefits of Everyday Rewards Card:

Earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points: At Woolworths/Safeway Supermarkets and BWS stores (excluding Tasmania) and BIG W stores, you can earn 1 point per dollar spend over $30 spent in one transaction. At Dick Smith and Tandy stores (excluding franchisee and resellers stores), you can earn 1 point per dollar spent over $50* in one transaction.

Fuel e-vouchers: In the same way you earn a fuel saving docket, you earn a fuel e-voucher. When you spend over $30 in a single transaction at participating Woolworths or Safeway Supermarkets and Liquor or BIG W stores, simply present your Everyday Rewards card and a fuel e-voucher will be loaded onto your card.

Replace Your Dockets with a Handy Card: It’s easier to save at the fuel pump, without having to hunt for your paper dockets with your fuel saving offers stored on your Everyday Rewards card as fuel e-vouchers.

Other benefits:

  • Enjoy special discounts from Woolworths/Safeway Supermarkets, BIG W stores and BWS stores, Dick Smith and Tandy stores
  • Access exclusive offers from the Woolworths group of stores
  • Earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points when you shop at Woolworths/Safeway Supermarkets and BWS stores (excluding Tasmania) and BIG W stores, Dick Smith and Tandy stores (excluding franchisee and resellers)
  • Share fuel e-vouchers with family and friends simply link their registered Everyday Rewards card to your account
  • View your fuel e-vouchers and saving history online
  • Update your contact details so you don’t miss out on important information or exclusive offers

How to login for Everyday Rewards Card?

Login option is situated at the right hand side of the home page. To login enter your username and password then click on login option.

Register for Everyday Rewards Card:

When you visit at www.everydayrewards.com.au, you will find register option in the right hand side of the home page. Registration process is of 4 steps, you have to follow the instructions of each step. In step 1, you have to enter card number, title, first name, preferred name, middle name/s, family name, email address, confirm email address, gender, date of birth, username, password, and confirm password then you have to accept terms and condition after reading carefully then click on next option. When you click on next option, you will find next page where you have to follow instruction for registration.

My Account registration:

In my account managing your rewards navigation, you can go for create your account. For that you have to click on create my account option and enter your personal details such as first name, family name, and date of birth then enter your country, address type, property name, unit no (optional), street type, suburb, state, postcode then click on next option and follow instructions.

Video of Woolworths Everyday Rewards Card commercial from Youtube:

Source: https://www.everydayrewards.com.au/edr/wps/portal/rewards

43 Responses to “Www.everydayrewards.com.au : Register for Everyday Rewards Card & Manage Account”

  1. virginia Says:

    have a few questions about my everyday rewards prepaid mobile phone account
    I am unable to recieve and callls or texts from anyone who is with this carrier WHY…

    Your earliest rely would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Douglas Choyce Says:

    QANTAS Frequent Flyer have sent me an everyday rewards card.

    I understand I must register my card. BUT WHERE is the Website? I can’t find it on the brochure anywhere.

    Is there a form somewhere to fill out? Or do I just take the card into Woolworths, Dick Smith, Tandy, etc … and BUY something?

    Totally confused? Please help.



  4. wilkinson Says:

    I have just registered how do I link my wife’s everyday rewards card so we can connect both cards to collect frequent flyers etc ?

  5. alison Says:

    My computer will not let me register my rewards card – can you tell me how to to it please.
    Thank you

  6. lee Says:

    I have the same problem as Alison, each time I try to register my Woolworths Everyday Rewards Card from my home computer I get the barcode you are entering is invalid, try again. But always the same reply, I am writting the correct barcode so can somebody please explain what’s going on. Thank You Lee. Also this is the second time I’ve had to submit this, again more problems

  7. Maree Says:

    Also cannot register card on-line

  8. georgie Says:

    also cannot register on-line

  9. Sue Says:

    I have tried 4 different times to register on line – programme will not allow you to enter anything in the boxes!

  10. brian Says:

    I am registered with erverydayrewards but have changed internet providers how do i Chang it with you

  11. Suzannah T Says:

    I tried registering my card so many times. I bought a fair amount of things at Dick Smith of late & each time the person at the check out said, “your card is not registered. Register by 11:59 tonight & the points will go on the card” – you must be joking !!!- It is the most difficult thing to do or is it a farse?? I think I will throw the card in the bin.

  12. Graeme Bound Says:

    I lost my everyday rewards card. I have uplifted a new Card from “Woolworths” but I cannot/unable register it at the “Register” webb site .Nor will Woolworths answer my email to advise me what I should do in the circumstances. Tipical congomerate not interested?

  13. Eunice Says:

    have triede to log on to check points but site will not open

  14. Annie Jones Says:

    I cannot register my rewards card. I tried a couple of years ago without success and I’ve just tried again several times to no avail. Your site freezes and nothing I do helps.

    Annie Jones

  15. bRUCE Says:

    I have tried to register my card but am unable to entre any of the neccessary data as required by your web page. Please can you advise me how I am to do this

  16. dawn Smith Says:

    I have lost my card and have another one – can I just register that one on line as I am missing out on point and rewards
    Thank You

  17. nicky Says:

    i have tried to register my every day rewards care but it wont except it can u help me please

  18. Ces Says:

    What a pain in the butt trying to register not worth the trouble . Not good customer relations

  19. bal Says:

    I was sent a reward card but when I go to register it the site doesn’t let me write any details I think its not worth the trouble. Please get your site changed oso that people can register the cards easily

  20. Paul Holmes Says:

    I have been trying to access how I apply for the new Woolworths / Qantas Credit Card on your website. This new card was advertised in the West Australian Newspaper on Monday November 8, 2010.
    Please advise me how I can get access to the application?

    Thank you,

    Paul M. Holmes.

  21. Jill Says:

    Like so many other people who can’t register..I have the very same problem when I go to register for Frequent Flyers..the site won’t wont let me do anything..I have a suggestion to everyone who is having this problem..ring the 1300 number and register..that’s what I plan on doing..It’s worth a try

  22. nigel Says:

    lost my rewards card and would like a replacement,how do i go about getting a new one

  23. Ron Thompson Says:

    Not worth the trouble, Shell looks good. three weeks trying, many of my friends have given up. You have lost them to coles. Why are you wasting your money advertising. When we phone you act as if you don’t know. Why take us (your customers) for fools. Please reply to this complaint, or are you still going to ignore.
    This is the 11th message left on your webpage.(Friends & Family)

  24. Ron Thompson Says:

    Neighbour sugested we try and complain about this site to radio talk back show, sit back and listen to other comments.

  25. Mary Says:

    Received info about the supermarket challenge game, but when clicking on there is no link, have tried accessing through the web site but only find send a heart for christmas, help please

  26. Ulana Says:

    I have tried to register my card a nomber of times but am unable to enter the information. Please help.

  27. Marie Says:

    I lost my my every day rewards card and want to get a replacement but how!!???

  28. Beverley Says:

    Tried to register, no luck. Read the comments & agree. Staying with Coles.

  29. Beverley Says:

    OMG. Tried to register, no luck. Read the comments and agree. Will stay with Coles

  30. samantha lowe Says:

    it wont let me register.. what do i do??

  31. judith Says:

    it won’t let me register

  32. sharon Says:

    what a heap of shit there web site is a i think i will stay with coles ..

  33. nada Says:

    someone stole my bag with all my documents and money and reward card was with my reward card. What can I do?

  34. shane Says:

    can not type on the open link to register my card????

  35. james nolan Says:

    hi i have tried to register the rewards card it wont let you do it there are a lot of other people with thge same problem the card is a farse either woolworths do it for you or i wont shop at woolworths and shop at coles at least with coles you don’t have a problem if there is a problem with your web site you should fix it or end up losing customers i’m probally better of sticking to aldi no cards but everything is cheaper than woolworths including your milk and bread regards james

  36. Willy Masters Says:

    I lost my my everyday rewards card, I have submitted to Woolworths the lost card , they have told me to submit another card, and in the drop down options to say I lost my card. Well geuss what it wont allow me submit another card.
    Thanks Woolworths

  37. Yvonne Tromp Says:

    I have not been recieving my Woolworth Specials e-mails lately but I have a rewards card and account ?

  38. Shelley Gugger Says:

    I have lost my card, how do I replace it and do I lose all my accumulated points?

  39. Dawn Baker Says:

    I live out of town and the sight wouldn’t recognize my address and when I eventually made contact, it wont accept my password. Have now lost my card and don’t think I want to bother with it any more.

  40. Debbie Gallpen Says:

    I am trying to re register 4 a woolworths everyday rewards card. I did have a card but my purse was stolen 2 yrs ago with my woolworths rewards card in it

  41. yeo lay hoon Says:

    similarly to the above numerous comments, I too have been trying to register online for sometime but not successful…. previously my husband had a card but forgot his login name and he too tried to obtain the same from website by going through the steps required but not successful too..

    why oh why does woolies have such a mess up website for registration… stay with coles… easy registration by slow mail..

  42. lalita prasad Says:

    why cant i re register for rewards card,my cant went missing over year ago,tried so many times ,cannot do it

  43. David Says:

    Hia I tried to register my card online with no luck.I purchased items at Dick Smith and BigW today and was told that my card was not registered but if I did so before the end of the day I could register both purchases.PLEASE CONTACT ME so that I can do what is required.Not a too helpful online system I might add….

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