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Www.Juniper.com Mastercard Online Account

Online and wireless banking plus a new credit card is offered by newly established bank, Juniper Bank. Www.Juniper.com is the official website of Juniper master card. A transparent MasterCard, Juniper master card with features such as no over-limit fees, low late fees, and the ability for cardholders to manage their accounts and pay their bills online or via wireless devices is offered by Juniper bank. The consequence of strategic alliance of Juniper bank with Master Card International is Juniper Bank Master Card. This card is certainly characteristic and has by now gained the Targeted client Base. With benefits to establish the market presence, this Juniper Bank Master Card has been loaded.

Features of Juniper master card:

  • Juniper Bank Master Cardholders are able to withdraw cash from ATMs ( Automated Teller Machines) worldwide.
  • Juniper Bank Master Cardholders are not required to pay any Over Limit Fees.
  • Cardholders get the facility of low introductory 2.9% Annual Percentage Rate for the first four months from the date of account opening.
  • After four months, when the introductory APR period is over, the applicable APR becomes Prime+4.49% on going APR.
  • Late Payment Fees associated with Juniper Bank Master Card is quite low. It is $19 compared to an industry average of $26. But, for the balances paid late, the applicableAnnual Percentage Rate will be Prime+ 10.49% APR.
  • The Juniper bank provides a Reimbursement up to $6 per month to the Cardholders for ATM Fees charged by other banks for using their ATMs.
  • The bank charges 2% Balance Transfer for the transfers made after the initial application.
  • Customers can manage their card account and can pay their bills using Online Services or via Wireless Devices.
  • According to the bank, soon the customers will be endowed with the facility of viewing Account Balance, paying bills and transferring funds between Junipers and non- Juniper accounts will occur through an array of wireless devices.
  • Cardholders will also receive Notification from the bank through Pagers, PDAs and Web-enabled phones.

How Do login at Www.Juniper.com:

If you want to login for Juniper master card, then visit Juniper master card’s official site at Www.Juniper.com. You will find login box on the home page and login process is divided into steps. So first of all you have to enter your user name and click on continue option and follow the instructions. For entering the password, the option of “where do I enter my password” is available. You can check your status by clicking check the status option. If you do not have username or password then click on “don’t have one?” option. If you are a customer and visiting the site for the first time, then you can set your online account by clicking on “Setup Online Account Access Now” option.

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  1. Thomas Kyle Says:

    Juniper Bank a division of Barclays Bank is unfair and dishonest. Do not do business with this bank. They cheated me out of my Earned Rewards Points.

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