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Www.Kohls.Com My Account – Login to My Kohl’s Account

If you are looking for a place to shop online, then having My Kohl’s Account in Www.Kohls.Com will ease your task. It is an exceptional website which is just like a big online shopping mall where you can buy almost everything that you want. If you don’t believe, you can visit Kohl’ is an American department store chain Kohl’s official website, which offers online shopping for clothing and household goods, plus a store locator, company information, and employment opportunities. You just have to create a shopping account, after that Login to My Kohl’s Account to enjoy all features!! To know, how to login on My Kohl’s Account, please read the rest of article below!

www.Kohls.Com My Account - Login to My Kohl's Account


Once you Sign In at, you can view your saved shopping bag, track your order, update your information, and receive email updates. Www.Kohls.Com is simple to navigate and popular amongst the older female customers, college students because of a wide selection of products to all people.

About Kohl’s:

American department store chain Kohl’s is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee. Currently, the company is having 1,059 stores in 49 states. As stated in store and online, Kohl’s mission is to be the leading value-oriented, family-focused, specialty department store. Kohl’s was the 24th-largest retailer in the United States, according to 2008 revenue.

About Www.Kohls.Com :

When you open www.Kohls.Com, you will find that there are many different shopping sections on it, like women’s, juniors’, handbags, men’s, kids, baby, shoes, jewelry, and also Toys & Games and much more. Just click whatever products you want to buy!! On the homepage, you can also find the latest news on big sales, other deals, offers, gifts like ‘40-50% off Selected Updated Sweater & Fleece Tops for the family’. Bottom of the page displays important features including Our community, Our Brands, Our Websites, Store Locator and much more!! So you can login to My Kohl’s Account today for convenient service.

Login to My Kohl’s Account features:

  • Track your order
  • View your saved shopping bag
  • View your unbilled activity
  • Update your Personal information
  • Receive email updates & Subscriptions
  • View your current balance and much more!!

How can you activate your new Kohl’s Charge card?

You can visit Kohls.Com Card Activation site to activate your new card. By presenting your photo ID and Kohl’s Charge card at the time of your next purchase or by calling 1-800-954-0244, you can also activate your Kohl’s card.

Www.Kohls.Com My Account Login:

Login process of Kohls is easy and convenient and takes only few minutes! First of all, go to Www.Kohls.Com where you will see Sign In or My Account tab at the above of the page. To login, you can use either Sign In or My Account option because both are providing same service. Take ‘My Account’ tab to describe Www.Kohls.Com My Account Login process, just click on it and you will arrive at Login page.

If you already have Kohls account, then hit on the ‘Sign In’ red banner link, enter your email address and Password. If you forgot your password, then hit on related link there.

How to Create a Kohls.Com Shopping Account?

Create an account option is provided under the Sign In option on the Login page. Just press on it and choose create an account section there. After clicking on it, you have to enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, Re-Enter password and then click on the Next button. We hope that you will be created your account successfully by this information!!

Please visit Kohls.Com for further information!!

43 Responses to “www.Kohls.Com My Account – Login to My Kohl’s Account”

  1. Says:

    I placed an order Friday December 18th 2009 and did not get a confirmation..Just wanted to know if you have recieved the order…thanks
    Sue Peters
    8200 S Fordney
    Saint Charles, Mich. 48655

  2. Says:

    Placed and order friday the 18th ..just want to know if YOU recieved it…I didnt get a confirmation…
    Sue Peter8200 s. fordney Saint Charles, mich. 48655

  3. Helene Leopold Says:

    I filled in form for $5 + but never received it.

    Helene Leopold

  4. Emerita Bradley Says:

    I would like to know an adress where I can send it my payment.

  5. Emerita Bradley Says:

    can I made payment on the store


    i cant believe for a $13.00 payment two days late i get charged $29.00 late fee, close my account!! i will never purchase a thing from kohl’s again, x loyal customer!!!

  7. theresa Says:

    Kohls have the worse cashers of all the stores in the world slowly, I was in lane like a 35minuts waiting to pay the worse i will never go back again

  8. Marie T. Says:

    recieved my bill today all it has is an amount owed no description of the charges am I supposed to pay anything they decide to charge me without first checking to see if I actually made these purchases I will no longer use my Kohls charge.

  9. Norma Allen Says:

    I have read the other comments and they appear to be mostly, if not all, negative!!!
    Not surprising to me though. It seems people just enjoy complaining. I think people ought to take the time to speak with a Department Manager and/or a Store Manager when they are having a difficult time dealing with less than the best treatment. This way those actions can be corrected and not continually repeated over and over again. I have found that typically younger “school aged” children spend way too much time talking with their friends and/or ignoring customers unless they are of the same age group. I believe a better training program(s) would be helpful to weed out the losers. Don’t get me wrong, there are some quite professional acting younger people as well-thank goodness. Norma in Kenosha,WI

  10. Robin Walts Says:

    I do like Kohls and its sales I just don’t like not
    being able to see my account on line. I do what
    they tell me and rarely can I ever pull it up it keeps
    going in circles. Yes the lines sometime upset me,
    but so does life. Just grin and bear it I’m alive.

  11. jerry b Says:

    I bought using charge card that was to save me money,then i was late on paying 1st bill by 2 days and the late charge was more than my savings. When i used card i wanted to pay card off right then but was told i couldn’t use a debit,just cash or check,which i didn’t have with me. No more charge card for me.I want simple,not rip off

  12. Doris Pylant Says:

    I am trying to register my account for Kohls online. I have not been successful in doing so. This website is the most confusing one I’ve ever seen. I have other credit card accounts online and have had no problems with navigating.

  13. Richard Williams Says:

    Why are not the items purchased listed on my invoice? It just says “purchase at the Southridge Store”. I use my charge often: how am I to know what I am paying for? Truly an annoyance and quite questionable!

  14. Joanne Davis Says:

    Two purchases on my new account, the statement doesn’t tell me which one is the skirt and which is the blouse. I returned the blouse but not sure which is which. Please clarify. Joanne Davis

  15. William B. Metcalfe Says:

    I want to make an online payment but the charge card number on my card does not go through. I have no bill so I can’t see if the charge card nunbler is the same on the bill and on the card.

  16. sue-z Says:

    I agree, they should list items purchased. Plus this is indeed a most confusing site. The phone is worse, as the first thing the COMPUTER wants is my social security number….what is that aobut? I thought they had my account information. why not the accounts number/?

  17. Linda Rice Says:

    I have never had so much trouble accessing my account on any account I have online. Whomever designed this website is not customer or people friendly. Or intelligent. I can see by looking at other comments there is no hope for change. I don’t mind paying more in Macy’s than go through the frustration Kohl’s offers. Once this acct is paid off it will be closed

    Linda Rice
    Huntington Beach, CA

  18. JOYCE M PRYOR Says:

    I am having trouble paying my bill. I have set it up to pay online, but can’t access this.

  19. Patricia Devries Says:

    Where on earth can I log in to see what my current statement is ????

  20. brenda Says:

    i want to make a payment on my kohl’s card, for some reason i can’t get on no matter what i try. please help brenda thornton

  21. Henry crankson Says:

    I can’t log-in to pay my bill

  22. Emily Says:

    I enjoy shopping at Kohl’s. I had to return a couple of items and didn’t
    have any problems.
    Log-in is difficult but once you learn how—-it’s easy!
    I had a problem when I first used my Kohl’s credit card the store
    manager was very nice, explained everything to me and gave me

  23. Linda Blackwell Says:

    I purchased 2 of the Calphalon frying pans about 2 years ago at Kohl’s. The pans were not cheap and they did not hold up. Both pans have lost most of the non-stick in the middle all wearning away. I don’t have the receipts, is there anything that can be done?

  24. Yatra Coupon codes Says:

    I am trying to register my account for Kohls online. I have not been successful in doing so.i am getting confuse.and I would like to know an adress where I can send it my payment.

  25. Yatra Coupon Codes Says:

    i love online shopping…but when it comes to Kohl’s , i enjoy alot.

  26. uggs Says:

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  27. vern Says:

    where can i go to see my statement?

  28. Gloria A. DeCapua Says:

    I have been having trouble w/my computer & I don’t seem to find my statement on line. It may have gotten deleted somehow. I wish to know what I owe and when it is due, please and thx. Gloria DeCapua

  29. Frances Saretta Lindenmuth Says:

    I spent a good part of the morning trying to order comforter and made a mistake on my pass word for email sand ended up being locked out. I know it is felt to be a security aid however I am 90 years old and I make mistakes so do not “protect me” in this day and age it can not be done anyway. I have enjoyed shopping by mail since I no longer drive I can maintain some independence shopping on line and have done a lot at your website recently but I have crossed you off my list and will shop elsewhere


    I have tried six ways to Sunday to login in to Kohl’s so I can receive my statement but no where could I find a place where it would leave me put my login info. Could you please mail my statement because this is taking much too long.
    Dorothea L. Cook

  31. Evelyne Williams Says:

    I cannot get into my Kohls account page to pay my bill. Just like #10 I just keep going in circles.This is very frustrating.
    The only way I can successfully access is through Customer Service

  32. judith heberling Says:

    I can not get in to my account and no help

  33. N. J. Crutcher Says:

    Cannot open my account….says my password or e-mail address is wrong so they have locked me out. Tried calling and after waiting for so long to talk with someone, I hung up. Need to know what to do. Also, received part of an order, several days ago, when is the rest coming? I have received only the watch. It is Order #748597423. Would appreciate your letting me know, as I can’t do any tracking or anything since I can’t see my account!

  34. Sandra Archer Says:

    Kohl’s has some of the worst customer service that I have ever encountered. I wanted to make a payment when I was in the back of the store at the customer service desk and they rudely told me I could make a payment at the check out registers. Also, on another occasion the CSR would not take my check because it was a new account with no Name or address listed. How ridiculous is that! At the jewelry counter, I ask the employee if the price on a necklace was really only $19.99 and she looked at me with contempt & said “that is what the sticker says, doesn’t it?” I rarely shop at Kohl’s anymore.

  35. donald collins Says:

    i placed an order on the 23rd of oct it shipped on the 25th . they said it would be here on the 30th now the 3rd still not here

  36. Katherine Quick Says:

    Talked to someone today to get on line to my account ,finally after changing my password again !!! I printed out my bill ! Thought I would try again so I would know next time, guess what I still can’t find the page I am looking for .What is the deal ? The same people that made this wed site must of worked on the new Health Care wed site ! It is terrible !!!!


  37. Phillip Lindley Says:

    All I need to do is change my address. I’ve now tried for 30 minutes. There is no way to do it..

  38. mikeismad Says:

    I cannot believe the trouble I am having trying to log in. O’bummer must have his hand in this set up!

  39. Mary Tessino Says:

    I just opened an on-line account a few days ago. Like so many of the other customers you have that have left comments , I also can not access my account. Among other error codes I have gotten is that my E-mail address isn’t recognized even though I have received a number of e-mails from Kohls todate. I have tried every way imaginable to pull up my account to no avail. At this point I am going to go back to statements. How do I go about this????

  40. R Howard Burgess Says:

    What an online “runaround” you’ve created. Did you make it a nightmare to make an online payment in hopes of getting your late fees? If I have any more trouble trying to weed thru useless related searches in order to make a simple payment, I will just rip the card up and default on our agreement. Any light on the subject. my guess is I’ll get no response.

  41. Shari Clark Says:

    Order Muk Luks on 2/16 and received order today. One pair is defective, so what do I do? The SKU number is Sku#: 94469636. Could you send a different pair like them and a return lable so I can return the defective pair please.

  42. Amelia Street Says:

    Trying to pay my account on line. I can not get in to do this. I have tried
    4 times. What is the problem? I give the correct info. I am about ready to
    stop shopping at Kohl’s

  43. mildred mroz Says:

    iam trying to get into my account to pay my bill. unfortunately you are asking m
    me questions, that I have forgotten. please correct so I can pay my bill. I have
    been a kohls customer since 1972. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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