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Walmart Money Card – check balance

Walmart is biggest retail chain in the USA and one of the largest retail superstore companies in the world. If we talk about Walmart Money Card, then Walmart Money Card is something like a prepaid Visa debit card that can be refilled. The Walmart Money Card can be used to do shopping at Walmart supermarket in any country of the world. Walmart Money card’s official website is where you can activate your card, login and manage your account online, apply Moneypak to your card, etc. This article covers all required information that you need like Walmart Money Card’s features, where you can check balance, how to purchase and activate and many more! So refer all these things below! Check Balance - Walmart Money Card

With Walmart Money Card, you do not have to bring much cash with you for shopping a lot of life accessories. Now you just have to bring your wallet with a Walmart Money card in it to make payments done by this card instead of paying in cash, and wait for changes. Moreover, you can also purchase the things you need on the internet with your money card on the instead of going to Walmart supermarket for shopping in a real entity. Let’s see more!

Benefits that offers:

Easy To Get

  • No credit check
  • No bank account required
  • Instant use Temporary Visa Card in package. Activate with one easy call.

Easy to Use

  • Use it everywhere where Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide
  • Shop on the Internet, including at
  • Get cash from millions of ATMs worldwide
  • Pay your bills fast and easy including cable, cell phone & other bills
  • Pay for gas, groceries and more
  • Use at restaurants
  • Guarantee hotel reservations
  • Buy airline tickets
  • Budget and track spending online with E-Mail/SMS Balance Alerts


You can reload your personalized Walmart MoneyCard over and over again.

  • By participating at Walmart stores, you can go straight to the cashier and swipe your Card to load with cash or you can cash a payroll or government check and load part of all of that check onto your MoneyCard. Reload and check cashing fees apply.


  • Your Walmart MoneyCard is a convenient way to enjoy the purchasing power you deserve
  • No purchase transaction fees
  • They will waive the reload fee when you add funds by cashing an eligible payroll or government check at Walmart (the $3.00 check cashing fee still applies)
  • No reload fee when you add funds by Direct Deposit

It is Safer than Cash

  • The Visa Zero Liability Policy protects you from unauthorized purchases, fraud and theft if your Walmart MoneyCard is ever lost or stolen

Get a Walmart MoneyCard:

After lots of talk about the benefits of Walmart money card, maybe you are excited to have such a card for yourself. You just have to find a purchase location that is nearest to you. You need to enter your City and State OR enter a zip code to search for a walmart retailer location near you. Then register at the cashier for a Walmart money card, or log onto the Walmart money card website. Follow the steps that have been instructed to you.

Where can I check my Wal-Mart money card balance?

At, you can log in to your account, check balance and add funds. To login, enter your Account Number (Card Number), Expiration Date, Password and also type code as shown in the shaded area at the Then click on login. Or you can call at 877-937-4098.

Green Dot MoneyPak

  • Visit to your local participating Walmart store or to
  • Purchase a MoneyPak in any amount between $20.00 and $1,100.00
  • Follow the directions on the package to have the funds applied to your Walmart MoneyCard

How to Activate a Walmart Money Card?

Click on the Card Activation option at Activation Page. Walmart PrePaid visa card can be activated online after purchasing a Walmart Money Card. On the “Online Activation” page, enter the activation number from the purchase receipt from Walmart. Next, enter the last four digits of Your Temporary Card, which you can get with purchase of the Walmart Money Card. Then enter capcha (code) and click on the Continue green button. Then follow instructed steps that are provided to complete activation process.


  64 Responses to “ Check Balance – Walmart Money Card”

  1. I called for assistance, and some dude said; “my name Peggy” can I helpt chew? I fell out laughing hysterically.. Peggy! gotDamn that tripped me out!
    Get some English speaking folks on that 800 number and not all the inept foriegn speaking CSR’s… This card is not worth the plastic the chinese printed it on. And what ‘country is that call center located in, Manila or Jakarta??
    They have the nerve to charge a $3 fee each month.. Wow… I cut mine up and in is now Field Turf at the new Giants stadium…I wouldn’t recommend this card to Barbara Bush..she would buy more ugly shoes too.

  2. I have either forgotten my user id and/or the password to check my balance. I have tried multiple ways but I think I may be locked out now. I have entered all info and am told the information will be sent to my email but nothing has come. It’s been hours. HELP!

  3. whats the deal, i been using my walmart visa card to pay bills, buy things instore & online, but i always have severe problems getting my acct. balance online,its becoming so frustrating that im considering getting a different card w/ another co., businesses as big as walmart & visa should be able to simplify such problems because without your customers, you have no business, of course it seems lately that these big companies always seem to “not really care” about the needs of one or even 100 customers when the have millions, is this what corporate america has reduced itself too, profit is everything yet again,no customer, no profit, good luck!!!

  4. I got this card for my daughter when she went on a trip. Loved it, the only problem is when you don’t use it they deducte 3 dollars when you don’t use it for so many months. I think you are better off to have a credit card. They charge you 3 dollars to put money on it. My daughter had money on the card and now that she hasn’t used it in so long alllllll the money is gone. At least with a credit card they don’t charge you if you don’t use it. I really think it is a way to get money from people. I would never buy one again next time Ill get them travlers checks or a credit card.

  5. I would like to be abl to view my deposits & withdrawals on-line, instead of calling all the time.Any help , or anyway you can flip a switch thereto make it possible,would be gretly appreciated.Thank You,
    Eddi Hil

  6. God help any of you should you encounter a problem with using your
    Walmart money card.First of all Walmart has apparently made India it’s customer service base for I can barely make out what the operators are saying and you can forget about talking to a supervisor.Gee,and I thought Walmart was supposedly an All American enterprise.I guess I’ll just chalk it up to good old corporate greed-and that seems to be the All American standard these days.
    I won’t go into the details of my dispute with the Walmart prepaid cards -I’ve already written to The States Attorney Generals Office,the F.T.C the Better Business Bureau and all the consumer protection sites on the web so You’ll understand that I don’t wish to reiterate the details.
    Just wanted to say that I will never step foot inside another Walmart again and will never purchase a prepaid card carrying the logo Green Dot.Good Luck to you all-don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  7. All I want to do is get my account on –line so I can print a copy of my direct deposit and send a copy to another financial institution. But, I can’t pull my account up on line. HELP!!!!!!!

  8. I am a strong supporter of this card. I’ve had it for only 2 months without any problem. I was really pleased with its services and fees, it was just comfortable.

  9. Why is it so complicated to find your balance, and previous purchases.I have been looking at every website there is and I still can’t find out anything, from anywhere. Well, there’s something about it
    This is supposed to be so easy but yet I still can’t find out anything. Could any one of you give me a customer service number?

  10. I have been going around and around just trying to find out my balance on my card! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DEBT CARD FROM WALMART.
    The phone line says it is an invallad number and to go on line is totally a waste of time. I WLL make sure I tell others how usless my card and your customer service is, as well as try to buy less and less at walmart

  11. I simpley would like to check my bal. how do I do,please from 1956!!

  12. i will just take from walmart what they take from me an eye for an eye sam walton would have understood my stand, also lets open some check out lanes up for people

  13. has any one seen the satisfaction first sign? they must have missed placed it along with the managers num. at least we know he dosent give a $#¡+ must be a great job

  14. I have had my walmart money card since August of this year and have no problems at all. yes they take $3.00 out for a monthly fee but that is to help pay for the card. nothing is free. my husbands check gets deposited every 2 weeks on the card with no problems and I don’t have to worry about NFS fees if any were to happen. the bank would charge more for NFS fees. People want something for free and that isn’t going to happen. as for not being able to get info on line about your account for your card I haven’t had a problem with that either. I just type in my user name and password and my security question answer and bam I am on my account info. also you can have an iquary of your account balance be texted to your phone too. itis pretty simple. People just love to complaine. If you know that there is a $3.00 dollar fee every month make sure you always have some money on it so you wont have a problem when you finally use it again.

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