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Libero Mail login at

In Italian language ‘Libero’ is called as “free“. Libero (ISP) can also be referred as an Italian Internet service provider., a very big and successful Italian portal, provides consumers news and financial updates, email services, videos and a lively community which includes forums, chats and user blogs. Well, this online tool tells all about Libero Mail and how to login at ‘’, so read the rest of the article below.

Libero mail login at

About website:

Libero’s legit website is ranked as number 186 web site in the world, and the number 7 site in Italy, according to Alexa. 410 K U.S surfers are attracted by in a month, most of them are male. As of November 2009 the site included other things like new design, new apps and the ability to reach the site with mobile phones. It is making the site more up to date and user friendly.

The website dispays its homepage with full of features including Community, Search, Mail, News, Video, Adsl & Internet. Other features are Blog, Chat, Share, Mobile, and much more!! You just have to login to enjoy all these benefits.

The Libero mail service offers a free email box with

Benefits of Mail Login:

  • Create and manage a website of your own
  • Leverage 150 MB of space for your data
  • Easily update the site via web or ftp
  • Insert JavaScript and widgets available on the net

What’s new?

  • Faster even with slower connections, read and write messages without waiting
  • Thanks to an interface entirely renovated
  • More free publicity

Libero Mail Login:

If you have visited ever before and already member, then you can login very simply and fast. You have to provide Libero ID (eg mario.rossi @ or your nickname) and Password then press login (entra) button.

Suppose, you forgot password, then there is no problem!! Press on “Forgot your password” link under the login section on the login page as they will help you.

Are you a new user? Register!

If you are first time visitor, then you can Register for Libero mail without difficulty. Click on ‘Registration’ option below of the login section and enter needed information to register.


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