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www.ttdsevaonline.com – Tirupati Darshan Online Booking – Ttd online Booking

Tirupati temple is one of the most famous temples in India. Many of the people are crazy to visit the temple. From all over the world, millions of people visit the temple. For the devotees, the temple authorities introduced the E-seva; you can book seva online in just few minutes.

www.ttdsevaonline.com - Tirupati Darshan Online Booking - Ttd online Booking

You can save your time with E-seva. Recently authorities introduced the service for the public who are big fan of the Tirupati temple. Many of you want to visit the temple but because of booking tensions, you may cancel the program. But now, you can book online e-seva which is too easy to book.

Recently, the services are available for direct online booking are given below:

  • Visesha Pooja
  • Suprabhatam
  • Thomala Seva
  • Tiruppavadai
  • Sahasra Kalasabhishekam
  • Archanananthara Darshanam
  • Nijapada Darshanam
  • Archana
  • Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu
  • Kalyanotsavam

Just you need to visit its official website then there are many options are given like e-Seva, e-Accommodation, e-Hundi, e-Donation, e-Sales. You can easily book your tickets online. You can book just by entering date and number of the tickets. You can also make donations online; buy Audio & Video CD’s and more.

How to book e-seva online? Just you need to enter the date and number of the persons. Select the e-seva. Click on the availability. Then click on the “Continue” button. For online e-seva booking, click here.

You can also book accommodation online in just few minutes. Select the accommodation type and number of the rooms. Enter the visiting date. Click on the “Continue” button. For accommodation, click here. You can make your payment through your credit card or debit card.

67 Responses to “www.ttdsevaonline.com – Tirupati Darshan Online Booking – Ttd online Booking”

  1. hanumantha reddy.k Says:

    i want 4 tickets for darshanam on15-03-10.

  2. hanumantha reddy.k Says:

    its a good site to book tickets

  3. Tirupati Says:

    Thanks for your helpful article.

  4. swamulu Says:

    I want one seva tiket visesha puja

  5. natarajanP Says:

    I need 3 tickets for suprabatham on 20th march alongwith accomodation on 19th march
    Natarajan P

  6. poongodi Says:


    I need 2 archana ticket on april 13(2010).I dont have credit card. whether sbi mastero debit card will accept for ttd seva online booking. How to know the quota release date.. kindly rpy to my mail id.

    Thanks and regards,

  7. Mani Says:

    Can you please tell the url to book the seva tickets for online booking?

  8. Mani Says:

    I have tried the blow url

    but it shows the seva was not released yet.

  9. Ramesh Polepeddi Says:

    Sir Please allot 2 tickets for thomalaseva that date 09-05-2010

  10. Vasantamma Polepeddi Says:

    Please allot 2 tickets of Thomala Seva that date 09-05-2010

  11. Prasad Says:

    Please allot 2 tickets of Thomala Seva that date 09-05-2010

  12. Prasad Says:

    Please allot 2 tickets of Thomala Seva that date 05-05-2010

  13. prasad Says:

    Please allot 1 tickets of Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu that date 06-05-2010

  14. kalyanotsavam Says:

    respected sir i am from hyderabad i want five kalyanotsavam tickets for the date 18 april 2010 so ple kindly give reply to my mail id sir it is important to me sir please help me sir thankyou

  15. deepika Says:

    i want 2 tickets for aastadhalapadapadmaradhana on may 11

  16. sabitha Says:

    Respected Sir,

    I want four tickets for Thomala Seva in June 2010.
    Thanking you Sir,
    S. Sabitha

  17. S.B. RANGANATHAN Says:

    I want 10 tickets required for Archana Ananthra darshan in Aug.10.
    Thankyou sir,

  18. Das Kamal agarwal Says:

    I want that 60 adults and 15 children are there who are going for ” Tirupati Darshan”. So please kindly arrange staying facility for them on 25th and 26th July and even Darshan Tickets so that they can have a pleasure trip. There is a request from our side that if you could arrange tickets and accommodation. So we can collect the receipts and the payment if you say then we will do it here in Hyderabad (TTD) immediately. Kindly do the required. In await of your response….
    Thank you sir,
    Das Kamal agarwal

  19. Prem Bdr Singh Says:

    Respected sir I am from Kathmandu, Nepal and I want kalyanotsavam 2 tickets for the date 19 october 2010 so ple kindly help me in booking & reply to my mail id

    Thank you

  20. Prem Bdr Singh Says:

    Respected sir i am from kathmandu, Nepal, i want Two Thomala sewa Tickets for the date 19 October 2010 so ple kindly help me booking and send reply to my mail id


  21. visruthi Says:

    we have booked vishesha pooja on 6th dec 2010, can we change it to jan 2-3.Please let me know

  22. venketesh Says:

    we want 10 seva ticket on 17dec2010

  23. p lakshmi kumar Says:

    i want suprabatham tickets

  24. nilima kolwadkar Says:

    we want 2 tickets of rsuprabhatham or kalyanotsavam pooja. reply me soon
    dt 27 december 2010.

  25. p.s.chalam Says:

    i want only one ticket for darshanam on 26/2/2011



    i want sahasra kalashabhishekha seva at tirumala on any wednesday when you can provide

  27. sundari Says:

    sir we want 3 tkts for kalyanotsavam at tirumala on 15-05-2011.can u book for us?pl give a reply immediately thanking u

  28. priya Says:

    I need 5 tickets for suprabatham or any another selvas on 9th april.can u book for us. pl give a reply immediately thanking u

  29. Mohan Raju Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I Want to visit Tirupathi for Balaji darshan with my family on 19-4-2011.how can i book for Sudarshan darshan, in which rupees fifty ticket, plz help me,
    Thanking You,

  30. J.Chandrasekar Says:

    I want to book 4 tickets for Suprabatha Darishanam on 11th July 2011 . I am sending mail from Dubai. Can you please advice us since it is not opening

  31. R Venkittaraman Says:


    I need 2 tickets Sudhrsan darsan on 3rd June 2011 at 4.00 P.M

    Also I need @ tickets fir Thomala Seva on 18th May 2011

  32. r.shekar Says:

    I need 2 tickets nijapada & breack Dhashanam 6th may 2011, Sar 18 month baby and another child dharshanam

  33. I.RAVIKUMAR Says:

    i need suprabhatam seva ticket on 18th may with accomodation on 17th may.how to book tickets on online

  34. jayashankarnaidu Says:

    sir, please confirm me how to purchased kalayam ticket . please mail to me the details. it will be very thankful for mesir.

  35. Anusha reddy Says:

    sir i want darshan tickets 10 for 5.6.2011 please send me mail

  36. narsing Says:

    how to book the darshanam tickets in online? please send the details of reply…thanking you sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  37. satish Says:

    I have booked eSudarshan tickets for dec/18/2011.
    I have seen some where in NET that eSudarshan is not allowed in ttdonline.com
    is it true?

  38. girish keshav kanekar Says:

    I need five tickets of suprabhatam or any other seva for me and my family in the month of dec. 2011 or jan. 2012 . kindly help .thank you .pl. mail .

  39. Sunil Kumar Agrawal Says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am from kathmandu, Nepal. I & my family will be at Tirupati on 16 oct 2011 for Balaji darshan. I want 6 tickets for special entry Darshan. How can I book tickets. Plz help me.
    Please also inform me about aged & infant’s age for special Darshan.
    Thanking You.

  40. tamal dutta Says:

    I want to go and darsan at tirumalai on 18th december 2011 with my family members 8 heads . so i request you kindly arrange my accomodation and quick darsa

  41. Sumeeth Says:

    Dear Sir , Im from Bangalore,Karnataka I and My Family Are Coming to Tirumala On 18th december 2011 with my family 5 members i need Rs 500 Special Darshan tickets

  42. mehul sharma Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am visiting Tirupathi for Balaji darshan with my family on 19-4-2011.how can i book for Sudarshan darshan, in which te fair of the ticket is rupees fifty,
    Plz let me know ASAP

  43. I know Says:

    TTD is a big mess of fraud. even you have online booking nothing is transparant.
    more scams will come to light bigger them 2g, madhu koda, kalmadi, jagan..

  44. subrahmanyam Says:

    Dear sir,

    how can i book for Sudarshan darshan, in which the fair of the ticket is rupees fifty.

  45. ravindra Says:

    i want one nijapada darshan ticket on jan 20 ,how can i get it .please give details can i ahave on tirumala on previous day. tell me

  46. rvbrao Says:

    we are family of 6 members.
    we require Darshanam on 21 st Feb 2012.
    will you please help me for getting reservation for Darshanam.
    Is there any special provision for those staying in US?
    with thanks.
    R.Vijaya Bhaskara rao.

  47. amitha shiyal Says:

    i need 6 tickets on 5.1.2012 …darshan

  48. s.kishore Says:

    i want 7 tickets for darshanam on12-02-12.

  49. m.baskaran Says:

    i want 2tickets for darshanam 9pm 5.02.12

  50. sameer Says:

    I want 4 tickets for feb 28 2012. I tried lot for online booking but invain. Please suggest way.

  51. vv Says:

    i want 2 kalyanam tickects for march 2 .I tried alot with my account but i could not make it.PLEASE tell me the correct procedure to book tockets .Its urgent.PLS do reply soon.
    thanking you

  52. S Manohar Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I want two and half ticket for sudharshan Darshan on 6/4/2012 kindly send information to me for the booking


  53. Bhupendra singh jat Says:

    sir,i want 4 ticket for sudharshan darshan on 11-04-2012, kindly send information to me for the booking.

  54. kishore yadav Says:

    sir we want darshnam tickets of 300 how to check in ttd website please tell us

  55. R.Sreenivasulu Says:

    I am visiting Tirupathi for Balaji darshan with my family on 23-5-2012.how can i book for Sudarshan darshan, in which te fair of the ticket is rupees fifty,

  56. Krishnaswamy Says:

    I am interested in morning sevas preferably vastralankaranaseva atleast once in my lifetime. How can I get the seva ticket? Heard some earlier as well as present members of TTD Board have those tickets under their quota. Please tell whom to approach for Vastralankarana seva ticket. Please inform early.

  57. arun kumar Says:

    I m visiting Tirupati for Balaji Darsan with my family on 18/10/12,how can i get sudarsanam tickets of Rs.50/ each by internet&what is the procedure,

  58. darshan Says:

    15/11/2012 10 darshan tricket

  59. shivanand Says:

    i am visiting tirupati for balaji darsan with my famaily on 15/11/2012,howcan igry sudaranan tickets of rs.50/- each by internt & what is the procedure.

  60. S K MALATHI Says:

    please inform how can i get suprabhatha seva ticket in 18 november 2013

  61. viswa Says:

    sir i want one ticket wednesday morning(23.10.2013) .pease do needfull .

  62. manish shukla Says:

    sir, i need 5 tickets for suprabatham on 4th feb. 2014. alongwith accomodation.

  63. K.S.RAMANATHAN Says:

    Sir, we need December 23 rd 10 tickets for subrabatham along with accomadation

  64. s.p.praveen Says:

    sir, I need 6 suprabatham tickets on 14 January 2014 or any other tickets for darshan

  65. Murali S Says:

    I need 3 tickets for ugadi 31st march

  66. BHARGAV A. PATEL Says:

    Arjitham office,
    TTD, Tirumala

    Ref: Donor Passbook account no: E.No. 1046
    Sub: Suprabhata Darshanam Prepaid receipt no. SL. No. 1083910 dated 26/11/2007 for Date of Performance 11 Feb 2014

    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform that I have paid in advance Rs.600/- towards Suprabhata Darshanam on 11th Feb 2014 vide receipt no. 1083910 dated 26/11/2007. I wish to come for the Suprabhata Darshan on the 11th Feb 2014 and request you to confirm my booking for 5 persons per return mail.

    Thanking you,

    With regards,
    Bhargav Patel

  67. Suryakant Mungilwar Says:

    I need to 4 tikets suprabhet

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